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Ondrej Langr - Putting users first in data driven environment


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How do you start “doing user experience”? Does it sometimes seem to be compromised for the sake of strong stakeholders, big data or marketing? In this talk we will walk through a few tools, from both research and design toolboxes, that we’ve used at AVG to put user needs and experiences back into focus.

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Ondrej Langr - Putting users first in data driven environment

  1. 1. Putting people first in data driven environment Ondrej Langr, User Experience Architect AVG Technologies source: peter dutton / flickr
  2. 2. source: wikipedia,
  3. 3. source: adrian keynon / flickr
  4. 4. source: RiverRatt3 / flickr
  5. 5. Numbers and statistics `what` but not `why` Emotions Expectations Changes in these over time Mindset users left us with What info users are specifically looking for? Did they struggle during the task?
  6. 6. case-study 1: Anti-virus user journey
  7. 7. Anti-virus user journey
  8. 8. case-study 2: Information architecture redesign for
  9. 9. TBD afterbefore
  10. 10. the process 1) Understand how users choose AntiVirus 2) Decompose website & card sort research
  11. 11. the process 1) Defined tasks in users` terminology 2) Created prototype that supports the tasks research > design
  12. 12. the process research > design > validation 1) Validate how users accomplish tasks 
 in the new architecture 2) A/B test the new design before launch
  13. 13. Key takeaways Statistics and big data are limited in providing info to design usable and enjoyable products or services. You can not put users first 
 without actual users.
  14. 14. Thanks. Ondrej Langr