9. ethics


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Ethics slide presentation

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9. ethics

  1. 1. 1Ethics in ourprofessionModule 1 Management Skills Level One
  2. 2. Profession vs. industry 2• Quiz – What is the difference between a profession and an industry? – What are the implications for you as a professional? Module 1
  3. 3. What is ethics and why do we need 3to talk about it• Quiz – How would you define “ethics”/ethical behaviour? – Why do we, as professional people, need to talk about ethics on this course? Module 1
  4. 4. Ethics and its impact 4• Public confidence in the profession is important.• We have an ethical obligation which will ensure that a client receives competent professional service.• Important note – Ethics in practice should be extended beyond their inclusion in a Code of professional Conduct. Module 1
  5. 5. Professional values 5• Are defined by SAICA and IRBA as: – A commitment to act with integrity and objectivity and to be independent under applicable professional standards. – Knowledge of the standards of professional ethics (including the Code of Professional Conduct of both SAICA and IRBA in particular, and of the broad accounting profession). – A concern for the public interest and sensitivity to social responsibilities. – A commitment to lifelong learning Module 1
  6. 6. The Disciplinary Rules 6• The Disciplinary Rules lists amongst others, actions that constitute improper conduct.• Quiz Module 1
  7. 7. Fundamental principles of 7professional ethics• This framework provides guidance on fundamental ethical principles and must be applied to: – Identify, evaluate and address threats to compliance with the fundamental principles – Evaluate those threats and determine that any possible risk is eliminated or reduced to acceptable level – Determine if appropriate safeguards are available and can be applied to eliminate or reduce them to an acceptable level such that compliance with the fundamental principles is not compromised• Quiz Module 1
  8. 8. Threats and safeguards 8• Quiz – List and explain the threats per the Code which may arise.• Safeguards – Safeguards are created by the profession, legislation or regulation – In the work environment• DVD clip – Country practice Module 1