3 ways to improve your next cross-device campaign


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Three keys to maximizing results for your next cross-device advertising campaign.
To get the most out of your next advertising program, you need to think about cross-device in terms of data, delivery and insight. Inside this quick and easy whitepaper, you’ll also discover the importance of:

Reaching, connecting and converting the consumer across all devices

Measuring interactions that take place in-app

Leveraging the interactive strengths of each medium

Download this compelling marketing research today so you can develop solid cross-device strategies that will drive great results.

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3 ways to improve your next cross-device campaign

  1. 1. Insights especially for media professionals By Kurt Hawks, General Manager – Conversant® Mobile 3 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR NEXT CROSS- DEVICE CAMPAIGN
  2. 2. Every month I speak with dozens of brands on how to do cross-device marketing more effectively. The reasons for committing to cross-device are self- evident to most marketers. Many have also studied “what works” in cross-device – the “best practices” principles that drive better program metrics. Yet the realities of the programs that many brands employ fall short of these success principles. Critical ideas get lost as we rush to get something up on “Internet Time.” Here are three of those basic ideas that matter – and the simple steps brands can take to get better results for their next cross-device campaigns. INTRODUCTION 2
  3. 3. Cross-device marketing needs to be about a lot more than simply putting ads on different screen types. Taking a cross-device approach to data, delivery and insights gathering is important to unlocking the full value of cross-device. • Cross-device data: comScore says that 60 percent of the average person’s digital time is spent using smartphones and tablets. Your audience profiles need to incorporate learnings from across all screens to truly understand the user. • Cross-device delivery: To do cross-device right, you need to leverage the best media to reach, connect and convert as the consumer migrates between devices throughout the day. It’s about getting it all right. Right screen. Right place. Right time. Right message. • Cross-device insight analytics: Once your program is in place, you need to dig in and uncover both the individual and interconnected value of each channel in conversions. We need to understand the role of each channel in a user’s decisions. I’ve reviewed dozens and dozens of programs and have seen again and again that when brands take a cross-device approach to each dimension, metrics get better immediately and longer- term optimization drives greater performance improvements. With so much research data indicating that four out of five mobile interactions take place in apps versus on the mobile web, it’s plain to see that we need to identify and implement ways to remove the reporting and optimization blind spot in mobile apps. Right now, many companies have no way of measuring ad interactions that take place in app environments. Fortunately, new tools are available to help mitigate this challenge. Deploy them straight away. Understanding all of the consumer interactions that take place in apps can drive greater insights and optimization, unlock cost effective media opportunities and drive greater scale. LEVERAGE ALL THREE: CROSS-DEVICE DATA, DELIVERY AND INSIGHTS IMPLEMENT TOOLS TO MEASURE AND OPTIMIZE MOBILE ADVERTISING DELIVERED IN APPS1 2 Understanding all of the consumer interactions that take place in apps can drive greater insights and optimization, unlock cost effective media opportunities and drive greater scale. 3
  4. 4. CAPITALIZE ON THE RESPECTIVE CREATIVE STRENGTHS OF EACH MEDIUM3 It may be easy to simply repurpose messages from one screen type to another. But a more fruitful approach is to consider the interactive strengths of each medium as you lay out your creative strategy, and reflect those respective strengths in your executions. By spending just a little time identifying potential opportunities, you can define and implement far more effective cross-device programs. Perhaps none of these recommendations are surprising. Yet the reality is that something often happens between when we set our strategic intentions and when we actually get programs up. We must think of these principles as “need to haves” rather than “nice to haves.” • Take advantage of the out-and-about nature of mobile audiences by stressing activation in your ads. Store finders. Discounting, etc. • Showcase attractive product visuals, videos and other rich experiences in tablet executions. • Use the efficiency and data-entry advantages of PC display to provide frequent messaging reminders and connect people to online purchase options. By spending just a little time identifying potential opportunities, you can define and implement far more effective cross-device programs. 4
  5. 5. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Copyright 2014, Conversant, Inc. All rights reserved. Conversant is a trademark of Conversant, Inc. Kurt Hawks is General Manager – Mobile for Conversant. Kurt is responsible for driving the cross-device strategy for Conversant as well as overseeing mobile operations across Conversant’s business units. He focuses on developing cross-device personalized marketing offerings that put the individual at the center, rather than in segments or silos. Prior to Conversant, Kurt served as a senior associate at Monitor Ventures, where he focused on evaluating investment opportunities and building early-stage businesses in the areas of mobile, media, software and business services. Previously, he served as an engagement manager at Monitor Group where he advised clients on various corporate strategy issues including development of growth strategies, organizational design and new business creation. ABOUT CONVERSANT Conversant, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNVR) is the leader in personalized digital marketing. Conversant helps the world’s biggest companies grow by creating personalized experiences that deliver higher returns for brands and greater satisfaction for people. We offer a fully integrated personalization platform, personalized media programs and the world’s largest affiliate marketing network – all fueled by a deep understanding of what motivates people to engage, connect and buy. For more information, please visit www.conversantmedia.com. 5