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What Happened at Tunguska in 1908?


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An explosion in a remote area of Siberia in 1908 remains a mystery. No evidence of a meteor has been found. What caused this massive explosion? Is there a connection to Nikola Tesla's lab at Wardenclyffe? What exploded? How?

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What Happened at Tunguska in 1908?

  1. 1. TUNGUSKA
  2. 2. TUNGUSKA In 1908, on June 30th, just after seven in the morning, passengers on the Siberian railroad saw something bright race across the sky and disappear below the horizon to the north. There was an enormous explosion.
  3. 3. TUNGUSKA 30 June 1908.
  4. 4. TUNGUSKA 37 miles from the epi-center, at the trading station called Vanavara-- the nearest place where people were, at least people who survived the explosion-- no one knows how many trappers or hunters might have perished closer to the blast-- the shock wave knocked buildings down.
  5. 5. TUNGUSKA Those in the open were infected with radiation. This was only determined decades later when original reports from the time were studied by scientists who had the data from Hiroshima available.
  6. 6. TUNGUSKA In London, five hours after the explosion, measuring instruments picked up the shock wave in the air after it had already traveled around the world several times. The English scientists thought perhaps they had recorded a large earthquake somewhere on the planet until that night when there was a strange glow, bright red, in the eastern sky, something they had never seen before. For two months afterwards the night sky over England was much brighter than normal.
  7. 7. TUNGUSKA The power of the blast felled trees outward in a radial pattern over an area covering over two thousand square kilometers. Closer to the epicenter, the forest was incinerated, causing a column of flame visible several hundred kilometers away. The fires burned for weeks, destroying a thousand square kilometers of forest.
  8. 8. TUNGUSKA It is calculated that the explosion was at least twenty megatons and may have been as high as forty, depending on the altitude of the initial blast. The explosive force that formed Meteor Crater in Arizona was only three and a half megatons.
  9. 9. TUNGUSKA The most common explanation was that the Tunguska Event was caused by an comet. Except no expedition has found any evidence of the comet.
  10. 10. TUNGUSKA But what if the cause was something else altogether? What if there is a connection between the explosion at Tunguska and Tesla’s lab at Wardenclyffe on Long Island?
  11. 11. What if Wardenclyffe was more than just an attempt to transmit across the Atlantic. What if it were a weapon? NIKOLA TESLA
  12. 12. In the Area 51 series we first learn of Tesla when he shoots down a Swarm scout ship in 1908. This caused the Tunguska incident. NIKOLA TESLA
  13. 13. TUNGUSKA What if Tesla shot down a scout ship from the Ancient Enemy? And they’re coming back now to find out what happened?
  14. 14. AREA 51 Our history has never been what we thought it was.
  15. 15. AREA 51 We are not alone in the Universe. We never have been. They were here. They still are here.
  16. 16. AREA 51 They have a reason for being here. As do we.
  17. 17. AREA 51 And now comes the ultimate question: Are We Worthy of Redemption?
  19. 19. New York Times bestselling author, graduate of West Point, former Green Beret, and feeder of two yellow Labs, most famously Cool Gus. He’s had over seventy books published, including the #1 bestselling series Time Patrol, Area 51, Atlantis, and the Green Berets. Born in the Bronx and having traveled the world he now lives peacefully with his wife and labs. Sort of. Free book below available HERE