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"Quantum Leap on steroids!" Travel through and learn history with the Time Patrol

Same day, six different years. The Time Patrol must save our timeline from being destroyed and keep history intact. From the Ides of March to Independence Day to Hallows Eve, to the Equinox, the missions are varied and complex. Often involving major events in history, but sometimes the less obvious and obscure.

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"Quantum Leap on steroids!" Travel through and learn history with the Time Patrol

  1. 1. The Same Date. Six Different Years. The Time Patrol must simultaneously send an agent back to each 24 hour bubble to battle the Shadow’s attempt to change our history. Failure means annihilation of our timeline.
  2. 2. Nightstalkers Series When I was flying around with my team in black helicopters we wondered who the other guys flying around in them were? Nightstalkers are the elite Special Ops unit that take care of the things that go bump in the night; and worse. They correct the mistakes of scientists. They’re also a little bit crazy and a long way outside the bell curve, and not necessarily on the good end. And in Time Patrol, they transition from being Nightstalkers to becoming the Time Patrol.
  3. 3. Time Patrol The Nightstalkers are alerted once more. Not for sealing a Rift. The Time Patrol has gone missing. A unit they hadn’t even known existed. And bad things are beginning to happen once more. The Nightstalkers end up becoming the Time Patrol!
  4. 4. The first mission is 29 October. Black Tuesday.
  5. 5. England. 29 October 999. Roland must join Vikings on a raid into England. He ends up battling Valkyries, Kraken, Berserkers and betrayal to prevent a child being conceived who will change history.
  6. 6. England. 29 October 1618. Mac faces a difficult mission. He must ensure that Sir Walter Raleigh is beheaded, as history dictates. But others have a very different plan.
  7. 7. New York City. 29 October 1929. Black Tuesday. This day plunges the world into the Great Depression. Ivar is there to make sure that it happens. But the Shadow has other plans that involve Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Seigal, Joe Kennedy, and cement shoes.
  8. 8. Los Angeles, California. 29 October 1969. Scout is in the middle of free love, drugs, and the counter-culture. At UCLA, it is the day the first internet message is sent. And someone doesn’t want that message to be transmitted.
  9. 9. The Andes Mountains. 29 October 1972. Moms is at altitude in the freezing cold. But others are worse off. Crashed Uruguayan flight 447 is about to face another catastrophe. She has to save the survivors to give mankind hope.
  10. 10. Eglin Air Force Base. 29 October 1980. The first Iranian hostage mission ended in abject failure. But now, Special Operations Forces are preparing a 2nd daring plan. It relies on a special plane. And Eagle knows planes. But should the mission be a go?
  11. 11. Scout travels back in time to Thermopylae, Greece. 15 March 480 B.C. The day on which King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans are finally overwhelmed. But Scout runs into Pandora and realizes much more is going on . . .
  12. 12. Roland travels back in time to Ravenna, Italy. The day the Goth King Theodoric assassinates the first King of Italy, Odoacer, who had marked the end of the Western Roman Empire. But what if Odoacer turns the tables?
  13. 13. Moms travels back in time to Rome. 15 March 44 B.C.. The day on which Caesar is assassinated. At least according to our history. The Shadow has other plans, which Moms must stop.
  14. 14. Mac travels back in time to Spain. 15 March 493 A.D. The day Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after discovering the New World. But Columbus brings much more than news back with him.
  15. 15. Eagle travels back in time to Newburgh, N.Y. 15 March 1783 A.D. The day on which George Washington gives a dramatic speech, halting a coup by his officers against Congress and saving the fledgling United States. But what if . . .
  16. 16. Doc travels back in time to Petrogard, Russia 15 March 1917 A.D. The day on which the last Tsar, Nicholas II, abdicates. But the Tsarina has other plans to prevent the monarchy from falling.
  17. 17. Mac travels back in time to parachute into Normandy, France. 6 June 1944 A. D.. The Day of Days. Where the Shadow tries to stop a key Resistance Operation that saved the beachheads.
