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Don't Use SlideShare... Unless You Follow These Tips & Do It Right


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According to the Content Marketing Institute, 40 percent of B2B marketers have used SlideShare as a social media tool to help them share information with their audiences, up from 23 percent in 2012. The question is, are they doing it right?

Like all social media, SlideShare is only as good as the content behind it. That means you can’t just dump your CEO’s latest presentation into a SlideShare and expect the masses to come. Yes, SlideShare has great SEO capabilities, but the form factor means you need to be very clever to maximize your presence. Here are six tips on how you can get the most from SlideShare:
1. Reduce
2. Reuse and Recycle
3. Focus on the Greater Good
4. Make Your Point (and Do it Quickly)
5. Remember the Audience
6. Give Them More

Many companies found YouTube an incredibly effective channel for brand building, and SlideShare is the “new” kid on the block offering the same blank canvas for businesses to utilize. How effectively they use SlideShare is up to them.

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Don't Use SlideShare... Unless You Follow These Tips & Do It Right

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