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Area 51-- the epic series continues with a new book


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The first book in the classic science fiction series that has sold over 2 million copies world-wide. Screenplay penned by the writer of the first Alien movie and producer of Minority Report. This is the book that started it all. The series continues this year with Area 51: Redemption.

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Area 51-- the epic series continues with a new book

  1. 1. Area 51 is a modern myth. In the middle of Nevada, bordered on one side by the Nevada Test Site. Highly secure. The screenplay for the first book has been completed by the same writer who penned the first Alien movie and produced Minority Report. My Area 51 series has been a #1 bestseller in eBook numerous times, sold over two million copies in paperback, a million plus in eBook and Cool Gus likes it.
  2. 2. AREA 51 In the middle of nowhere. On the way to nowhere. Area 51 is part of the Nellis Air Force Range in Nevada.
  3. 3. AREA 51 Unknown to most, since before the dawning of modern man, a massive alien mothership (below) and nine abandoned flying saucers have been hidden away in Area 51, a top-secret military base in the Nevada desert.
  4. 4. AREA 51 During World War II, the craft were discovered hidden inside Groom Mountain. This led to the establishment of Majestic-12 and to the entire place being classified Top Secret.
  5. 5. AREA 51 As a cover, the long airstrip was also used to testbed cutting edge human aircraft, such as the SR-71 and Stealth aircraft
  6. 6. AREA 51 Scientists study the craft, hoping to unlock the secrets of the alien technology and, perhaps, the origins of life on Earth, as it appears the aliens were here over 10 millennia ago. Disturbing connections to other objects on Earth that have resisted explanation are uncovered.
  7. 7. AREA 51 But now a deranged general wants to activate the mothership’s interstellar drive—and the consequences could prove catastrophic for humankind.
  8. 8. AREA 51 Dr. Hans Von Seeckt is an elderly scientist and ex-Nazi, brought to the US after World War II as part of Operation Paperclip. He is an original member of the Area 51 research team. Now he has sounded the alarm through back channels about what he fears.
  9. 9. AREA 51 The president’s science adviser and newest member of Majestic-12, Dr. Lisa Duncan, enlists Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte to put a stop to the planned test flight and tell the public the truth about Area 51. Turcotte infiltrates as part of Nightscape, the security force at Area 51.
  10. 10. AREA 51 Meanwhile, a brilliant archaeologist, Professor Nabinger, discovers a message on similar runes uncovered in ancient Egypt and on tablets on the other side of the world on Easter Island. This could change everything we think we know about human evolution and the role that alien visitation may have played in it.
  11. 11. AREA 51 Turcotte, Duncan, Von Seeckt and Nabinger race against time to stop the activation of the mothership, an event which the ancient tablets warn will bring the “Ancient Enemy” to Earth.
  13. 13. AREA 51 This is the first book of the epic series.
  14. 14. The series that has sold over 2 million copies (screenplay penned by the writer of the original Alien and producer of Minority Report) continues this year, Do we deserve a Second Chance? Mike Turcotte, the Special Forces officer who led the fight against the Airlia, which ruled our planet from the shadows for over 10 millennia, has returned to Area 51. Earth has freed itself from the shackles of alien domination, but at high cost while winning World War III. He has learned what he believes is the truth about human origins. A truth so devastating he insists it cannot be made public. But the thing no one on Earth knows is that in winning the war they’ve initiated the seeds of their own doom. Something worse than World War III. Something worse than the Airlia. Something that means the end of all life in the Solar System. But there is one who might have a solution; except she’s not human.
  15. 15. Bob Mayer is a New York Times bestselling author, a graduate of West Point, a former Green Beret, and the feeder of two yellow Labs, most famously Cool Gus. He’s had over seventy books published, including the #1 bestselling series Time Patrol, Area 51, Atlantis, and the Green Berets. Born in the Bronx and having traveled the world (usually not the tourist spots), he now lives peacefully with his wife and labs. Sort of.
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