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Plane Crash Video: Operation Credible Sport


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The first rescue mission, Eagle Claw, ended in disaster in the deserts of Iran. To prevent that for the second, a special plane is designed with rocket assist take off and landing. 29 October 1980 is the last test flight before the mission is a go. And . . .

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Plane Crash Video: Operation Credible Sport

  1. 1. Operation Credible Sport Aircraft Crash Video
  2. 2. Credible Sport The Second Iranian Hostage Rescue Plan after the First Ended in Disaster
  3. 3. To prevent the same helicopter problem as the failed Eagle Claw mission, it’s decided to use a modified C-130 cargo plane. Using rocket assists, the plane is designed to land and take off in extremely short distances: inside a soccer stadium, in Tehran.
  4. 4. Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. 29 October 1980. All test flights have been successful. So far. The last test flight of the modified C-130 cargo plane is scheduled. The take off is fine. Then it’s time to land.
  5. 5. A maxim of writing is: Write What You Know. The links that follow represent that and three additions. I have four pillars to my stories and you'll see that reflected: What I know? What do I want to know What interests me? What am I passionate about? This is updated often with new slideshows. Cool Gus and his niece Sassy Becca (below) hope you find it interesting!
  6. 6. One of the missions in this book is to Eglin Air Force Base on 29 October 19080. The day of this crash.
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