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What if there had been a Declaration of Emancipation in 1776?


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What if the Committee of Five, which included Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin, had come up with a second Declaration to be presented with the first? One to deal with the pressing issue of slavery? How would history have changed? Would both Declarations have been rejected?

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What if there had been a Declaration of Emancipation in 1776?

  1. 1. Travel back in time to Philadelphia on 4 July 1776 A.D. The day the Declaration of Independence is finalized.
  2. 2. For his 24-hour bubble in time, Doc must stop the Committee of Five from proposing a Second Declaration on top of the first. Doc’s Mission: Independence Day
  3. 3. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin are convinced that they must take drastic action; a result of the Shadow’s intervention. They have prepared a Declaration of Emancipation. Doc’s Mission: Independence Day
  4. 4. Doc realizes if the Second Declaration is presented, it is likely both will be rejected by Congress, changing history. And if it is not rejected, there will likely be no United States. Doc’s Mission: Independence Day
  5. 5. As always, there is a wrinkle: Pythia, related to Pandora, is there. Ostensibly to protect Doc. Doc’s Mission: Independence Day
  6. 6. Doc faces a dilemma with no apparent correct course of action. Doc’s Mission: Independence Day
  7. 7. For the first time, Doc realizes that his mission inside this bubble in 1776 is connected to another, concurrent Time Patrol mission in 1826 at Monticello. Will he risk it all on the connection? Doc’s Mission: Independence Day
  8. 8. Same Day. Different Years If the Shadow can change our history on the same day, in six different years, it will cause a time tsunami and wipe us out as if we never existed. 4 July, Independence Day, is that day.
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  11. 11. New York City. 1970s. Former Green Beret Will Kane is the lone wolf who must take down the bad wolves preying on the innocent.
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