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Webinar slides: Is “Free” Good Enough For Your Business-Critical MySQL Environment?


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Business-Critical MySQL using open source is free, right? Managed MySQL cloud services don’t need DBAs, right? Think again! MySQL can be the perfect answer for fast-growing, highly-performant and geographically-distributed database environments, but in order to function as a business-critical system with immediate response times, the ubiquitous database server needs a little help. Watch this special webinar to learn about the limitations and hidden costs of DIY solutions for business-critical MySQL. In addition, find out why ‘managed’ database-as-a-service solutions, like AWS Aurora, may not be quite as self-managing as people would like to believe. You’ll hear several case studies on how clients are effectively utilizing Continuent Tungsten software and Datavail services to optimize their MySQL environments.


- Hidden costs of ‘free’ DIY solutions for business-critical MySQL
- How managed are the ‘managed’ database-as-a-service solutions such as AWS Aurora?
- Three use cases of Business Critical MySQL
- HA – Online radio service with tens of millions of users
- HA/DR – Modern, award-winning SaaS focusing on medical records management
- Geo-distributed Database — Large gaming company with hundreds of millions of players
- Benefits of Continuent solutions
- What Datavail brings on top of these solutions
- Q&A


Srinivasa Krishna - Practice Leader – MySQL Practice, Datavail - has more than 11 years of experience in the IT industry, including 8+ years as a MySQL database administrator and manager with Datavail. Krishna now leads that growing practice for Datavail, and is partnering with companies like Continuent to find additional solutions that optimize clients’ MySQL environments. He specializes in MySQL database administration but also have deep knowledge and expertise in technologies like MongoDB, Amazon Redshift and Linux Administration and scripting. He also specializes in database architecture, database administration, high availability solutions, performance tuning, and managing enterprise level database support. He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science from the University of Madras.

Eero Teerikorpi - Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Continuent - is a seven time serial entrepreneur, brings more than 30 years of high tech management and enterprise software experience to Continuent. Besides 15 years running Continuent operations, Eero has held executive management positions at various cross-Atlantic entities. Eero started his entrepreneurial career in his native Finland. Eero has been married over 30 years, and he is the proud father of two highly successful daughters. Eero is an avid sailor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Smooth sailing!

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Webinar slides: Is “Free” Good Enough For Your Business-Critical MySQL Environment?

  1. 1. September, 2019
  2. 2. 2 Eero Teerikorpi Founder and CEO of Continuent • Serial Entrepreneur, Navy Officer, Sailor • In the MySQL marketplace from the beginning, since 2002 The MySQL Availability Company ”Smooth sailing!”
  3. 3. About Continuent • Continuent, the MySQL Availability Company, since 2004 has provided solutions for continuous operations enabling business-critical MySQL applications to run on a global scale with zero downtime. • Continuent provides geo-distributed MySQL high availability on- premises, in hybrid-cloud, and in multi-cloud environments. • Continuent customers are leading SaaS, e-commerce, financial services, gaming and telco companies who rely on MySQL and Continuent to cost-effectively safeguard billions of dollars in annual revenue. • Continuent’s database experts offer the industry's best 24/7 MySQL support services to ensure continuous client operations. The MySQL Availability Company
  4. 4. 4 Proven Tungsten Clustering Solutions Our solutions handle billions of transactions per day and support businesses with billions of dollars in combined revenue:
  5. 5. 5 Srinivasa “Krishna” MySQL Practice Lead/ Senior DBA • MySQL / MariaDB / Percona • 15+ years of DBA Experience
  6. 6. Databases • Windows Workloads • Open Source Workloads • Oracle Workloads Data Integration & Analytics About Datavail 100+ Cloud SA’s and Engineers 15+ Years Database Services 500+ Customers 7+ Years Cloud Experience 200,000+ Databases Managed 100+ Cloud Migrations Expertise Experience Outcome
