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16 Company Culture Quotes From 2016


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We dug through the achieves from the past year, looking at blogs, interviews and quotes we wrote down from conferences here are our top 6 favorite company culture quotes from the year.

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While not a direct company culture quote Aili Kuutan a meditation and yoga teacher explained to us in a recent masterclass session the benefits of bringing meditation to the workforce and we couldn’t help but imagine work environments that less reactionary.

At number five we have Leslie Wilson the Manager and one of the Owner’s of The Lobster Pound and Moore - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

In the number four spot our favorite digital marketing blogger and Global Talent Attraction and Brand Manager for Dow Chemical Kristi J Allen.

Moving to number three we have Nikki Layton and Barry Duncan the owners of Vancouver’s Momentum Fitness.

In the number two spot, we have Desiree Adaway Principal of the Adaway Group with her insight into diversity.

Last but certainly not least our favorite company culture quote from Andrew Schiestel
President and Founder tbk Creative

If you liked this video and want 10 more quotes from our 2016 list visit:

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