  18. 18. Doc travels back in time to Kala Chitta Range, Pakistan. 6 June 1998 A.D.. The Day of the Missiles. As Pakistan goes on full alert and prepares to launch a nuclear attack against India.
  19. 19. Roland travels back in time to Scandinavia. 6 June 452 A.D. When Beowulf Battles Grendel. But Grendel is more than just a legend and Roland allies with a Jager (hunter) from another timeline.
  20. 20. Scout travels back in time to Greece. 6 June 478 B.C.. The Pythian Games (just 2 years after her last mission to King Leonidas & the 300 Spartans). She arrives to find Pythagoras murdered and the likely suspect: Pandora.
  21. 21. Ivar travels back in time to West Point, NY. 6 June 1843 A.D.. Just in time to witness Cadet George Pickett, class of ’46, challenge Cadet Ulysses S. Grant, class of ’43, to a duel to the death.
  22. 22. Moms travels back in time to Southern France. 6 June 32,415 Years BP (Before Present). The First Day of Art. But what if there was no first artist?
  23. 23. Ivar travels back in time to Vicksburg, Mississippi. 4 July 1863 A.D. Where General Pemberton has a devastating plan to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
  24. 24. Scout travels back in time to Greece to 4 July 362 B.C. to the epic Battle of Mantinea. Where Thebes and Sparta battle each other to exhaustion, leaving the way open for Alexander the Great to conquer Greece. Except the Shadow has a different plan.
  25. 25. Roland travels back in time to Gettysburg on 4 July 1863 A.D. The day after Pickett’s Charge. Where the Shadow has a plan to entice General Meade to order a Union attack on Confederate positions, mirroring Pickett’s Charge.
  26. 26. Moms travels back back in time to Monticello on 4 July 1826 A.D. as Thomas Jefferson dies. And Sally Hemings holds Thomas Jefferson’s most shocking secret in her hands. One that could change history.
  27. 27. Eagle travels back in time to Entebbe, Uganda on 4 July 1976 A.D. Where he is amidst the second rescue team that history never recorded— because they never came back.
  28. 28. Doc travels back in time to Philadelphia, PA on 4 July 1776 A.D. Where Jefferson, Adams and Franklin have written a second Declaration that will change everything if presented to Congress.
  29. 29. Before there was just me now, there was a bunch of other stuff that I don't remember. People keep telling me I should remember, but maybe if you can't remember there is a reason. Thus begins Lara’s story. Who is she? What reality should she believe? How is she connected to the Time Patrol?
  30. 30. The Fifth Floor is a psychological thriller traveling into the intimate and infinite realm of time and parallel worlds. The true question is which of them is Lara’s reality? Who is she really? What happened to her?
  31. 31. Travel back in time to the Teutoberg Force on 11 September 9 A.D. The day 3 Roman Legions are decimated by a confederation of Germanic Tribes. Roland’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  32. 32. Travel back in time to Staten Island, New York on 11 September 1776 A.D. The day Benjamin Franklin and John Adams meet Admiral Lord Howe to discuss the possibility of peace between Britain & the Colonies. Doc’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  33. 33. For her 24-hour bubble in time, Moms arrives in the midst of a siege of the wagon train by Mormons dressed as Indians along with Native American allies. But there’s a bigger problem. Moms’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  34. 34. Travel back in time to Santiago, Chile on 11 September 1973. The day a U.S. supported coup overthrows the democratically elected President Allende. Ivar’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  35. 35. Travel back in time to Russia on 11 September 2001 A.D. The day on which the largest plane in the world, carrying the most powerful weapon ever made, disappears. Eagle’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  36. 36. A unique mission where Scout must loop back to a covert mission in Abbottabod to retrieve the garbageman who gave up Bin Laden’s location. Except the Shadow has something much more devious planned, attacking the Time Patrol itself. Scout’s Mission: Nine Eleven