  7. 7. Health Checks & Assessments Project Services Upgrades Data Migration Cloud Services 24x7 In-Office Coverage Operational Managed Services Monitoring & Incident Response w/ SLAs Service Requests (Patch, Modify, etc.) Multi-factor Monitoring Proactive Services (Health, Tune) Structured Service Review Data Development Services Development, Tuning, Automation Data Warehouse Build & Optimize DevOps (Deploy & Automate) Datavail Services
  8. 8. Poll Question #1 What version of MySQL are you currently working with? • Oracle MySQL (OSS and/or Enterprise) • MariaDB • Percona Server • Amazon RDS MySQL and/or Amazon Aurora • None, I'm here to inform myself
  9. 9. MySQL continues to be leader in database market • Gartner doesn’t include “open source” database platforms in their analysis of market share because it is based on revenue. • Datanyze ranks MySQL #1 based on domains with 85,575 domains and 33.04% market share – More than twice second place Microsoft SQL Server with 34,335 domains and 13.26% market share – • Stack Overflow ranks MySQL as most popular database among developers with 44.3% approval rating, followed by Microsoft SQL Server in second with 30.8% ranking • DB-Engines ranks MySQL second among database platforms in market share AND the fastest growing – As of Sept 2019, MySQL holds second-place ranking behind Oracle and just ahead of Microsoft SQL Server – DB-Engines score model is a function of mentions/questions/interest, etc. – 9 Ranking by “market share” is an inaccurate measurement since it’s most often based on revenue. Different criteria is used to determine “market share” of open source platforms.
  10. 10. Poll Question #2 In what environment you run your MySQL applications (check all that apply) • On-premises • AWS Cloud • Azure Cloud • Google Cloud • Other • None, I'm here to inform myself
  11. 11. Agenda • Hidden costs of ‘free’ DIY solutions for business-critical MySQL • How managed are the ‘managed' database-as-a-service solutions such as AWS Aurora? • Three use cases of Business Critical MySQL  HA — Online radio service with tens of millions of users  HA/DR — Modern, award-winning SaaS focusing on medical records management  Geo-distributed Database — Large gaming company with hundreds of millions of players • Benefits of Continuent solutions • What Datavail brings on top of these solutions • Q&A
  12. 12. Hidden costs of ‘free’ DIY solutions for business-critical MySQL DIY -- Do It Yourself Decide the architecture and select the individual solutions to handle each layer of the topology. Each part must be installed, configured, maintained and monitored separately. DIY requires a significant in-house investment of time, money and human resources to build a full, tested solution, and even then would not be as mature, stable or well-documented as a Complete Solution offering. DIY requires that your DBAs do a lot of manual work. Properly automating local failover is an enormous task, especially when trying to avoid split- brain situations and various edge cases. Complete Solution Tungsten Clustering, which consists of three core components (Manager, Connector and Replicator), handle all of the messaging and control in a seamlessly-orchestrated fashion. Tungsten Clustering has more than 100 person-years of development maturity. Tungsten Clustering is a complete, proven and supported solution with significant resources including extensive documentation, release notes, white papers, instructional training videos and webinars.
  13. 13. Hidden costs of ‘free’ DIY solutions for business-critical MySQL DIY -- Do It Yourself With DIY, scripting a cohesive solution for geo-distributed, active-active, highly-available MySQL is definitely a non-trivial task. Standalone, "free" MySQL proxies must be painstakingly configured to have visibility into the DIY cluster and do not automatically gather the configuration from the other selected cluster components. With DIY, recovering failures is time-consuming, manual and laborious. With DIY, almost all updates and upgrades (MySQL version, schema changes, etc.) will require down-time. For a DIY solution, there is no single place to go for support. Many of the tools provide only online peer-based support, or require support contracts from multiple vendors. Complete Solution Tungsten Clustering provides geo-scale active/passive and active/active clusters right out of the box with in-flight encryption by default. Tungsten Connector is intelligent proxy and can route the traffic and load-balance globally. Tungsten Clustering handles all failover and recovery operations automatically in sub-second for local HA, and automated for global DR. Tungsten Clustering allows continuous, zero-downtime maintenance operations. The entire solution is supported by the same team end-to-end. For urgent support cases, our average response time is less than three (3) minutes!
