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Business-critical MySQL with DR in vCloud Air


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VMware Continuent enables demanding enterprise customers to process billions of business-critical transactions using economical MySQL relational databases. Join us to learn how VMware Continuent adds high-availability, disaster recovery, and real-time data warehouse loading to off-the-shelf MySQL operating in vCloud Air. We introduce vCloud Air basics, then do a deep dive into the VMware Continuent system architecture covering important issues like failover, zero-downtime maintenance, and load scaling. We will conclude with a demonstration of using VMware Continuent to implement disaster recovery between a typical on-prem environment and vCloud Air.

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Business-critical MySQL with DR in vCloud Air

  1. 1. © 2015 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. Business-critical MySQL with DR in vCloud Air Matt Lang Chris Parker
  2. 2. Overview 1 Introduction to VMware Continuent 2 What is vCloud Air and how does it benefit my company? 3 Operating highly available MySQL in vCloud Air
  3. 3. VMware Continuent Quick Introduction History Products 2004 Continuent established in USA 2009 3rd generation Continuent Tungsten (aka VMware Continuent) ships 2014 100+ customers running business-critical applications Oct 2014 Acquisition by VMware: Now part of the vCloud Air Business Unit Apr 2015 Continuent solutions available through VMware sales Industry-leading clustering and replication for open source DBMS Clustering – Commercial-grade HA, DR, performance scaling, and data management for MySQL Replication – Flexible, high-performance data movement
  4. 4. Business-Critical Deployment Examples High Availability for MySQL Largest cluster deployment performs 800M+ transactions/day on 275 TB of relational data Business Continuity Cross-site cluster topologies widely deployed including primary/DR and multi- master High Performance Replication Largest installations transfer billions of transactions daily using high speed, parallel replication Heterogeneous Integration Customers replicate from MySQL to Oracle, Hadoop, Redshift, Vertica Real-time Analytics Optimized data loading for data warehouses with deployments of up to 200 MySQL masters feeding to Hadoop VMware Continuent Facts
  5. 5. VMware Continuent products Product Name Description VMware Continuent for Clustering Provides full clustering, including load balancing, failover, and multi-master, multi-site deployments. VMware Continuent for Disaster Recovery Enables replication to another server or site to handle disaster recovery scenarios. VMware Continuent for Replication Provides core replication between MySQL, MariaDB and Percona servers and replication to and from Oracle. VMware Continuent for Analytics and Big Data Provides replication from MySQL to various Hadoop distributions (including Pivotal HD, MapR, HortonWorks, and Cloudera), HP Vertica, and Amazon Redshift.
  6. 6. Select VMware Continuent Customers
  7. 7. Overview 1 Introduction to VMware Continuent 2 What is vCloud Air and how does it benefit my company? 3 Operating highly available MySQL in vCloud Air
  8. 8. VMware is creating a new kind of public cloud Seamless Migration On-Premises Data Center Compatible Public Cloud Seamless migration Maximum infrastructure capabilities Secure and efficient data integration Complete solutions to enterprise problems vCloud Air
  9. 9. vCloudAir: Extending To The Cloud VMware vCloud Air Your Data Center Any Application… Easily Migrated Software-Defined Data Center VMware vSphere & vCloud Suite Existing & New Apps Advanced Networking Common Management One Support call IaaS cloud owned and operated by VMware based on VMware software
  10. 10. vCloud Air implements a cloud over vSphere/ESXi 10 vCloud Air Portal and Cloud Services vCloud Director vCloud Networking and Security vSphere/vCenter/ESXi Physical Infrastructure
  11. 11. Virtual data centers are the basic operational unit of vCloud Air Virtual Data Center Back End Tier Network ( Front End Tier Network ( EDGE GATEWAY mySQL mySQL mySQL Resource aware VM placement Automatic migration on host failure Resource allocation models mySQL mySQL mySQL
  12. 12. vApps provide a simple mechanism to manage groups of related VMs (e.g, MySQL servers)
  13. 13. Edge Gateway Secures the edge of the virtual data center and delivers network services: ▪ Firewall ▪ NAT ▪ Load Balancer ▪ Site-to-Site IPSec VPN ▪ Active/Standby High Availability ▪ Stateful Session Failover vCloud Air networking allows users to configure required services in software INTERNET Private (Corp) Network DMZ Network Test/Dev Network Isolated Network (Logging) EDGE GATEWAY
  14. 14. vCloud Air advanced networking provides multiple options for linking on-prem to cloud vDC On-Premises vCloud Air EDGE GATEWAYEDGE GATEWAY DR App TierApp Tier Data tier Data tier Public Internet Connection IPSec VPN High-performance direct connect
