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What if the Japanese Nuclear Weapon Program in World War II Succeeded?


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Recently unclassified OSS reports indicate that the Japanese were much further along in their nuclear program than previously suspected. One report even claims they detonated a test bomb in Manchuria at the end of the world to hide evidence. And that's why the Russians moved in so quickly. What if . . .

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What if the Japanese Nuclear Weapon Program in World War II Succeeded?

  1. 1. What if the Japanese had succeeded in developing a nuclear weapon at the end of World War II but were stopped before being able to deploy it?
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  3. 3. The facts: As the Third Reich was reduced to rubble, a U-Boat attempted to make the arduous journey to Japan. Its cargo? Scientists, enriched uranium, and two Japanese naval officers. The Gate
  4. 4. The Facts: The Japanese worked extensively on their biological and chemical weapons. Unit 731 was infamous and largely ignored by history. The Gate
  5. 5. OSS documents speculate on Japan’s nuclear weapons program, also headquarters in Manchuria. Why were the Russians in such a rush to seize that program near the end of the war? The Gate
  6. 6. What if the Japanese succeeded? And what if they detonated one bomb in Manchuria at the end of the war to cover their tracks and the second disappeared on board a submarine heading across the Pacific. Toward the United States? Toward the city where the 1st meeting of the United Nations will be held. The Gate
  7. 7. That nuclear weapon has been hidden and forgotten about at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge since the end of the war. Lake, a covert operative for the US, is now on a race against rogue militia terrorists to find and destroy this weapon in order to prevent a nuclear disaster of epic proportions. The Gate
  8. 8. This books mixes a modern day thriller with uncovering history. The horrors of Unit 731; the Yakuza; North Korean commandoes and home grown terrorists. All combine in this action-packed story of what could be. By a #1 NYT bestselling author and former Special Operations. The Gate
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