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MySQL High Availability and Disaster Recovery with Continuent, a VMware company


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Users seeking high availability, disaster recovery and zero downtime maintenance operation for business-critical MySQL applications face confusing choices. Is multi-master or master/slave clustering better? What about synchronous versus asynchronous replication? Using a plain vanilla, stock MySQL or a modified version of it? Which of these choices are right for data-driven businesses that depend on fast, reliable data access?

This no-BS webinar cuts through the FUD to explore the real trade-offs between the different clustering and replication methods, thens show you how Continuent's asynchronous master/slave clusters support these important capabilities for business-critical applications:

- High application write rates Master/slave clustering with Continuent
- Mixed workloads consisting of large and small transactions
- Data across multiple geographically distributed locations
- Failures and more importantly recovery from them
- Zero downtime maintenance and software upgrades
- Use of off-the-shelf MySQL/MariaDB to avoid application changes and allow clusters to improve as MySQL itself does.

We illustrate key points with demonstrations and case studies from deployed systems.

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