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Thriving workplaces


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Aligning your workplace environment to business culture. For innovation and excellence. @ConvertiblesNL

Published in: Business, Career, Spiritual
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Thriving workplaces

  1. 1. Thriving workplaces!
  2. 2. Aligning environment to culture for thriving workplaces!
  3. 3. We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us - Winston Churchill!
  4. 4. Are you shaped after your building? ! Did you shape your building?!
  5. 5. Maybe a fancy architect designed your workplace !
  6. 6. Or your manager decided what furniture was placed!
  7. 7. Most problems with workplace environments ! do not root in space design ! but in unaddressed (pre-existing) cultural problems!
  8. 8. Your environment influences you, and you know it!
  9. 9. To perform best, environment should be aligned with culture !
  10. 10. Actual culture is created from all the values people act from!
  11. 11. Know your business culture! values, behavior, needs, expectations, ideas and customs!
  12. 12. Know your business culture! and translate this into an interacting agreement! !
  13. 13. Know your business culture! and translate this into an interacting agreement ! to each other and with the workplace! !
  14. 14. Workplaces aligned by culture work for people, because they fit their needs!