A Walk on the Wild Side: A Field Guide to Social Networking


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A Walk on the Wild Side: A Field Guide to Social Networking

A discussion of how my climb to the summit of Mt. Kilmanjaro parallels any organization's social media marketing/networking efforts.

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  • Building bridges, gaining hope, making best, realizing possibilities with others, what more could we possibly ask of our own communities? HOW ARE WE GOING TO MAKE THINGS WORK BETTER? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO AID THE STATE OF OUR COMMUNITY? Our children deserve better. Our connections deserve to be stronger.
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  • This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing these thoughts!!!
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  • Community Involvement is the foundation for any organization. Often it can feel as though you’re trying to move a mountain to mobilize your network.It feels this way becauseYour agency needs to be ubiquitous, like the ground we walk onNetworkingMarketing through radio, print, and tvWebsite
  • It’s the conversation you have with someone at midnight or off doing other thingsShow Social Media in plain English VideoExample from Giovanni’s presentation for movie release advertising agency in Dallas convinced producers to do a campaign through twitter to promote a movie screening sent tweets to local market had to go to a website and fill out a form to receive free ticket to the new movie 30% of attendees in Dallas on opening night held those unique tickets 5% of other markets didn’t read the fine print and showed up in other cities with the ticket
  • Still confused view Social Media video
  • Losing control of your messageRunning out of timeLeaking trade secretsMaking sense of all the buzz words (Transparency, Authenticity, Trust Agents, Social Capital, Community, Joining the “Conversation”Maintaining your personal brand
  • Tell story about Freshbooks and woman being stood up
  • Motrin ads
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  • A Walk on the Wild Side: A Field Guide to Social Networking

    1. A Walk on the Wild Side A Field Guide to Social Networking
    2. Your Guide Louellen S. Coker Social Media Expert Web: www.yourcontentsolutions.com Blog: www.yourcontentnotes.com LinkedIn: louellencoker Facebook: Content Solutions Twitter: @Content Notes
    3. Community involvement Ubiquity = Success • Networking events • Traditional Marketing • Websites
    4. Why isn’t it working? • “Interruption marketing” is tiresome • Expensive • Little guys can’t compete
    5. How do we reach the summit of our networking potential? Social Media Networking “Word-of-Mouth or Community Based Marketing that leverages Technology as a Platform for Conversations.” ~Erica O’Grady
    6. Social Networking’s Unusual Reach You can reach formerly unreachable audiences
    7. Getting Started is EASY!
    8. Success Requires a Plan of Action
    9. Success Requires Taking One Step at a Time
    10. Success Requires Focus on Your Community
    11. Success Requires Effort
    12. Hmmm?
    13. Um… • Losing control There’s an • Time Elephant • Leaking secrets in the Room! • Making sense of all the “buzz” • Branding
    14. Are You Socked In? • Signing up for EVERY Social Media Site • Being inconsistent • Focusing too much on BUZZ • Focusing too much on the “virtual” world • Bankrupting your social capital • Focusing too much on the money
    15. It’s About Your Community
    16. Nurturing Your Community • Make PEOPLE important • Stop focusing on the influencers • Treat everyone like a VIP • Stand out from those around you • Show a genuine interest in your community members • Promote and support the things your community cares about too!
    17. Guidelines for a Good Journey • Get over yourself • Don’t think you’re going to solve every problem • Integrate social media into your current marketing mix • Relax, be the brand (aka your friendly self) • Be a risk taker, yet be careful • Add value and be helpful • Be open and honest • Pay attention to your community
    18. Feel like you’re being stalked? Stalking is a good thing! You don’t sell your agency through social networking. You DO create relationships that are ultimately beneficial.
    19. Often your community hangs out peacefully
    20. Pay attention! They’ll let you know when they’re not happy!
    21. RECOVERY • Respond rapidly • Acknowledge your mistake • Think out loud • Connect with peers • Show you’re human • Feature those you serve
    22. The Trail social capital = reputation reputation = access access = reciprocity/favors reciprocity/favor = accomplishments accomplishments = trust trust = reputation reputation = social capital
    23. Wash Rinse Repeat
    24. Ready to get Started?
    25. Tools You’ll Need For the Trek • Ideas for a username • An email address • Your zip code • Your street address • A memorable password • A web-friendly logo • Permission from your agency
    26. Choose Your Campgrounds Wisely • Blogs • Professional Networks • Social Networks • Media Networks • Microblogs
    27. Finding Bull Markets • WordPress • LinkedIn • Facebook, MySpace • Slideshare, YouTube, Fl ickr • Twitter
    28. Staying Cool • Time Saving Tools & Applications NutshellMail, Tweetdeck, Twhirl • Search & Monitor Analytics, Twellow, Twitter Search, Tynt • Auto-posting Tweetlater, Blog Posts, Link Posts from Delicious • GTD, 4-Hour Work Week Techniques • Focus
    29. Questions? www.yourcontentsolutions.com www.yourcontentnotes.com Facebook: Content Solutions LinkedIn: LouellenCoker Twitter: ContentNotes 940-384-9407
    30. Resources • http://www.slideshare.net/ericaogrady/write-that-down-van-wilders- guide-to-social-media • http://www.slideshare.net/gioslideshare/from-0-to-social-in-50-minutes • http://www.slideshare.net/guestf1e806/social-media-for-nonprofits- overview-presentation?type=powerpoint • http://yourcontentnotes.com/2009/03/blogs-in-plain-english/ • http://yourcontentnotes.com/2009/03/twitter-in-plain-english/ • http://yourcontentnotes.com/2009/03/social-media-in-plain-english/ • http://yourcontentnotes.com/2009/03/social-networking-in-plain-english/ • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPU4awtuTsk • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzT3JVUGUzM • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mztymu72l7c • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpqpAGLS2t4 • Photos by Louellen S. Coker © Content Solutions • Photo on slide 22: http://www.istockphoto.com • Special thanks to Tusker Trails (www.tusker.com) for a wonderful climb!