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Set Up & Operate Tungsten Replicator


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Tungsten Replicator is an innovative and reliable tool that can solve your most complex replication problems. In this webinar we introduce Replicator installation and show you how to use key Replicator features effectively with MySQL.

Course Topics:

- Checking host and MySQL prerequisites
- Downloading code from
- Installation using the tpm utility
- Transaction filtering using standard filters as well as customized filters you write yourself
- Enabling and managing parallel replication
- Configuring multi-master and fan-in using multiple replication services
- Backup and restore integration
- Troubleshooting replication problems
- Logging bugs and participating in the Tungsten Replicator community

Replication is a powerful technology that takes knowledge and planning to use effectively. This webinar gives you the background that makes replication easier to set up and allows you to take full advantage of the Tungsten Replicator benefits.

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