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What was the St Valentines Day Massacre?


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14 February 1929. The mob rules in Chicago, but it's between Bugs Moran and Al Capone. Capone decide to make a statement, even though he's currently in Florida. There was one survivor-- what if?

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What was the St Valentines Day Massacre?

  1. 1. What Was The St. Valentines Day Massacre?
  2. 2. Travel back in time to Chicago, 14 February 1929. The day seven men are machine-gunned in a massacre that will change the public’s perception of the mob. Ivar’s Mission: Valentines Day
  3. 3. On 14 February 1929, seven men were killed inside a garage on the North Side of Chicago. Five were members of George ‘Bugs’ Moran’s gang. Two others, a gang associate and a mechanic, were also among the dead. What Was The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre?
  4. 4. There were four attackers; two dressed as police with Thompson submachine guns who entered the garage. They lined the seven up against a wall, then gunned them down. One victim survived for a few hours. What Was The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre?
  5. 5. When asked who did it, the survivor told the police: ‘no one shot me’. What Was The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre?
  6. 6. No one was ever convicted of perpetrating the crime. But it is widely accepted the shooters were sent by Al Capone. Two of the suspected shooters were killed not long afterward. What Was The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre?
  7. 7. For the rest of his life, Capone swore that one of the dead men’s ghost haunted him. He would scream Clark’s name in the middle of the night, to the point where bodyguard’s would break in, worried their boss was being attacked. In prison, he was known to cry out for Clark to leave him alone.
  8. 8. There was one survivor. A German Shepherd named Highball. He wouldn’t name names either.
  9. 9. But What If The Massacre Never Happened? Worse, What If Seven People Other Than The Ones History Records Were Killed? This turns out to be one of the strangest missions the Time Patrol will experience! Ivar’s Mission: Valentines Day
  10. 10. 14 February. Valentines Day 1929 1945 1946 278 1779 1945 What do they all have in common? A day when history stood in the balance.
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