Millainen it arkkitehtuuri tukisi hajaantuneen tuotetiedon näkyvyyttä paremmin


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Henri Hämäläisen esitys Tekesin Digitaalisen tuoteprosessin seminaarissa Alihankintamessuilla 20.9.2012.

Esityksessä esitellään IT-arkkitehtuuria jolla hajaantunut tuotetieto voitaisiin tuoda helpommin saataville niille jotka tarvitsevat tietoa monista eri järjestelmistä.

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  • Information needs within an organization keeps changing faster than enterprise solutions can serveTool changes: data migration, key users resistance, trainings
  • Millainen it arkkitehtuuri tukisi hajaantuneen tuotetiedon näkyvyyttä paremmin

    1. 1. Millainen IT-arkkitehtuuri tukisi hajaantuneentuotetiedon näkyvyyttä paremmin– esimerkkinä myynnin näkyvyys Henri Hämäläinen Contribyte Oy
    2. 2. »Tuotetiedon hajautuminen eri järjestelmiin»Teknologiavaihtoehtoja ongelman ratkaisuun»Käytännön ratkaisu
    3. 3. What product information is really all about?
    4. 4. Product marketing Pictures & videos Website Product marketing Brochures Physical Pricing product or service PackagingNewsletters Social media
    5. 5. Product sales Sales presentations Technical details Product marketing Physical Roadmap product or Pricing & discounting service Product salesFeatures & variants
    6. 6. Customer informationContact information Meetings Product marketingInstalled base Physical product or Potentials service Product Sales history sales Customer information
    7. 7. Product delivery Logistics Product variation Product marketingProduct manufacturing Physical product or Product service Product delivery delivery Product sales Contract details Customer information
    8. 8. Product development Project management HW Design Product SW Design development Product marketing Physical Change management product or Product serviceQuality management delivery Product sales Customer informationResource management Visual Design
    9. 9. Lifecyle management Business logicProduct creation process Product Product Manageme nt development Product User Engineeri Experienc ng e Business marketing intelligence Physical HW/SW productChange processes or Change Analysis Fail Product service Preparati on Execution delivery Product Sell process sales Contact • Find • Ready • Custom • Sales • Deliver • PricingCustomer trends er Prepare Delivery Customer PDM information ERP EIM
    10. 10. Product information scatters in time
    11. 11. Product information development in timeAftersalesMaintenanceDeliveryTestingProductionMarketingDesignRequirementsIdeas
    12. 12. Product information is scattered to tens of systems
    13. 13. Project management PDM CM DM Product development Product MarketingBPM marketing Dashboards Physical product or MS OfficeHR Product service documents delivery Product salesERP Customer Sales tool information PLM CRM
    14. 14. Example of sales processproblem with scattered data
    15. 15. Sales process example ERP CRM Order Offer ”Only way to keep BPM track on everything Sales was to have our process own excel and powerpoints” PDM Portfolio mgmt Test mgmt Sellable items Feature Feature status roadmap
    16. 16. Common solutions for data visibility
    17. 17. Enterprise architectural solutions for datavisibility and usageIntegrating different Enterprise Service Bus Reporting tools functions together thinking Reporting interfaces CRM ERP ESB Sales CRMCRM + ERP + HR + Sales HR Sales ERP HR
    18. 18. Data visibility still remains challenging
    19. 19. ChallengesInformation needs keeps changing fastTool changes are hardInformation consumers are not key users ofany systems
    20. 20. How to serve information consumers with IT?
    21. 21. Key ideas for solutionAll important data available easily All information to one common interfaceData integrity Data should remain in the systems that theywere made toOpen and flexible solutionIt needs to be easy to reconfigure systemand add new systems and UI components to it.
    22. 22. Our solutionBring data toSharePoint UIRead live data fromsystems DISCUSSIONS OR WEBCombine data CONTENTtogether on the flyNavigate manysystems once Contribyte Asset Browser ServerEnrich knowledge tothe data ERP CRM Sales HR
    23. 23. What would user interface look in our example case
    24. 24. Sales process example ERP CRM Order Offer ”Only way to keep BPM track on everything Sales was to have our process own excel and powerpoints” PDM Portfolio mgmt Test mgmt Sellable items Feature Feature status roadmap
    25. 25. User interface for sales process NAVIGATION Pfamily Feature status P1 (Test tool) P2 P3 Item details (PDM) Phase in the sales process Sellable (BPM) items (PDM) Orders of the item (ERP) Feature roadmap (portfolio tool) Offers of the item (CRM) New ideas (discussion forum)
    26. 26. Example screenshot Feature status asContribyte Asset Browser traffic light Navigation Product information Sales report External link to standardization Documents related Discussions related to the feature to the product Similar items
    27. 27. Thank you!Henri HämäläinenProduct manager, Contribytewww.assetbrowser.comhenri.hamalainen@contribyte.fi050 487 3291