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SMX East Everyone is Wrong about Influence. Except Your Customers.


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What is influence? For a decade, Malcom Gladwell’s "The Tipping Point" has served as a touchstone for those who believe that influence resides in the hands of a select few. Not so, says a new generation of marketers. They believe that thanks to the democratizing power of the internet, anyone can be an Influential. Both camps are wrong. True influence flows from drawing together people with shared interests. This session focuses on the process of identifying areas of relevancy among your customers and prospects, building community, and allowing others to amplify your influence as you meet their needs.

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SMX East Everyone is Wrong about Influence. Except Your Customers.

  1. 1. #smxeast Everyone is wrong about Influence. Except your Customers. Valeria Maltoni . @ConversationAge VP, Digital Strategy, PM Digital
  2. 2. #smxeast Video to be added
  3. 3. #smxeast predicting the qualities of the next hit campaign, product or hot news item… is notoriously difficult
  4. 4. “We hope to rewire the way people spread and consume information… We think a more open and connected world will help create a stronger economy with more authentic businesses that build better products and services.” - Mark Zuckerberg, Founder / CEO, Facebook Letter to Potential Shareholders, May 2012
  5. 5. #smxeast let’s start by reframing the question
  6. 6. #smxeast how do you appeal to influencers based on what they think about themselves?
  7. 7. #smxeast 1 How information spreads through shared interests
  8. 8. #smxeast gossip
  9. 9. #smxeast May 13, 2010 – Lee Perkins, videographer, Shreveport, LA creates Boycott BP 841,047 fans May 19, 2010 – Josh Simpson, comedian, CA creates @BPGlobalPR 188,604 followers at height of interest April 13, 2009 – Good as You GLBT activist blog publishes the Domino’s videos for the first time, videos go viral within hours crisis
  10. 10. #smxeast 200,000 12,000,000 600 40 > 5 experiences
  11. 11. #smxeast need
  12. 12. #smxeast 92% of consumers report that a word-of-mouth recommendation is the top reason they buy a product and service Nielsen, Global Consumer Trust, 2012.
  13. 13. #smxeast human data
  14. 14. #smxeast entertain affect opinions exchange important information point out & enforce social rules learn from mistakes
  15. 15. #smxeast 2 Who are the influencers in your industry
  16. 16. social trends often seem to have been driven by certain influential people #smxeast
  17. 17. yet marketers are often unable to identify these “influencers” in advance #smxeast
  18. 18. #smxeast it starts with understanding motivation
  19. 19. #smxeast
  21. 21. #smxeast they don’t tell their readers because they like you…
  22. 22. #smxeast what matters is what happens in their world
  23. 23. #smxeast […] She wore the socks to school on Tuesday, pairing them with the cute sneakers and a simple black shirt and skirt. She told me she received compliments the entire day – from students in middle school, high school students (her school has students in grades 5-12), teachers and even the crossing guard. […] Client: Little Miss Matched, August 2014.
  24. 24. #smxeast … they tell their readers because they like their readers (or themselves / both)
  25. 25. #smxeast WIDE spread across knowing issues having things on the radar building wide acceptance and buy-in evangelists concentrated credibility and trust from past experience, track record DEEP Source: Jess McMullin T-shaped influence
  26. 26. #smxeast 3 What are the attractors, the value generating actions
  27. 27. #smxeast connect inquire notice commit respond
  28. 28. then designing what that influencer experience looks like #smxeast
  29. 29. Image source: joiseyshowaa #smxeast connect
  30. 30. #smxeast part of a tribe
  31. 31. #smxeast
  32. 32. #smxeast
  33. 33. #smxeast investors seek objective sources of information
  34. 34. #smxeast online & offline connections
  35. 35. #smxeast local significance
  36. 36. #smxeast inquire
  37. 37. #smxeast what they say what they do
  38. 38. Imag#e ssomurcex:e Joahns tBiehler data explosion
  39. 39. #smxeast mobile technology will be ubiquitous, invisible, and interconnected
  40. 40. #smxeast ability to access records anytime, anywhere
  41. 41. #smxeast goals and motivation
  42. 42. #smxeast wearable technology from science fiction to fashion statement
  43. 43. #smxeast health care where we live, play, work and pray Source: Well Connected Mom
  44. 44. #smxeast identify based on what they say, connect based on what they do
  45. 45. #smxeast what would they say about themselves Image Source: The garden behind Marco's. Photo: Sarah Silberg/New York Magazine
  46. 46. Image source: Michele Catania #smxeast notice
  47. 47. #smxeast 62% Agree that user generated content has more credibility in supporting brand trust than employee-generated content Get Satisfaction, Market Trend Report, Sept 2014
  48. 48. #smxeast focusing on what people are able to do…
  49. 49. #smxeast reason to come back
