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Geographically Distributed Multi-Master MySQL Clusters


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Global data access can greatly expand the reach of your business. Continuent Tungsten multi-site multi-master (MSMM) solutions enable applications to accept write traffic in multiple locations across on-premises and cloud providers. This includes the following important real-world use cases:

- Improve performance for globally distributed users registering hardware devices by permitting updates on the geographically closest site.
- Ensure availability of credit card processing by spreading transaction processing across two or more sites. Users can still process credit card transactions if a single site is unavailable to them for any reason, including end-user Internet routing problems.
- Enable business continuity by using multi-master updates on different hosting providers for service scalability, personalization and software upgrades of GPS devices.

Individual Continuent Tungsten clusters already provide excellent single-site database availability and performance. In this webinar we review the benefits of combining multiple Continuent Tungsten clusters into a global multi-site multi-master topology for:

- Optimizing your installation for MSMM
- Optimizing your application for MSMM
- Monitoring and administration
- Failover and recovery of individual servers or entire locations.

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