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25 Reasons Your Business Needs To Blog

  1. 25 Reasons You Need A Business Blog Stephanie Frasco @StephanieFrasco VP of Social Media Con
  2. Blogging Increases Traffic
  3. Blogging Increases Leads Generate leads on each blog post with a lead magnet
  4. Blogging Gives You Shareable Content
  5. Blogging Increases Trust ...I’m a blogger!
  6. Blogging Influences Purchases 67% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.
  7. Blogging Gives Your Business A Voice A voice in a textual world is welcomed with open arms.
  8. Blogging Connects You To Your Audience Common ideas bond people. If you can communicate online you will connect with your audience
  9. Blogging Connects Your Audience To You
  10. Blogging Allows You To Share Your Expertise People are looking for thought leaders. Your blog can make you one.
  11. Blogging Allows You To Gain Professional Recognition I’m here today because I blog.
  12. Blogging Increases Your Search Engine Rankings
  13. Blogging Makes You Credible 81% of US consumers trust advice and information from blogs.
  14. Blogging Aids Your Sales Team Need a little time? Let me email you a few blog posts we’ve written on the subject to help guide your decision.
  15. Blogging Creates Conversations
  16. Blogging Keeps You connected with Industry trends Staying on top of things is much easier with a blog.
  17. Blogging Gives You Customer Insight
  18. Blogging Helps You Evaluate Your Core Business Does what I write about talk to the people buying? Or am I selling the wrong thing?
  19. Blogging Creates Community Where there is conversation, there is community.
  20. Blogging Helps You increase awareness
  21. Blogging Grows Your Online Network & Presence ...I know where the blogs are
  22. Blogging Brands Your Employees Source:
  23. Blogging Keeps You Relevant
  24. Blogging Helps you focus on your business Goals 1. Increase Traffic 2. Increase Leads 3. Increase Sales
  25. Blogging Answers Your Customers Questions Q: Why do I need to blog? A: Read my blog
  26. Blogging Is Fun
  27. Ready To Start Blogging? Talk to me. Stephanie Frasco @StephanieFrasco
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