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A 2 day training delivered by Angela Koch of Invitro Innovation on Creative Thinking for Problem Solving. The 2 day program is held in KL, Malaysia on 13-14 May 2013. Download the brochure and sign up with the organizer.

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Creative Thinking Training - Kuala Lumpur

  1. 1. 13 -14 May 2013 Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur CREATIVE THINKING For Problem Solving Unlock your problem solving potential with the creative thinking skills you will develop our k Y DAY. in this exciting and stimulating workshop Boo T TO at: SEA ll Us 3366 Ca -2284 03BONUS:REFRESHER PODCAST: 2-day presentation will be made available 1 month after the programme as a refresher on our website for 30 days for all registered delegates worth USD 250.00 CREATIVE THINKING IS NOT A TALENT, IT IS A SKILL THAT CAN A full set of printed training notes and worksheets BE LEARNT. IT EMPOWERS PEOPLE BY ADDING STRENGTH TO THEIR NATURAL ABILITIES WHICH IMPROVES TEAMWORK, PRODUCTION AND WHERE APPROPRIATE PROFITS. - EDWARD DE BONO
  2. 2. program overviewT he new challenge of our business environment demands that we rethink how we use the collective brainpower of our employees. It is no longer the domain of the talented few to conjure up the next big idea, but rather the new competitive reality demands thatrequire them to solve business problems, take decisions, be able to “see the big picture” and think about -ing or continuing to develop their skills. As their career progress, they become more expert in a few things,but less capable in dealing with or understanding things outside their domain of expertise. They becomecompetent at solving problems that are routine, but are less able to apply these problem solving skills inwider contexts.Creative problem solving is skill most needed for individual and business to survive and grow. But itdoesn’t happen on its own. It has to be nurtured, cared for and encouraged. Whether you lead a projectteam or an entire workforce, you have the power to greatly enhance or completely drain the ability to“think creative’ from your a corporate context. The workshop aims to enhance your problem solving abilities and will teach youhow to think more creatively, to solve some of your most pressing business problems. The workshop alsoprimarily experiential in nature where participants learn by experiencing the creative process. The partici-pants will go away with a fresh outlook on organizational problem solving and be motivated to expandtheir cognitivehorizons.THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT CREATIVITY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HUMAN RESOURCE OFALL. WITHOUT CREATIVITY, THERE WOULD BE NO PROGRESS, AND WE WOULD BE FOREVERREPEATING THE SAME PATTERNS.Workshop Deliverables To create more concrete understanding of the barriers to creativity in the workplace To become aware of your own personal creative abilities Stimulate creative thinking skills needed for problem solving Learn creative tools and techniques to use in an Ideation Workshop To experience the creative process in action Make better decisions through creative problem solving Transform your creativity into practical business solutions
  3. 3. course outlineMODULE 1: The Value of Creative Thinking MODULE 6: Ideation and Brainstorming Creating an Ideation Event Rules for Brainstorming Ideo VideoMODULE 2: Experience Creativity in Action Design a product packaging MODULE 7: Creativity Tools & Techniques solution using a few simple materials Random Idea Generation techniques Engineered ProvocationsMODULE 3: The 9 Habits of Creative Thinker Discipline Observing Sharing Questioning Passion Networking Association Experimenting DiscoveryMODULE 4: Understanding Problems from a Human Perspective Observing your target MODULE 8: Creative Solution Finding Experiential Gathering Inspiration Activity Inspirational Examples:MODULE 5: Creativity and Courage Smart Risk taking Experimentation Failure Tolerance -Case Reading: The Failure Tolerant LeaderMODULE 6: Ideation and Brainstorming Creating an Ideation Event “Who Should Attend Rules for Brainstorming Ideally suited for Business Leaders, En- Ideo Video trepreneurs, Managers, Supervisors and also for individuals and teams who wish to learn to unleash their creative genius to provide solutions to challenging business problems”
