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The Mountain Meadows Massacre 11 Sept 1857


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120 emigrants were killed as they tried to cross Utah. Was Brigham Young involved? A little known part of the history of the west.

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The Mountain Meadows Massacre 11 Sept 1857

  1. 1. “Vengeance is mine and I have taken a little.” — Brigham Young at the site of the Mountain Meadows Massacre
  2. 2. For her 24-hour bubble in time, Moms arrives in the midst of a siege of the wagon train by Mormons dressed as Indians along with Native American allies. But there’s a bigger problem. Moms’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  3. 3. Moms is a direct descendant of one of the leaders in the Mormon contingent. Moms’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  4. 4. In the vein of the Oxbow Incident, Moms’ ancestor is arguing against the horrific plan to deceive and then massacre the emigrants. Moms’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  5. 5. Not only is history at stake, but Moms own existence, For if her ancestor is also killed, what then? Moms’s Mission: Nine Eleven Photo of the execution scene for the only person punished for this crime.
  6. 6. A time paradox? But what is the definition of paradox: A statement that is seemingly contradictory or against common sense and yet is perhaps true. Moms’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  7. 7. As the morning of the massacre unfolds, Moms must make both a personal and professional decision over the fates of many, including herself. Moms’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  8. 8. What will Moms decide? Moms’s Mission: Nine Eleven Current site of the massacre
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