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Step by Step SEO Guide for New Bloggers


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Want to blog but don't know where to start? Here's a complete starting kit for blogging. Start today!

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Step by Step SEO Guide for New Bloggers

  1. 1. Step by Step Guide toStarting a New Want to blog but dont know where to start? Heres a basic guide to blogging Rajasekar KS Https://
  2. 2. What are yourgoals? Begin with clear goals
  3. 3. Begin a new hobbyAdd to your regular earningsKeen to share your expertise in some areaPlan to quit your daytime job soonBuild authority as a subject matter expertConnect and network with a community
  4. 4. How much timedo you have forblogging? Warning! There’s going to be a fair bit of hard work
  5. 5. Are you willingto learn?
  6. 6. How to choose a theme to blogHow to promote your blogWhich platform to use – blogger, wordpress,typepadWhich social media to deployWhat do your readers wantHow to use Google Analytics
  7. 7. How to selecta theme?
  8. 8. Start withyourpassion
  9. 9. Are you…a gardening enthusiasta stamp collectora techiean astrology buffa basketball playeran environmentalistsomeone who has a lot of stories to saya bike or car crazy guy?
  10. 10. Convert yourpassion into a blog
  11. 11. Find out what youraudience wants
  12. 12. Google to find out what people are lookingfor around your chosen subjectIdentify a few topics to startPlan what readers want after each topicBuild content for each step of the readersinterest
  13. 13. How to Choose aname for yourblog?
  14. 14. Smart internet marketing is about choosing aname that’s familiar (I mean a word already topof mind)Keep it small and memorable (makes it easy toremember and type)The best keyword for your blog should form partof your domain,,,
  15. 15. Congrats! Youvegot a keyword richdomain name foryour blog
  16. 16. Now, buy thedomain name
  17. 17. Choose a good domain name for 5 to 10 years(This is a good indication of your long termplans)
  18. 18. Which bloggingplatform shouldyou choose?
  19. 19. Wordpress, blogger, typepad, moveable type arepopular blogging platformsBlogger’s drag and drop is easier for those whodon’t know even a bit of htmland don’t want to learn basic codeThe rest need a bit of learning
  20. 20. What aboutHosting?
  21. 21. Costs $100 to 150 per year to host multiple blogsChoose a good
  22. 22. Ready withblogging platform!WHAT NEXT?
  23. 23. You must write at least 300 words per blog postWrite 10 posts before you publish your blogPost two to four articles a month
  24. 24. Write an SEO-friendlytitle for your blog?
  25. 25. Choose the most important keyword phrasesfor your blog and write the titleThe title is very important as it informs readersand search engines what the blog is about
  26. 26. - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather,Entertainment ...Gift Ideas: Christmas Gifts, Gift Baskets, GiftCards, Wedding GiftsSee how clearly they indicate what the site isabout
  27. 27. How to write a Search EngineFriendly Description
  28. 28. When you search, the first line you seeon Google is the titleShoes, Clothing, and More | shipping BOTH ways on shoes, clothing, and more! 365-day returnpolicy, over 1000 brands, 24/7 friendly customer service. 1-800-927-7671.Womens Shoes - Mens Shoes - Bags & Handbags - Kids ShoesThe next two lines the description
  29. 29. Readers tend to read the titleand description…before deciding to proceedto the site
  30. 30. Walmart: Shop Walmart Online for Low Prices onTop Brands in Computers, TVs, Toys, GPS, VideoGames, DVDs, Music, Apparel, Housewares, iPod,Photo, Grocery, Online retailer of books, videogames, toys, music, and video recordings.Region 1 DVDs and prices in US dollars.JC Penney: Provides a variety of apparel for thewhole family, jewelry, housewares and homedecor, and shoes. Includes a gift registry,employment and credit card ...
  31. 31. Create a compellingdescription that converts wellLike a good pick up line
  32. 32. Writing blog post titles
  33. 33. Keyword rich and lesscompetitionKick butt headlines that maynot have the exact keywordstargeted
  34. 34. Use Google Keyword tool tofind the relevant keywordsLook for longer keywords that have decentnumber of searches and less competition
  35. 35. Ready to BLOG?Share your feedback Send a quick question to rajasekar (DOT) india (AT) yahoo (DOT) com Or follow me here