  50. 50. Image source: Lane County, OR communications center #smxeast make them better at what they want to do
  51. 51. … rather than trying to manage how they perceive your brand #smxeast
  52. 52. #smxeast lighting many fires
  53. 53. #smxeast College/Campus Experience Distance Learning Education News Education Policy Teaching/Learning Professor Blogs Admissions/ Rankings Technology In Education Career Planning Homeland Security key content categories & topics
  54. 54. #smxeast they do not post because they like you…
  55. 55. #smxeast … they post because they like themselves
  56. 56. #smxeast how you see yourself
  57. 57. #smxeast impacts loyalty
  58. 58. #smxeast commit
  59. 59. #smxeast 1 / 9 / 90 creators, contributors, lurkers The Internet Rule
  60. 60. #smxeast empowering people
  61. 61. #smxeast backing projects Goal: $1,000,000 Raised: $5,408,916
  62. 62. #smxeast bringing experiences to life Goal: $2,000,000 Raised: $5,702,153 Rob Thomas is the creator and executive producer of VERONICA MARS
  63. 63. #smxeast funding new products Goal: $100,000 Raised: $10,266,845
  64. 64. #smxeast 41.15% Success rate. 70,040 projects funded successfully. $1,316,563,718 total dollars pledged. Kickstarter, September 19, 2014.
  65. 65. #smxeast
  66. 66. Imag#e ssoumrcex: Deaawns Htopkins respond
  67. 67. #smxeast community @ work ± 42,000 2000 127 27 101 2001 8 375 give people a VOICE Image source: Seven Morris globally y2k Cities countries meet up milestone years PHL members
  68. 68. Imag#e ssomurcex: eThae Tsetlegraph chance to be part of something
  69. 69. #smxeast average response time: 9.75 seconds
  70. 70. #smxeast 63% When 1,620 consumers were tested under laboratory conditions, said they felt their heart rate increase when they thought about receiving great customer service. American Express Service Study, September 2013
  71. 71. #smxeast Jan/Feb, 2010 Toyota Recall 42 million vehicles are recalled due to faulty breaks. 2005 1977 2010 March 17, 2010 Palm Oil/Greenpeace Facebook wall animosity caused by community manager. April 20, 2010 Gulf Oil spill BP engages PIER emergency system to communicate internally. July 7, 1977 Breast Milk Action Network Company boycott is called in U.S. and expanded in Europe in the ‘80s. 2007 February 14, 2007 Customer Service Issues Leaked memo from founder Howard Shultz sets off a series of initiatives that leads to launch of My Starbucks Idea. June 2005 “Dell Hell” Blogger Jeff Jarvis begins a controversy about company’s customer service issues. 2009 August 13, 2009 Employee-created YouTube expose’ video Video is viewed by 1 million people. July 16, 2009 Sustainability Index CEO-led, proactive initiative to affect supply chain. February 2009 Customer Service issue Blue Shirt nation led to TwelpeForce and prompt response. 1 minute 30 years 1 month 1 month 1 month 1 month 48 hours proactive 1 year social media interactions
  72. 72. Businesses should treat technology like a special effect. If you’re James Cameron and you’re doing a movie like Avatar, the issue is, “What kind of world am I trying to create?” — Michael Schrage #smxeast Then the question is, “So how do I get the technology to do that?” The leading question is not, “Gee, how do I make a cheaper movie faster?”
  73. 73. #smxeast what is the bigger context that people are (or can be) excited about?
  74. 74. #smxeast 4 Three core ingredients to get it right
  75. 75. A STORY that resonates: emotional triggers are powerful #smxeast
  76. 76. #smxeast their story
  77. 77. #smxeast The ABILITY to SPREAD it: making it super easy via connections in social
  78. 78. #smxeast making them the hero
  79. 79. #smxeast Doing something MEANINGFUL, feel part of something greater than self
  80. 80. #smxeast the bigger, cooler thing for them
  81. 81. because you enable something as a result of that experience #smxeast
  82. 82. #smxeast Saw your new video series – it was amazing; what did you use? word-of-obvious [Kathy Sierra]
  83. 83. #smxeast influence as a side effect of interestingness
  84. 84. what would you do differently if you were responsible for their success? #smxeast
  85. 85. #smxeast 5 Steps to get it done
  86. 86. 1. Do the research 2. Keep it personal 3. Take time to map ways to connect 4. Involve the talent 5. Choose a short list for exclusive #smxeast
  87. 87. #smxeast how can you make them more interesting?
  88. 88. #smxeast
  89. 89. #smxeast identify areas of interest
  90. 90. because you are not creating experience for your influencers… #smxeast
  91. 91. #smxeast … you are creating experience for their readers
  92. 92. #smxeast if it’s not you who will influence your customers
  93. 93. #smxeast THANK YOU!
  94. 94. #smxeast Valeria Maltoni – VP Digital Strategy, PM Digital Led brand development, integrated content marketing strategy and execution, and digital / social strategies for a number of global Fortune 500 companies in technology, retail eCommerce, financial services, and Media & Entertainment.  1999-2007 –, created and led social network in Philadelphia  2006-current – started Conversation Agent focused on digital transformation at the intersection of business / technology / media @conversationage