  15. 15. Overview 1 Introduction to VMware Continuent 2 What is vCloud Air and how does it benefit my company? 3 Operating highly available MySQL in vCloud Air
  16. 16. MySQL is #2 DBMS overall and by leaps and bounds the most popular open source DBMS 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 Oracle MySQL MS SQL PostgresSQL DB2 U s a g e Survey of RDMS Usage Popularity --
  17. 17. Downtime and data loss are big problems Availability Downtime per Year 90% 36.5 days 99% 3.65 days 99.9% 8.76 hours 99.99% 52.6 minutes 99.999% 5.26 minutes Site failure Disk corruption Schema upgrade DBMS restart
  18. 18. VMWare Continuent offers HA, DR, and performance scaling 24x7 data access SQL load balancing Simple management Off-the-shelf MySQL/ MariaDB Benefits DB Application Stack DB-Aware Connectivity Database Replicas
  19. 19. Architecture of VMware Continuent clusters Manager Replicator Manager Replicator Manager Replicator Slave Master Slave Continuent Connector Continuent Connector
  20. 20. What does VMware Continuent look like to administrators? [LOGICAL] /east > ls COORDINATOR[db2:AUTOMATIC:ONLINE] ROUTERS: +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ |connector@db1.continuent-vagrant-master-slave[6578](ONLINE, created=1, | |active=0) | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ DATASOURCES: +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ |db1(master:ONLINE, progress=0, THL latency=0.736) | |STATUS [OK] [2015/03/25 04:05:32 PM UTC] | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | MANAGER(state=ONLINE) | | REPLICATOR(role=master, state=ONLINE) | | DATASERVER(state=ONLINE) | | CONNECTIONS(created=4, active=0) | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ . . . CONFIDENTIAL
  21. 21. What does VMware Continuent look like to applications? mySQL DB1- Master mySQL DB2 - Slave mySQL DB3 - Slave DB4- Connector $ mysql -uapp_user -psecret –hdb4 Welcome to the MySQL monitor… Your MySQL connection id is 51 ... mysql> select @@hostname; +------------+ | db1 | +------------+ mysql>
  22. 22. What does VMware Continuent look like to applications? mySQL DB1- Slave mySQL DB2 - Master mySQL DB3 - Slave ... mysql> select @@hostname; +------------+ | db1 | +------------+ mysql> select @@hostname; +------------+ | db2 | +------------+ mysql> DB4- Connector (switch to db2)
  23. 23. What does VMware Continuent look like to applications? mySQL DB1- Master mySQL DB2 - Shunned mySQL DB3 - Slave ... mysql> select @@hostname; +------------+ | db2 | +------------+ mysql> select @@hostname; +------------+ | db1 | +------------+ mysql> DB4- Connector (failover to db1) X
  24. 24. Continuent enables online maintenance far beyond vMotion to cover software and DBMS upgrades Slave upgrade Slave upgrade Switch Master upgrade •  Shun slave •  Resize journal, restart mysqld •  Return node to cluster •  Discard and reprovision on failure •  Repeat for remaining slave(s) •  Switch master to promote an upgraded slave •  Upgrade old master •  Maintenance is now done!
  25. 25. To run MySQL instantiate a virtual machine within a vDC Virtual Data Center Back End Tier Network ( Front End Tier Network ( EDGE GATEWAY mySQL
  26. 26. Use a vApp Template to configure MySQL instances rapidly (Local OVF) Import vCloud Director Catalog Provision (Select vApp, add VMs, configure network, start) mySQL mySQL mySQL (
  27. 27. Configure edge gateway services to enable access to MySQL from other networks as well as outside hosts Virtual Data Center Back End Tier Network ( EDGE GATEWAY Network address translation IPSec VPN service Firewall rules Other Networks mySQL mySQL mySQL
  28. 28. Continuent DR composite clusters span sites and are ready for immediate failover and failback Public Internet, IPSec Tunnel, or Direct Connect vCLOUD AIR VIRTUAL DATA CENTER ON-PREMISES DATA CENTER DB2.CA SLAVE DB1.CA MASTER DB3.CA SLAVE Continuent Connector Continuent Connector DB2.NJ SLAVE DB1.NJ RELAY DB3.NJ SLAVE Continuent Connector Continuent Connector CROSS-REGION REPLICATION Asynchronous Primary-DR
  29. 29. Demo Time! 29 Hybrid MySQL clustering between Amazon and vCloud Air
  30. 30. Wrap-up
  31. 31. VMware Continuent has many other features for business- critical data management, such as data warehouse loading CONFIDENTIAL mySQL Replicator Source DBMS Cluster CSV Files CSV Files CSV Files CSV Files Load Script HADOOP CLUSTER Parallel loading Map/Reduce View Generation
  32. 32. Conclusion •  vCloud Air is an easy-to-use cloud that builds on robust vSphere/ESXi platform capabilities •  VMware Continuent adds HA/DR to MySQL, so you can run business- critical applications in vCloud Air •  You can also use vCloud Air as a DR site—we’re working on even more automation so stay tuned!
  33. 33. For more information, contact us: Robert Noyes Alliance Manager, USA & Canada +1 (650) 575-0958 Philippe Bernard Alliance Manager, EMEA & APAC +41 79 347 1385 Eero Teerikorpi Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances +1 (408) 431-3305 Or visit