  14. 14. How managed are the ‘managed’ database-as-service solutions? • Major Version upgrades are not self-managed • Optimal Configuration • Data Consolidation • New Features and Functionality • Deployments and Schema Changes • Multiple Storage Engine Support • Conflict Resolution • Security Considerations
  15. 15. Poll Question #3 How do you currently manage your MySQL environment? • Internal DBAs — We manage it ourselves with the help of OSS tools • Internal DBA and Remote DBA service — We use a combination of DIY solutions and outside consulting • Remote DBA service — We have completely outsourced database management • DBaaS and Commercial Solutions — We use database as a service and commercial solutions to help us manage • Other 15
  16. 16. Use Case: MySQL HA with Read Scale Continuous MySQL Availability with Scaling [Single Tungsten Clustering topology – 3-node Active Cluster with Additional Read-only Slaves] Challenge Web-based applications are inherently 24/7/365 operations, thus they require zero downtime, even during maintenance operations. Also, as the user base grows, web- application providers need to have an easy and consistent model to scale. Solution The core Tungsten Clustering MySQL high-availability topology is an ideal architecture for providing practically unlimited read scaling. Benefits Availability, Scalability and Performance Customer Online Radio, which scaled from millions of listeners to tens of millions using Tungsten Clustering VPC us-west
  17. 17. Use Case: MySQL HA/DR for SaaS MySQL High Availability and Disaster Recovery [Composite Active/Passive Tungsten Clustering topology – Pod Architecture with multiple 3-node Active Clusters (for HA) and 3-node Passive Clusters (for DR)] Challenge Using AWS allowed Customer to rapidly provision database and application servers. However, the instances, underlying storage, and management interface were not highly available. By using Tungsten Clustering, Customer can quickly deploy clusters in AWS and recover from multi-zone AWS outages. Solution Customer’s current, growing deployment includes 17 Tungsten MySQL clusters in AWS (totaling 68 MySQL servers) using a Pod Architecture. Each Pod includes a 3-node Tungsten Cluster deployed in multi-AZ AWS, and a DR cluster deployed in another AWS region with all replication traffic encrypted in- flight. Benefits Availability, Scalability, Data Protection Customer SaaS provider with sensitive medical data, which offers EMA, the Electronical Media Assistant solution (that ‘speaks the language of doctors’). VPC us-west- VPC us-west- 2
  18. 18. Use Case: Geo-Scale MySQL for Global Operations Multi-Cloud MySQL [Composite Active/Passive Tungsten Clustering topology – One Active Cluster and Multiple Passive Clusters in four (4) AWS Cloud Regions] Challenge Servicing a single application for the geographically-distributed audience is a unique challenge. It requires fast local response times for read traffic, a limited number of updates, and a single consolidated view of the data across the world. This is very typical for gaming applications, and for all account/subscription management systems. Solution Geo-distributed Composite Tungsten clusters (one active and three passive MySQL clusters) in USA West (Active), USA East (Passive), EMEA (Passive) and APAC (Passive). Benefits Geo-scale, Availability, Disaster Recovery Customer A global gaming company with more than 350 million world-wide player accounts, and several hundred million player accounts combined. VPC us-west-1 VPC us-east-1 VPC apac-north-1 VPC emea-north-1
  19. 19. Poll Question #4 Are you currently looking for a continuous availability solution for MySQL operations? • No, we already have a MySQL HA/DR solution we are happy with • Yes, we already have a MySQL HA/DR solution but we are not happy with it • Yes, we're actively investigating or we are working on a project • Not right now, but it's in our future plans • No, I'm here to inform myself • Other 19
  20. 20. Tungsten Key Benefits 1. Continuous MySQL Operations • MySQL High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution, which provides redundancy within and across data centers • Immediate failover for maximum availability and data protection of business-critical MySQL applications • Reduce MySQL recovery time from hours or days to mere seconds • Dashboard provides graphical view and management of all globally distributed MySQL clusters 2. Zero Downtime MySQL • Site-level and cross-site failover ensures application availability • Upgrade hardware, software and data without taking applications offline • MySQL compatibility means seamless migration of your data and applications
