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21 Tips to Write Fast and Well


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From our Editor and Community Manager Karina Schaefer, 21 tips to learn how to write fast and well in no time.

Published in: Marketing
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21 Tips to Write Fast and Well

  3. 3. DRAFTING
  4. 4. DRAFTING #1 RESEARCH ● The main topic: pick google top 5 ● Recurrent subtopics ● Tone of voice, content type
  5. 5. #2 TEXT STRUCTURE ● Decide main topics and subtopics ● Define topics hierarchy ● Define chapters and sections DRAFTING
  6. 6. DRAFTING #4 Write the intro, main title and at the end. #3 Write the easy part first DRAFTING
  7. 7. DOs ● Keep it short ● Explain what the content is about ● Make the reader want more ● Use keywords DRAFTING ABOUT THE INTRO DONTs ● Give everything away ● Use links ● Be generic and inconclusive
  8. 8. #5 Give your content rhythm: long sentence + short sentence + long sentence. #6 Keep the number of paragraphs per section equilibrated. #7 Use analogies, metaphors, stories. DRAFTING
  9. 9. # 8 Use bullet points # 9 Never end a text abruptly Complete a reasoning and invite the reader to take action. DRAFTING
  10. 10. #10 Do not insist on dead ends DRAFTING
  11. 11. EDITING
  12. 12. “A Diamond Is Merely A Lump Of Coal That Did Well Under The Pressure”
  13. 13. EDITING #1 CUT, CUT, CUT Ex.: "Do not keep using gerund. It will be making your text poor and may be causing ambiguity, for sure you will leave a wierd content and will be getting the sensation that things are still happening." “Don't use gerund. It’ll make your content wierd and with the feeling that things are still happening."
  14. 14. # 2 Make things coherent # 3 Refine the storyline # 4 Watch out for slang EDITING
  15. 15. # 5 Embed keywords # 6 Take it easy with adverbs, adjectives and superlatives # 7 Again, attention to slang and jargon EDITING
  16. 16. # 8 Pay special attention to the intro # 9 Refine titles and subtitles # 10 Embed links # 11 Read out loud. EDITING