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00 Customer Pax 250210 Rev0


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00 Customer Pax 250210 Rev0

  1. 1. OzuGINAL 317 Outram Road, B1-17 Concorde Shopping Centre, Holiday Inn (Atrium), Singapore 169075 Tel: (65) 67355629, Fax: (65) 67355628 Email:, contactlinks_mgmt@yahoo-com, Website: "Your Satisfaction ls Our Business" CLIENT NO: PRICE PACKAGES FOREIGN DOMESTIG WORKERS |I(DOIVIES rflN / qJ{I L rsPII'llE / tuI{A^WIESE Agency Fee : S $ 38O . OO - ONLY (Ex-Stpore) Agency Fee : S $ 43O . OO - ONLY (New) *** ******** ** ************ *** ***** ***** ********* ***** *** ** ***** * Jq/ LAr('-r(n Agency Fee : S $ 48O . OO - ONLY (Ex-S'pore) Agency Fee : S $ 53O - OO - ONLY (New) (ALL INCLUSIVE _ NO HIDDEN COST) (A.1) Above Package Includes The Following : 01) Full documentation at M.O.M., Safety &Entry TesVs. 02) First medical check-up, X-ray including Aids test as required by M.O.M. 03) Thumbprint Service including Photo Taking 04) FDW's fare to Singapore. 05) Airport/ Port pick-up of FDW including meeting service fee. 06) Processing and collection of FDW's work permit. 07) Supply of FDW's photograph for work permit card. 08) Processing of *security bond and *FDW's insurance only. 09) Overnight lodging including meals depending on time of arrival of FDW. Note: +All Insurance, security bonds and FDW's return air fare to be borne by Employer, CPD-Package All-N{aids 25February 10 Rev0
  2. 2. ORIGINAL (A.2) Maid's Salary Scale : 1) Indonesian 2) Philippines 3) Myanmese 4) Sri Lanka Package I il UI IV Salary Scale Experienced Non- Fees Fees By Experienced Upfront Installments Country Of Oriein (ss) (ss) (S$) in months (S$) in months (A.2.1) Indonesia 350-Upwards 330 4 - 10 mths Nil (A.2.2) Philippines 37O-Upwards 350 6 - l0 mths Nil (4.2.3 Mvanmar 350-Upwards 320 N 4 - 10 mths (A.2.4) Sri Lanka 350-Upwards 320 N 4 - l0 mths Note: 1) Please note that Salaries & nos. of Monthly deductions depends on Suppliers involved. 2) Packages under "Upfront Payment" are given one (l) free replacement within 3 months (inclusive of one month settling-in period) from date of arrival of FDW. The Agency reserves the right to replace with a FDW from another country or any available transfer. The replacement fees will depend on the package that the Employer chooses. 3) Packages under installment schemes will not be entitled to a free replacement. (B) Other Services: Dollars 1) S$25.00/FDWvisit Counseling (Agency's premises) 2) S$10.0O/FDWdav Lodging, Hospitality 3) Price upon request Ticketing 4) sss0.0O/FDw Safety & Entry Tests Documentation for insurance c/w bond application of employer's 5) S$25.00/application FDW 6) s$50.00/FDw Documentation for thumb-printing of employer's FDW 7) s$150.00/FDw Renewal of Work Permit 8) Price upon request Facilitating employer's own FDW from home country into Singapore e) Price upon request Home leave - Documentation l0) SS100.00/FDWweek Home training of FDW 11) s$s0.00/FDw Cancellation r2) Price upon request Maid's pass-on : Ambulatory service & repatriation l3) Price upon request Meeting services r4) Price upon request Passport renewal Pick-up FDW l-way from home or to Airport/ Ferry Point 1s) Price upon request (Week-Day/DaytimeA{ight Time/PH charges vary) 16) Price upon request Repatriation of FDW - Documentation r7) Price upon request Transfer FDW's - Documentation 18) s200.00/r'Dw Assistance to client with run-away FDW CPD-Package_All-Maids_25 February l0 Rev0