  4. 4. Angela Koch, Design Thinker, Innovation Facilitator The Expert Angela Koch is a trained innovation who has spent the past 11 years working with Asian brands seeking to reinvent themselves for a larger Asian or global audience. She is currently the Design Thinker & Innovation Facilitator and the Director of In- novation Strategy at Invitro Innovation. Angela has spent her days awakening the creative and innovation potential of people in companies across Asia. Angela, an advocate for Design Thinking has helped brands energise their new products/service portfolios by facilitating new product/service development; her category experience includes consumer goods, retailing and telecommunications. Angela has personally lead Design Thinking, Brand and Innovation for the follow- ing brands across Asia; Singapore Tourism Board, MediaCorp Singapore, Ministry of Home Affairs, ZUJI Asia Pacific, Tide China, Whisper China, Rejoice China, SKII, Dragonair, Alive by F&N Foods, and Celcom Malaysia. A major element of her suc- cess is her intimate understanding of Asian Consumers. Prior to Invitro, Angela have worked as Marketing Innovation Consultant on FMCG brands in South Africa, Strategy Director across TBWA and Leo Burnett working with clients such as South African Airways, Standard Bank, P&G, Wrigley, Courts Retailers and Samsung and as Lead Innovation Strategist for the Distillery (an M&C Saatchi Business Consultancy) with clients including Celcom Malaysia, Asia Pacific Breweries, The Hour Glass, Coca-Cola Singapore and Inter-Continental Hotel Group.Client Testimonial“Angela is a natural, she has a unique ability to break down complex concepts and make them look so simple.”-“Angela has inspired our Taiwan team to see our business from a consumer perspective.”-“This workshop democratises creativity by making it accessible to all levels of marketers.”“Angela has worked with my clients in sector including F&B, consumer services and consultingShe always delivers insight and guidance that unlocks the group’s own creativity while ensuringfocus on the organisation’s purpose and vision.”-This Cutting-Edge Workshop Will Enable you to: Generate more creative ideas to solve problems and make better decisions to enhance organisations performance Equipped you with creative tools & techniques by an Ideation Workshop Understand creativity and blocks to creativity, and learn some basic techniques to think more creatively Be able to use a range of techniques for stimulating creative process Experience practical problem solving and idea generation Access resources for creative thinking and problem solving
  5. 5. Registration FORM ZeNith Bizness Excellence Please complete this form immediately and fax to: +603 2284 3377 Organisation DetailsCREATIVE THINKING Name: For Problem Solving Address:13 -14 May 2013 Postcode:Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur Tel: Fax:Delegates fees Delegate Details Platinum Package - Register 5 delegates and the Name: 6th delegates participates for FREE Job Title: Group Registration of 3 Register before 15th Marchfrom the same organisation Email: RM 4,090.00 (per delegate) RM 4,490.00 Name: Job Title: Register before 5th April Register before 13th May Email: RM 4,790.00 RM 5,090.00 Name: HRDF Claimable (SBL Scheme) Job Title:Venue Email:HOTEL ISTANA Kuala Lumpur Name:73, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur Job Title:Tell: +603 2141 9988 Fax: +603 2144 0111 Email:Hotel Accommodation: Name:Please make your bookings directly with the hotel and Job Title:indicate that you are attending an event organised byZenith Bizness Excellence. Email:Method of payment Name: Job Title:Payable by Cheque to:ZENITH BIZNESS EXCELLENCE SDN BHD Email:Bank Transfer: AuthorisationPayment by bank transfer should be made to: Signatory must be authorised to sign on behalf of theMALAYAN BANKING BHD contracting organisation.Level 1, Tower A, No. 1, Jalan MaarofDataran Maybank, 59000 Kuala Lumpur Name:Account Name : ZENITH BIZNESS EXCELLENCE SDN BHD Job Title:Account No : 514253507165SWIFT/BIC Code : MBBEMYKL Email:Payment must be received before the Event Date Tel:in order to guarantee your place. Mobile:3 EASY WAY TO REGISTER Signature:By Fax : +603 2284 3377 InvoiceBy Email : The Invoice should be directed to Mr Ms Dept (Email your scanned Registration) Name:By Post : 25A & 26A Level 1, Jalan Bangsar 59200 Kuala Lumpur Dept:Cancellation Tel: Substitutions are welcome at any time. Please notify us at least 2 working days prior to the event. Email: All cancellations will carry a 10% cancellation fee, once a registration form is received. All cancellations must be in writing by fax or email at least 2 weeks before the event date. Verbal cancellation is not applicable. Cancellations with less than 2 weeks prior to the event date carry a 100% liability However, course materials will still be couriered to you. ZENITH BIZNESS EX CELLENCE SDN BHD reserves the right to cancel or alter the content and Project Consultant: Mr Hanif Event code: 1071 timing of the program or the identity of the speakers for reasons beyond its control Date Received: Verified by: