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The blackandwhitecookiecompany

  2. 2. The Black and White Cookie Company was conceptualized by Joshua Auerbach, a long time fan of the Black and White Cookie. Joshua was struck by the conspicuous absence of the treat outside of New York City. Proof of concept was rapid as email after email arrived from ex- New Yorkers, tourists, and others eager to purchase the cookies.The Cookie Joshua worked diligently for over 3 years to refine the recipe, adding a tasty touch to a timeless classic. He took the recipe and made it even better; crisp around the edges, soft in the middle with that perfect hint of lemon. Our Black and Whites are truly the best Black and White Cookies on earth! We offer a variety of Black and White Cookies. The basic product is an all natural traditional New York City Black and White Cookie, iced in the classic half chocolate, half vanilla design.The Black and White Cookie Company is the exclusive manufacturer of Black and White Cookies in a large variety of exotic flavor combinations including Bubblegum, Blueberry, Strawberry, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Mint, Orange Cream, Butterscotch, and Chocolate & Peanut Butter, Piña Colada, Mojito and many many more. We have full customization: Various cookie shapes, edible images, custom icing and custom labels that can all be paired with any of our flavor combinations for use in promotions, weddings, birthdays and holidays.Kosher Certification All products produced by the Black and White Cookie Company are Kosher.
  3. 3. Prospective Retail Social Networks Barclays Center NY Twitter (Many Followers) Facebook (Numerous Fans) Home of the Brooklyn Nets And many more Harborplace MD GGP Baltimore Premium Clients (New Campaigns) Los Angeles CA Joel Silverstein New York TimesEast-West Hospitality Group-Asia Chanel Seinfeld (SONY)Wholesale Retail Offerings QVC (Online & On Air) Costco Cart, Food Trucks 7-11 Kiosks Pro Sports Venues CafésProduction & Marketing PopUp Stores Seasonal Prime Locations Nationwide Contracting Malls, Airports Nationwide Marketing
  4. 4. Top listing on the three major search engines, Google,Yahoo and BingGreat Social Ranking Active AccountsEasily identifiable brand
  5. 5. WholesaleMobile RetailCo-Branding
  6. 6. The company is in the final Q&A Process with QVC prior to goingOnline. 6 product offerings will be listed on QVCs Website in thenext few weeks. Our first QVC On air Broadcast is tentativelyschedule for the first quarter of 20127-11 has sampled the product and approved pricing. They are now waiting to receive a final version of our merchandise prior to ordering. We were told to expect a minimum of 25,000 units for the first order with a follow up order within as little as two weeks. This initial order is for 1500 stores in the Texas region. Our product sell sheet will then go out to all 5500 7-11s in the US.Our broker for Costco has just sampled our Minis in a tub of 24. Nextwill be a site visit to the factory followed by the schedule of RoadShow exhibition at 5 Costo location in the Southeast.
  7. 7. Custom CookiesPhiladelphia CollectionCorporate CookiesCustom
  8. 8. PlattersHoliday, seasonal and custom platters
  9. 9. Customers all unsolicited
  10. 10. Retail Potential
  11. 11. Corporate Gifts Weddings & Events
  12. 12. NYSales Distribution By State TX CA NJ FL VA MA OH IL PA CT MD GA WI
  13. 13. Top 10 Cookie Suppliers for the 52 weeks ending May 15, 2011 Cookies 2011Total category sales - $4,162,459,000 total may include suppliers not listedSupplier Dollar Sales Unit SalesKraft $1,503,288,000 547,853,600Private Label $643,597,700 280,090,000Keebler $398,609,400 145,956,400Pepperidge Farm $283,092,400 92,134,430McKee Food $233,139,900 141,477,700Lofthouse $140,434,700 42,622,020Murray $81,688,470 35,593,720TraditionalBaking $66,219,070 27,480,080Kellogg $57,694,270 19,458,070Bimbo $41,337,420 20,103,850 Top 10 Cookie Brands Brand Name Dolalr Sales Unit Sales Private Label $643,597,700 280,090,000 Nabisco Chips Ahoy $321,558,500 120,963,600 Nabisco Oreo $309,430,600 103,758,000 Nabisco Oreo Double $149,565,100 49,854,800 Stuff Lofthouse $136,580,500 41,428,030 Little Debbie $109,403,700 69,093,450 Pepperidge Farm $93,768,390 32,071,320 Pepperidge Farm Milano $90,993,830 31,999,830 Nabisco Newtons $87,351,970 28,061,000 Little Debbie Nutty Bar $77,331,860 47,412,580 Source: Redbook 2011, p. 14 Data obtained from Symphony IRI (excludes Wal-Mart)
  14. 14. 2007 SBDC Manufacturer of the Year
  15. 15. Future Branding