  37. 37. Travel back in time to Chicago, 14 February 1929. The day seven men are machine-gunned in a massacre that will change the public’s perception of the mob. Ivar’s Mission: Valentines Day
  38. 38. Travel back in time to the Great Bitter Lake on 14 February 1945. The day on which the first U.S. President, Roosevelt, meets a Saudi King. Eagle’s Mission: Valentines Day
  39. 39. Travel back in time to Hawaii on 14 February 1779 The day the great explorer, Captain Cook, is killed. Roland’s Mission: Valentines Day
  40. 40. Travel back in time to Dresden, Germany on 14 February 1945. The day Dresden is firebombed. Doc’s Mission: Valentines Day
  41. 41. For her 24-hour bubble in time, Moms travels back to Philadelphia, 14 February 1945. The day the ENIAC computer is unveiled. Moms’s Mission: Valentines Day
  42. 42. Travel back in time to Rome, 14 February 278. The day a priest named Valentine is executed and a myth begins. Scout’s Mission: Valentines Day
  43. 43. Travel back in time to Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The year 20 people were executed as witches. She’s there for the 21st victim. Lara’s Mission: Hallows Eve
  44. 44. Travel back in time to Zululand in 1828. Where he meets Shaka Zulu in the last year of the great king’s life. And they face a threat that could make mankind extinct. Eagle’s Mission: Hallows Eve
  45. 45. Travel back in time to 1941, aboard the first American warship to be sunk in World War II, even before the United States was officially at war. Roland’s Mission: Hallows Eve
  46. 46. For her 24-hour bubble in time, Neeley travels back to New Delhi, 1984. The day Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated. It seems someone has other plans for the day. Neeley’s Mission: Hallows Eve
  47. 47. Travel to Zero Day, Zero Year. When that is, the Time Patrol doesn’t know. Where it is? One of the key Internet hubs in the world. Ivar’s Mission: Hallows Eve
  48. 48. Travel back in time to Wittenberg, Germany in 1517. The day Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses and changes the Western World forever, splitting the Catholic Church. Scout’s Mission: Hallows Eve
  49. 49. Travel back in time once again to Salem, Massachusetts on 22 September 1692. Eight people are to be hanged, but someone very important to the future is willing to sacrifice herself for those eight. Lara faces a terrible choice. Welcome to the Time Patrol. Lara’s Mission: Equinox
  50. 50. Travel back in time to Washington DC on 22 September 1862. The day President Lincoln announces the Emancipation Proclamation. The same document the Patrol has encountered twice before. Eagle’s Mission: Equinox
  51. 51. Travel back in time to Manchester, New York 22 September 1823. The day Joseph Smith finds some gold plates from which he will claim the Book of Mormon was written. However, the plates belong to someone else and Roland needs to return them. ASAP. Roland’s Mission: Equinox
  52. 52. Travel back in time to New York City, 22 September 1776. The day Nathan Hale is to be hung. However, someone has a very different plan for Nathan Hale; one that could change the course of the Revolution. And destroy our history. Scout’s Mission: Equinox
  53. 53. Travel back in time to Berlin, 22 September 1948. The Berlin Airlift is beginning to run smoothly, keeping the spark of freedom alive behind the Iron Curtain. Someone is determined to snuff out that spark. Neeley’s Mission: Equinox
  54. 54. Travel back in time to Area 51, 22 September 1948. The day the first Rift opens at Area 51 and the Nightstalkers are founded to battle what comes through and close the Rifts. What if the Rift can’t be closed? Moms Mission: Equinox
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  56. 56. Print Book Free downloadable Powerpoint slideshows on survival, history writing, and interesting information are available HERE
  57. 57. New York Times bestselling author, graduate of West Point and former Green Beret. He’s had over 80 books published, including the #1 bestselling series Green Berets, Shadow Warriors, Time Patrol, Area 51, and Atlantis. Born in the Bronx and having traveled the world he now lives peacefully with his wife and dogs. For free eBooks, audio, slideshows and more go to: