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ABSTRACT: Decades ago, Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel Corporation framed the potential impact of
technology on ...
While various applications we’ve discussed above are available in “bundled” applications (overlay) today,
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About Us

  1. 1. About Us: ABSTRACT: Decades ago, Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel Corporation framed the potential impact of technology on consumers when he commented: "Today's business knows no national boundaries. Capital and work can go anywhere on earth. The world operates as one big market. Every business competes with every person in the world that does that same job. Products and services become largely indistinguishable. Time becomes the only competitive advantage.Today… his prediction has become all too apparent. “The new environment dictates two rules: First, everything happens faster. Second, anything that can be done will be done, if not by you, then by someone else... somewhere.” In telecommunications… his competitive reality is apparently everywhere: “Adapt or die." Over the years MBC has recognized and also has designed and built specialized environments for a variety of wireline and wireless applications. Yet while many designers, developers, and systems analysts have been intent upon building "overlay systems," our success has been in developing ways to allow a wide variety of systems to work together. And by having the three intertwined platforms of innovation (product, service and delivery) under the same telecommunications "roof," a single source of integrated responsibility is provided; thereby cutting down the ever increasing list of consultants and specialty contractors. Since audio, video, computer and telecommunications systems are often cohabitants in vertical (LAN) and horizontal (WAN) distribution networks, it is now necessary to combine (converge) these individual services. For MBC this is not a high-risk proposition. We built and operated a pilot project at the Fifth and Race Conference Center in Cincinnati, Ohio over a decade ago. We are now poised to implement our unique technology: a full-scale national/international business model. Accordingly, MBC would like to participate with you and others as appropriate, to design, develop and deploy our non-traditional broadcast-presentation systems. “NTB/PS” is a patented method; that “customizes” multiple-mono-media (MMM). [Think local… act global] MBC provides an Integrated Network Design Yardstick (INDY): Technology and services become mutually available for all business, education, medicine, government, and the individual consumer: By combining meeting/teaching/working environments with state-of-the-art telecommunications methodology (nick-named "Cloverleaf”) a “habitat” for business and professional people is now available to carry out complex multimedia communications tasks throughout the United States and internationally. By bringing together all available media into a single node ―a process called convergence ―then combining them to most effectively use existing transport systems ―a process dubbed variable- bandwidth-on-demand (VBOD), our Cloverleaf performs multiple functions while maximizing the transmission. MBC’s patented methodology enables any type of frequency, in any format, and can process any type of signal from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world. Cost savings can be realized by allocating circuits dynamically instead of provisioning current “overlay” network configurations separately. Our cloverleaf provides convergence of multiple industries ―a powerful asset for numerous business and professional applications. A Node that anticipates and fixes inefficiencies in the telecommunications industry by consolidating "overlay" networks with a single "multi-tasking" control plane. Our cloverleaf provides the technological framework for eye-ball to eye-ball communication ―allowing product managers to interact (marketing) in real time with consumers or other businesses. To realize the utility of a cloverleaf, first think of the many telecommunications functions performed in a typical home or business. There may be several voice circuits, a fax, an Internet for data connection, and cable television all entering into the home or business on their own “line(s)" or networks. Our Cloverleaf would “converge" all of these functions (multiple-dimensions) in a computer or device similar to a set-top- box; then use existing transmission capacity (Cable /Telephone /SAT/Wireless) to transmit the signal through an affiliated network where a cloverleaf would consolidate these applications with other customer applications for relay to the appropriate destinations. Once established, the ability to provide interaction communications is easily deployed. The business implications of a cloverleaf method are apparent —low cost connectivity with Quality of Service (QoS) to a worldwide audience.
  2. 2. WHAT’S MISSING? While various applications we’ve discussed above are available in “bundled” applications (overlay) today, they are not available intermittentently, in combination or on-demand; and/or when combined (together in IP) have poor QoS. But if… 1) a method to dynamically connect locations (nodes) existed; and if… 2) current circuit configurations were made available on-demand as well; and if… 3) costly connection charges and "bridging fees" charged by system operators were eliminated Then, for example; an instructor could teach in multiple distant locations; even provide personal feedback through each node. Moreover, once this transmission medium were in place, other basic services, such as video communications access and high resolution connectivity, would migrate to every node because of the tremendous cost savings realized through convergence using variable bandwidth on demand (VBOD). From a purely business perspective: A multi-site working model (cloverleaf) would be exponentially more economical than procuring the same services using an existing overlay (bundling) business model. A shared Platform: Local business, government, medical and academic institutions thus gain practical advantage. Communications would immediately expand to include elements ranging from a simple telephone call (POTS) up to full-feature film quality (HDTV) video communication; a cloverleaf combining multiple communications mediums used by business and professional people within an appropriate virtual office/meeting and teaching facility. And within this range many networks will reside from the Internet (TCP/IP), to the broadcast industry (HDTV); including, computer aided design (CAD) and high resolution imaging (HRI) for medical purposes such as X-ray, long distance diagnosis, and other imaging technologies (MRI). Conclusion: In today's competitive environment, your command of the communications universe will attract targeted groups in much the same way that buildings with air conditioning and elevators did in years past. And by selecting MBC to design and MBC to develop and implement your network, you will choose experience and technological leadership. MBC telecommunications capabilities will offer an "amenity" to business and academia not available in even the most progressive cities of the world. Some have referred to projects of this nature as "Inevitable” information age utopias where all sorts of complex business activity with global impact can occur utilizing a vast array of technologies that do not stand alone, but bear some relationship to one another." At MBC we prefer to think of this rational as an example of people thinking locally, acting regionally, and impacting globally. A cloverleaf offers a tremendous communications capability at an affordable price. Through convergence using variable bandwidth, one-to-one communication can promote your local business-to-business and professional relationships throughout the rest-of-the-world. “You can stand with Us as an example for other communities around the world.” ―Mike McGraw, President/CEO McGraw Broadcast Communications 100 Woodside Place Fort Thomas, KY 41075-1532 mbmcgraw@Insightbb.com Voice (859) 781-5664 Fax (859) 781-5668 Cell (727) 418-4646