  3. 3. ORIGINAL (C) Payment Schedule as follow :- (SAMPLE) (a) Standard Service Fee deposit (Once confirmed FDW from bio-data) S$ Sample (b) Balance of Service Fee & Other Services (Once the FDW arrived) S$ Sample (c) Advance Salary (Once the FDW arrived)/ Installments S$ Sample TOTAL PAYABLE: SS Sample CONFIRMATION OF RECRUITMENT PROCEEDINGS Package selected : I hereby authorizes Contact-Links Resources, herein named "Agency", to proceed with the initial administrative work to source and/or recruit a FDW on my behalf prior to signing of the Service Contract and the following below-mentioned Service Clause will be binding on this document in consideration of initial services rendered:- Service Contract Clause: 3. Cancellation and Withdrawal: 3.1 Where the application of the FDW work permit is rejected by the Ministry of Manpower due to no fault of the Agency, an administration fee of S$ - 50.00 -- Shall be payable. 3.2 Should the Employer decide to re-select a new FDW to replace the FDW of original choice, whose work permit Application is still being processed, the Employer shall pay to the Agency an additional fee of S$ --- 50.00 -- for the administrative charses incurred. Signature hy Employer: Name of Employer: Date of Confirmation: CPD-Package All-Maidsjs Februry l0 Rey0 ata
  4. 4. I ) INSURANCE COVERAGE : MAID PACKAGE Section Schedule of Benefits Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D (Singapore & (Worldwide) (Worldwide) (Worldwide) West Malaysia) Letter ofGuarantee ss5.000 ss5,000 ss5.000 s$5.000 ) Personal Accident a. Accidental Death ss40.000 ss40,000 s$50,000 s$50,000 b. Pennanent Disablemenl As per scale in Policy As per scale in Policy As per scale in Policy As per scale in Policy c. Medical Expenses s$ I ,000 ss2,000 s$2.500 s$3,000 l Hospital & Surgical Expenses s$ I 5.000 s$1 s,000 ss20.000 ss30,000 a. ln-Patient Expenses (lncluding Day Surgery) (Per Year) (Per Year) (Per Year) (Per Year) (Communicable disease is covered up to $3,000)* b. Excess for Overseas Claim SS3O(] s$400 ss400 s$400 4. Wages & Levy Reimbursement (Maximum 60 Days) NIL Up to SS30 per day Up to S$30 per day Up to S$30 per day ) Repatriation Expenses ss r0,000 ss 1 0.000 ss I 0.000 ss 1 0.000 (Extends to cover suicide under Plan B, C & D up to $3,000)* 6. Re-Hiring expenses due to Accidental Death NtL SS35O s$400 SS45O & Permanent Disablement 1 Domestic Helper's Liability NIL s$ 1 0,000 ss I 5,000 s$20.000 8 Tennination Expenses NIL s$250 s$250 s$500 9 Fire lnsurance (First Loss) On Contents NIL ss20,000 ss25,000 s$30.000 10. Burglary lnsurance (First Loss) On Contents NIL ss5.000 ss5,000 ss5.000 II) REIMBURSEMENT OF INDEMNITY PAID TO INSURER: 5$5,000 (EXCESS: 5$250) Bond & Insurance SS230 - 7% GST SS25O + 7% GST s$280 + 7% GST s$350 + 7% GST = s$246.10 - s$267.50 = s$299.60 = s$374.50 Bond. In'urance & Reirnbursement of Indemnity SS28O + 7% GST SS3OO + 7% GST 5$320 + 7% GST s$390 + 7% GST = s$299.60 = s$321.00 = s$342.40 = s$417.30 Premiums stated above are subiect to chanses without prior notice. PLEASE ISSUE CIIEQUE MADE PAYABLE TO: INSUREASIAAGENCY PTE LTD Polic)' Cancellation & Refund In the event of termination of the domestic maid's employment contract or Work Permit with the Employer in Singapore, cover ceases automatically from the date of the Letter of Discharge from the Immigration Department. Ifthe Policv is cancelled . Within 3 rnonths from the commencement of the Period of lnsurance. the refund shall be 70%. . Within 6 months from the commencement of the Period of Insurance, the refund shall be 30%. . Within 12 months from the commencement of the Period of Insurance, the refund shall be 15%. The above refund is subject to no claim made under the Policy. . After 12 rnonths fiorn the commencement of the Period of Insurance. there shall be no refund or endorsement to be issued. Extensions: * Communicable diseases i.e. Tuberculosis, SARS & HlNl are covered under Section 3 - Hospital & Surgical Benefits.