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ControlPay Spot Shipment Solution

How can shippers deal with spot shipments and spot rates in a structured, secure and transparent way and create a solid system to approach spot rate management? ControlPay's web-based spot shipment solution.

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ControlPay Spot Shipment Solution

  1. 1. Copyright © 2016 ControlPay. All rights reserved. No parts of the material protected by this copyright notice may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. Address: ControlPay B.V., Hoge Mosten 22a, 4822 NH Breda, the Netherlands E-mail: Tel: +31 (076) 599 15 90 Registered in the Netherlands under No. 20107910
  3. 3. TESS SERVICE OVERVIEW 1.No clear overview of who is responsible/authorized for requesting/approving spot rates 2.No insight regarding why spot rates are needed 3.Few records of spot rate agreements archived. 4.Lack of approval value hierarchy control ISSUES SPOT RATE MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. TESS SERVICE OVERVIEW TESS: EASY AND FLEXIBLE Carriers pre-defined, easy to add new carriers Carriers can be grouped per mode, country, site etc. Carrier pre-selections can be stored Bids can be created based on templates Flexibility: user controlled open/close time Global usage thanks to user time zone setting Bid short listing Q&A flow between shipper and carrier within TESS
  5. 5. TESS PROCESS STEPS 1.Shipper creates a bid with open/close time 2.Carrier enters or declines a bid 3.After bid closing, responses are short listed 4.A second person awards the bid 5.Carriers are automatically notified 5 CONTROLPAY TESS FLOW TESS SERVICE OVERVIEW
  6. 6. TESS SERVICE OVERVIEW Site operator TESS USER ROLES Administrator per siteSite manager Carrier operator
  8. 8. SUMMARY DASHBOARD Bids can be created easily based on pre-made templates
  9. 9. STRUCTURE DASHBOARD Online auction tool, tailored for transport spot rates, supporting all modes of transport
  11. 11. SUMMARY DASHBOARD Structural, transparent, system with an easy Q&A flow between shipper and carrier
  12. 12. TESS SERVICE OVERVIEW 12 ADVANTAGES OF TESS System driven process, routing requests automatically to authorized person(s), identified during implementation Easy to use for shipper and carrier Approval hierarchy based Structured reporting on Spot rates Reporting User-friendly Structure System TransparantStructural, transparent, system based approach for spot rate management Online auction tool, tailored for transport spot rates, supporting all modes of transport Security Optimization Cost optimization Fraud proof: fully automated and traceable communication and segregation of roles Tailored Easy to integrate with TMS