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George Washington Gave A Speech That Saved Our Country-- What if . . .

While waiting for the Treaty of Paris and technically still at war with England, the Continental Army was encamped at Newburgh, NY. Unrest spread among the unpaid troops. It took Washington making an extraordinary speech to stop the mutiny. But what if that hadn't happened?

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George Washington Gave A Speech That Saved Our Country-- What if . . .

  1. 1. The Speech Which Saved Our Country
  2. 2. Ides of March, 1783 15 March 1783 A.D. The day on which George Washington gives a dramatic speech, halting a coup by his officers against Congress and saving the fledgling United States.
  3. 3. 1783 A.D. It is 1783 A.D. The world’s population is roughly 900 million humans on the planet, of which only 3.1 million are part of the United States. Even though fighting had stopped, the war is not yet technically over on the 15th of March. That would happen in September. Catherine the Great of the Russian Empire annexes the Crimean Khanate, the last remnant of the Mongol Golden Horde; the last celebration of Massacre Day is held in Boston; the first public demonstration of a parachute jump is done in France by a man jumping from an observatory; the 1783 Great Meteor passes over the North Sea, Great Britain and France prompting fear and scientific speculation; the Cedula of Population is made into law in Spain, allowing any who swears fealty to Spain and the Catholic church to settle in Trinidad and Tobago. Some things change; some don’t.
  4. 4. For his 24-hour bubble in time, Eagle finds himself a slave; his owner, George Washington. Apparently his mission is to insure Washington gives the speech as history records. But some have other plans.
  5. 5. Eagle’s Mission: Ides of March As the senior officers of the Continental Army gather, Eagle doesn’t know what the Shadow’s plan for this day is in order to change our history.
  6. 6. The Speech Which Saved Our Country Gentlemen: By an anonymous summons, an attempt has been made to convene you together; how inconsistent with the rules of propriety, how unmilitary, and how subversive of all order and discipline, let the good sense of the army decide... If my conduct heretofore has not evinced to you that I have been a faithful friend to the army, my declaration of it at this time would be equally unavailing and improper. But as I was among the first who embarked in the cause of our common country. As I have never left your side one moment, but when called from you on public duty. As I have been the constant companion and witness of your distresses, and not among the last to feel and acknowledge your merits. As I have ever considered my own military reputation as inseparably connected with that of the army. As my heart has ever expanded with joy, when I have heard its praises, and my indignation has arisen, when the mouth of detraction has been opened against it, it can scarcely be supposed, at this late stage of the war, that I am indifferent to its interests.
  7. 7. Eagle’s Mission: Ides of March But Eagle begins to realize that the Shadow has a much longer and devastating plan in mind.
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