Jakub Karlec - Intuition over analytics


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Web analytics is far from perfect. Relying too much on it can slow or even kill your business. Decisions based on expert intuition can be more effective. Moreover, you will never change history, if you rely solely on analytics. So, do you have the balls to embrace intuition–driven design?

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Jakub Karlec - Intuition over analytics

  1. 1. Intuition over analytics
  2. 2. Conversion optimization…
  3. 3. …has limits and drawbacks
  4. 4. I failed because I focused on the wrong thing
  5. 5. Facebook Login Reduces Ecommerce Sales (Case Study)
  6. 6. Without Facebook Connect: Conversions ↑ 3% Revenues ↑ $10,000
  7. 7. “The a/b test just shows, that THIS version of form is bad, not that Facebook login reduces sales.”
  8. 8. Misinterpretation of analytical data is a common mistake
  9. 9. Not the tools, but the people matter
  10. 10. Biases and assumptions
  11. 11. “A person can make himself happy, or miserable, regardless of what is actually happening outside.” — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  12. 12. Never trust anyone with a mortgage
  13. 13. Good data in wrong hands can do a f*** harm.
  14. 14. Intuition–driven design vs Analytics–driven design
  15. 15. You can't measure everything
  16. 16. Segmentation
  17. 17. Can you measure the impact of shutting display advertising down?
  18. 18. Long term effects
  19. 19. Overhauling Facebook’s user interface
  20. 20. You can’t make strategic business decisions based on short term AB tests
  21. 21. Benefits of intuition–driven design
  22. 22. You will never change history, if you rely solely on analytics data.
  23. 23. “True leaders have the ability to make the right decision even with limited information.” — Warren Bennis
  24. 24. It's way cheaper and faster
  25. 25. Waiting for relevant and statistically significant data can do more harm than living without analytics at all.
  26. 26. The story of Marissa Mayer
  27. 27. When designers wanted to change the blue colour on Google's homepage, they had to do multivariate testing of 41 shades of blue to see which one performs best.
  28. 28. "[…] data eventually becomes a crutch for every decision, paralyzing the company and preventing it from making any daring design decisions." – Doug Bowman
  29. 29. “We let the math and the data govern how things look and feel.” — Marissa Mayer
  30. 30. Year after Mayer took over Yahoo, the company’s stock price was up 100 percent.
  31. 31. “True leaders have the ability to make the right decision even with limited information.” — Warren Bennis
  32. 32. CONTACT Jakub Karlec @moojito jakub@2fresh.cz