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The Importance of High Accuracy Mapping


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Here you'll see an illustration of how 300 acres of rolling farm fields can quickly turn into cost over runs without the use of high accuracy mapping.

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The Importance of High Accuracy Mapping

  1. 1. When a couple of inches can break the budget - a case for high-Accuracy 3D data. For the sake of this study, lets say we’re a developer looking to grade 300 acres of open field for development. Why would you need high-accuracy mapping of an open field? Keep scrolling and you’ll find out. This dump truck holds 14 cubic yards of dirt. Now, without high accuracy let’s say you took 2” more off the top then intended or needed. If that dump truck holds 14 cubic yards, then you’ll need 518 extra loads. That’s a lot of time, man power, and fuel wasted. It’s also a lot of dump-trucks: If you took 2” more off the top than what was bud- geted for that means you’re looking at 4,840 cubic yards per acre. For 300 acres that’s 1,452,000 cubic yards of dirt. WE DELIVER! 888.815.3327 Don’t get stuck without high-accuracy data. Efficiently collected via plane or helicopter, choosing 3D aerial lidar data saves time and money.