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Infectious Diseases and Deadly Viruses


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What is a virus? Did malaria kill half of all people ever alive? How many millions did the Black Death kill? What is a pandemic?

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Infectious Diseases and Deadly Viruses

  1. 1. Infectious Diseases Ebola
  2. 2. What are viruses? Tiny organisms, 100 times smaller than a single bacteria cell. They are an infective agent that typically consist of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat that is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host. Thus, by itself, the virus is not alive. It needs a host. Deadly Viruses
  3. 3. When a virus infects a host, it invades the cells and take them over in order to carry out its own life process of multiplication and growth. An infected cell produces viral particles instead of doing its normal functions. Deadly Viruses
  4. 4. Deadly Viruses
  5. 5. Have half of all human deaths in history been caused by malaria? No one quite knows. Roughly 110 billion humans have lived in the past 52,000 years. Death rates from malaria were much higher in the past, but it still kills close to one million a year. Malaria
  6. 6. Plague is caused by bacteria. Plague
  7. 7. The Black Death killed between 75 to 200 million people between the years 1346-1353. Plague
  8. 8. The plague was a pandemic. A pandemic is an epidemic of infectious disease that spreads across a large region; usually multiple continents. Pandemic
  9. 9. Experts believe the odds of a pandemic within the next fifty years are very high. Estimates are that: 1 billion people would get sick. 165 million will die There will be a global recession and depression Pandemic
  10. 10. Why are the odds of a pandemic high? 1. Global population has increased dramatically. 2. People are moving to crowded, central locations: cities. 3. World-wide travel is much faster and more common. Pandemic
  11. 11. How to protect against a pandemic and information about biological warfare are in another slideshare, link at the end. Pandemic
  12. 12. Infectious Diseases I’ve used infectious diseases as central to the plot in several of my books. I first became interested in this after reading The Hot Zone way back in 1995. The book is still well worth reading.
  13. 13. Infectious DiseasesThis topic has been central to the books below:
  14. 14. A maxim of writing is: Write What You Know. The links that follow represent that and three additions. I have four pillars to my stories and you'll see that reflected: What I know? What do I want to know What interests me? What am I passionate about? This is updated often with new slideshows. Cool Gus and his niece Sassy Becca (below) hope you find it interesting!
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