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Hubspot for Higher Education Marketing Webinar

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  • Thanks Jennifer! We are giant advocates of inbound marketing as more and more college's move away from the dependency on paid leads. Hubspot's all in one tool is a great solution for those who want the sophistication of best marketing practices/tools with easy to use software.
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  • Nice job on this ... I have been looking at how to use HubSpot for higher education ... as I'm certain it will be more effective to use inbound marketing than traditional outbound recruitment. Thanks for proving my premise!
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  • Remember: What you can track, you can measure. What you can measure, you can improve upon. With this in mind, consider your website as your marketing hubYou have GA tracking set up on your website, so if you drive traffic to your website, you will have a way to examine the effectiveness of every channel. There are several very important components of this that we will examine: Google Analytics Goals and Campaign Tracking (sometimes called link tagging)Every time you send an outward-facing message, direct it to your website. Sending an email? Direct the recipients to your website.Sending a letter? Direct the recipients to your website.Posting on Facebook? Send people back to your website.Publishing the next issue of your alumni magazine? You guessed it, send them to your website.You have already strategically defined success, so be sure that the landing page you send people to has a call to action that supports that goal.This is usually a form of some kind – request more information, sign up for an event, or donate to the college
  • Hubspot for Higher Education Marketing

    1. 1. HubSpot for Higher Education Marketing How can it help my college?Jennifer Nordstrom, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist,University of Michigan-Dearborn College of BusinessAnn Oleson, CEO, Converge Consulting
    2. 2. Our Time TogetherAdd photo Jennifer • What is Inbound Marketing • What is Hubspot? • Our situation/goals Jennifer Nordstrom • Why we chose Hubspot • How it helps our college • Features of Hubspot • Questions Ann Oleson
    4. 4. Email Postcard Facebook Website Letter Alumni Magazine TwitterYour Marketing Hub
    5. 5. Outbound is Marketing is Broken Outbound out. Inbound is in. 800-555-1234 Annoying Salesperson
    6. 6. Be Social Content Strategy Blogging Article Writing Calls to Action On-Page SEO Landing Pages Keyword ResearchSite Architecture MeasurementAbility to Edit Site Analytics Installed
    8. 8. Converge Solutions for Clients • Spent 1 year evaluating solutions • Multi-channel measurement tool that would allow clients to measure across channels to understand ROI via activity/action • Landed on Hubspot due to advanced analytics and comprehensive suite of tools
    9. 9. Founded by MIT Sloan Graduates TEXT11 GOES HERE Text goes Funded Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures & here Salesforce 5,600 customers Average worldwide HubSpot customer lead growth: 32% HubSpot Textgrowth rate of 6015% goes Over three years here
    11. 11. ALL-IN- SEO 1 ONE HubSpot simplifies your 1 marketing by pulling together everything you need to grow your enrollment. Text Marketing goes Automation here Social Text Marketing goesContent Media AnalyticsCreatio here n Email & Text Landin goes Lead g Pages Nurturing here
    13. 13. Goals for 2012 and Beyond:• Increase enrollment in graduate programs, specifically 2 new masters programs which launched in Fall 2012 (Masters of Science in Business Analytics and Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management)• Generate more qualified leads to encourage enrollment growth• Better manage prospects• Increase our social media presence
    15. 15. Why we chose Hubspot• Create easy user paths for prospective students to find what they need• Create customized landing pages to drive leads to from online ads• Enable quick, easy collection of lead data• Easy to implement and manage• Advance analytic capabilities• Ability to centrally manage all marketing activities
    17. 17. Event RegistrationProblem:• The University doesn’t have event registration software• Used work around with e-mail system• No automated follow upSolution:• Use of Hubspot landing pages and workflow• Tracked exactly what we needed to know about registrants• Automated confirmation e-mail
    18. 18. AnalyticsProblem:• Quantifying ROI of Online Advertising• Placed ads this summer not sure how – or if – inquiries got to prospect formSolution:• Use Hubspot 7 different landing pages for programs• Know specifically which source inquiry came from and how they got there• Collect lead information and drive through funnel
    19. 19. Landing PagesEasily create landing pages and measure their effectiveness over time. Build landing Track conversion rates pages in moments and submissions
    20. 20. WorkflowsProblem:• Inability to segment audiences on formsSolution:• Create customized workflow that sends unique e-mails based on the form fields filled out
    21. 21. CRM SolutionProblem:• Don’t have a CRM tool in which all prospect information is containedSolution:• Use of Hubspot in place of CRM tool• House all of prospects in this system
    22. 22. Email MarketingUse one of HubSpot’s templates or customize your own.Segment leads and target your emails based on website events. Build and preview your emails Track and analyze your email sends
    23. 23. ContactsProblem:• No detailed information on prospectsSolution:• Use of contact tool that tracks all activity
    24. 24. Lead IntelligenceUnderstand how engaged your leads are and what content is drawing themin. See lead scores and repeat conversions. Get information on referral sources and content Gauge lead engagement and link directly into salesforce
    25. 25. AnalyticsProblem:• Not knowing specific ROI for each activity that generates new inquiriesSolution:• Use of Dashboard and detailed data to understand ROI
    26. 26. SEOProblem:• Tools for keyword research and SEO and time to implementSolution:• Use of Keyword tool to do research on what words we should be optimizing• Working to optimize both on page and titles
    27. 27. Lead NurturingProblem:• Communications funnel not mapped or automatedSolution:• Create customized automated funnel that nurtures leads automatically through out the process
    28. 28. Lead NurturingTake email further by setting up lead nurturing campaigns. Send out a series of well-timed emails designed to progressively guide your leads closer to a decision. Set custom timing And templates for your campaigns Attach a lead nurturing According to Forrester campaign to an eBook Research, companies or other marketing that excel at lead offer nurturing are able to generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead.
    29. 29. Additional Functionality- Phase II Roll out• Social Media• Blogging
    30. 30. Blogging PlatformTrack how well your posts are optimized for search, get clear instructionson how to Improve them. Easy blogging interface Dynamic advice on improving your posts SEO Optimization
    31. 31. Questions?