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Five Life-Saving Questions For You To Answer


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You will be surprised at your answers and how they rate compare to the rest of the country. Both in good ways and bad ways.

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Five Life-Saving Questions For You To Answer

  1. 1. Five Life-Saving Questions You Need To Answer
  2. 2. Do you have a first aid kit in your house?
  3. 3. 44% of households don’t.
  4. 4. Do you know the phone numbers of your immediate family members?
  5. 5. 42% of people don’t.
  6. 6. Do you have three days worth of emergency water on hand?
  7. 7. 53% of households don’t.
  8. 8. Do you live in a county that has been hit by a weather- related disaster since 2007?
  9. 9. 80% of Americans do.
  10. 10. Have you, and your family, practiced what to do in event of an emergency?
  11. 11. 60% of households haven’t.
  12. 12. Why? Only 39% of Americans have an emergency plan. 55% think they can rely on local authorities to rescue them.
  13. 13. Why? 44% have no first aid kit. 48% have no emergency supplies. 53% do not have a 3 day supply of food and water.
  14. 14. Why? What struck me, is it’s even worse for families: 52% have not designated an Emergency Rally Point. 42% do not know the phone numbers of immediate family members. It goes on, but I’ve got good news!
  15. 15. You Can Do It! The most important survival training isn’t training at all. It’s preparation. Having the right equipment and plans in place BEFORE an emergency or disaster.
  16. 16. Why Prepare Now? Do You Have A Pocket-Sized Survival Manual? Do You Know What the Acronym SURVIVAL Stands For? Rogers Rules of Rangering What is the Mindset Need To Survive? 3 Things To Get Now To Be Prepared Survival and Emergency Apps Grab-N-Go Bags What Do You Need To Know About The Five Key Elements of Life Prepare for, Survive, and Live After a Hurricane Prepare for, Survive, and Live After an Earthquake Preparing for and Surviving a Power Outage Cold Weather Preparation, Survival and Injuries Hot Weather Preparation and Survival Wildfire Preparation and Survival Map Reading and Where to Get Free Topo Maps and Apps How Does GPS Work? WATER for Living and Survival FOOD for Living and Survival FIRE for Living and Survival
  17. 17. The book on the left is how you prepare NOW. The book on the right, is your guide to surviving an emergency or catastrophe given you’ve prepared. The handbook in the center is a FREE, distilled version of both books for those who might not be able to afford purchasing this important information- click on cover for any. Print Book
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