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Glass privacy


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The physical workspace of the 21st century. It seems like privacy is reducing with big data and a need for transparency. We know how important access and transparency are, but what do we know of the importance of privacy at work?

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Glass privacy

  1. 1. Glass privacy
  2. 2. It is about the glass. It is about the privacy. At work.
  3. 3. Privacy is about the state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people.
  4. 4. Glass is a wonderful material. It brings us natural daylight, overview and more openness in company culture.
  5. 5. However too much glass or transparancy renders our environment less safe for people and ideas.
  6. 6. You might feel you have nothing to hide from your boss or colleagues. Maybe so, however when we feel being watched...
  7. 7. ...our behavior changes dramatically. Always in a conformist manner.
  8. 8. We need to value privacy to create spaces that inspire autonomy.
  9. 9. When designing your work environment Privacy is an important factor. Visually, acoustically and territorially.
  10. 10. Visual privacy Choice over visual distraction and your own exposure.
  11. 11. Accoustic privacy Not being disturbed by sound
  12. 12. Territorial privacy Being able to temporarily claim and influence the space, individual or as a team.
  13. 13. What does privacy bring?
  14. 14. 1. Free thinking. Dare 2. Autonomy. Self confidence 3. Freedom within the social construct. Internal motivation 4. Flow. Concentration from the source
  15. 15. We are Convertibles Space and behavioural design consultancy >> Let us know what you are experiencing.