  21. 21. 3. Geo-Scale MySQL • Load-balance MySQL read operations across multiple slaves, locally and globally • Geo-distributed MySQL clusters bring data close to your application users for faster response times • Easily add more MySQL clusters as needed for unlimited scaling, both locally or across the globe 4. Hybrid-Cloud and Multi- Cloud MySQL • Deploy in the cloud, VM and bare- metal environments • Mix-and-match on-premises, private and public clouds (incl. Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure) • Easy, seamless migration from cloud to cloud to avoid vendor lock-in to any specific cloud provider • Withstand node, data center, zone or region failures and outages 5. Intelligent MySQL Proxy • Provides intelligent traffic routing to a valid MySQL master, locally and globally • Scale and route reads via query inspection and other methods • Can be configured so that applications and active users do not disconnect during MySQL master failover events Tungsten Key Benefits
  22. 22. 6. Most Advanced MySQL Replication • Filter and transform your data in-flight • No more ETL, get real-time data feeds into your analytics • Replicate in real-time into popular analytic repositories: AWS RedShift, Cassandra, ClickHouse, Elasticsearch, HDFS, Kafka and Vertica. Also replicate in real-time into MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. • Unlimited real-time transactional data transfer to eliminate escalating replication cost of ETL- based alternatives 7. Full MySQL Support, No Application Changes • Deploy and Configure MySQL clusters in minutes • Not ‘MySQL-compatible” solution. Use any of your off- the-shelf MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server versions • Support for all modern MySQL (5.x through 8.x) and MariaDB (5.x and 10.x) versions and features • SSL support for all in-flight traffic • Native MySQL support means easy and complete migration of your data and applications Tungsten Key Benefits
  23. 23. 8. Cost Savings • Use the free, open-source MySQL (all versions and variants) for your business-critical needs • Optimize costs by selecting the most cost- effective cloud environment(s) at any given time • Eliminate downtime risks and associated costs, also during maintenance (zero downtime maintenance operations) • Reduce DBA time spent on admin and recovery operations, lowering your costs while increasing reliability 9. Industry-Best 24/7 MySQL Customer Service • Highly Qualified support staff. All support team members have 15 or more years of MySQL DBA and Site Reliability Experience • 24/7 support comes with a 1-hour SLA, and our response times for urgent requests average less than 3 minutes • MySQL availability uptime measured in months or years Tungsten Key Benefits
  24. 24. Functions that must be addressed in a PaaS Database Environment • Best Practices are in place (Golden image document) • Instance types/size • Cost Optimization • Provisioning the Instances • High Availability and Scalability Options • DR Test cases • Multi Cloud/Hybrid Cloud Setup • Troubleshooting DB issues like locking/blocking/long-running queries, etc. • Address Replication Latency issues (External) • Maintenance Scheduling • Cross region Replication • Snapshot Management • Restore/Recovery operations • Migrating in/out of Cloud • Enabling new features/functionality and enhancements Database Architecture and Design Platform Operations
  25. 25. • Schema Design • Data Management and SQL Deployments. • Identifying Slow queries • Configuration Optimization • Deadlocks and Application errors • Security Assessment and Best Practices - User management and access management. • AD/SSO Integrations • Info Sec Policies and Auditing Requirements. • Encryption of Data at rest/transition/masking Application and Performance Security Functions that must be addressed in a PaaS Database Environment
  26. 26. Datavail MySQL Services and Solutions • Health Checks and Assessment Reports • Upgrades and Migrations • MySQL Storage Engines • Cloud Migrations • MySQL Document Store (NoSQL with MySQL) • MySQL + Memcache • Load Balancing using HA Proxy, Proxy SQL, etc. • Change Control Process • Data Encryption • SSL Implementation • AD Integration • MySQL Audit Reviews (FISMA / FERPA /PCI / HIPAA / PPI / SOX Compliance) • Database Partitioning/Sharding
  27. 27. • Database Architecture Support • Database Optimization • Performance Tuning • High Availability Solutions • Reliable and Scalable Clustering Solutions using MySQL • Provide Disaster Recovery Solutions Datavail MySQL Services and Solutions • Automate Database Operations • Secure Database Systems • Provide Monitoring Solutions • Managed Services Support to your Database Systems • Projects/Development work using MySQL
  28. 28. Q&A
  29. 29. Survey
  30. 30. Thank you