Lucozade Yes Campaign Case Study


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A Case Study I completed for my Consumer Public Relations Module

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Lucozade Yes Campaign Case Study

  1. 1. Module 2CPR7H9.2 Sarah Walker 15 February 2012
  2. 2. January-November 2011
  3. 3.  Collectively the Lucozade brands are the second largest in the UK behind Coca-Cola, but are experiencing stiff competition from CCE‟s Powerade Energy and Monster drinks. Lucozade Sport focuses on performance and life on the pitch and on the track. Target audience is young, active consumers between 16-24 year olds, with a secondary audience of professional athletes.
  4. 4. • Create buzz for Lucozade‟s 2011 music-focused YES campaign and re-engage a younger audience for the brand.• To reposition Lucozade as a “sports culture” brand – one that acknowledges the role that sport plays in people‟s lives on and off the pitch.• To improve overall sales of Lucozade Energy, Sport and Sport Lite.
  5. 5. StrategyBring the new Lucozade ads to life by allowingmembers of the UK public to experience theirvery own YES moments.To engage the specific target audiencesof Lucozade Sport and Sport Lite with tailoredintegrated campaigns, using music asthe focal point.
  6. 6.  Exclusive Photo shoot with new face of Lucozade Sport Tinie Tempah. Boxing event in underground graffitti venue for Lucozade Sport ad launch featuring boxing champion Katie Taylor and drummer Travis Barker and rapper Tinie Tempah. Ministry of Sound event for Sport Lite ad launch-DJ Fresh premiered specially created track “Louder”. Music festival activation for Lucozade Energy- Lucozade roving reporters at UK Music Festivals. Limited Edition Bottles: 7 flavours, 7 bottles and 7 exclusive designs by 7 artists including Plan B, Tinie Tempah, Calvin Harris and Wretch 32.
  7. 7. “Louder” by DJ Fresh Media CoverageOne million+ YouTube hits and 300 pieces of media coverage to datea UK no. 1 single for Lucozade‟s ad across national, consumer, digitalsoundtrack „Louder‟ by DJ Fresh. and trade media.Highest Pre-Order release on iTunes for 162 pieces of coverage for Lucozade7 weeks SportPlaylisted at Radio 1, Capital, The 142 for Lucozade Sports LiteBox, MTV, BBC 1Extra and many more Total reach of media coverage: 63mMore than 400,000 copies soldAwardsYES Campaign nominated for Best FMCG / Consumer Goods Social MediaStrategy in Social Buzz AwardsHonourable Mention at Campaign Media Awards 2011 in Best Grocery, SoftDrinks and Household category
  8. 8. Lucozade has successfully managed to re-position itself as a cool brand that isassociated with great music, with an uplift of 13% in agreement with the statementthat “Lucozade is cool” and 9% agreeing that “Lucozade is associated with greatmusic” among those who were exposed to the online campaign. Overall an increaseof 22% in Brand Favourability and 12% in Purchase Intent was recorded among thoseexposed to both online and TV campaigns.Research shows that 67% of those who saw the online campaign were in the targetage group of 16-34. Although the TV ad campaign had a larger reachit was less effective in hitting the target audience, standing at 40%. The campaign hadthe most effect when viewed both online and on TV.However, total sales of Lucozade sport fell 2.7% in 2011, showing that throughfocusing on music Lucozade Sport has lost some ground onstressing its benefits as a sports drink.
  9. 9. The Lucozade “YES” Campaign was high-energy and innovative, and certainly helpedLucozade to position itself and re-engage with their target audience. However, Lucozade’sfocus on a young and music-savvy audience meant that the sports benefits of their Sports Litedrink was not as stressed as possible, leading to an overall decline in sales. Lucozade’s useof Tinie Tempah and the Ministry of Sound as celebrity and third party endorsement wasinspired and perfectly echoed the sentiments and interests of their younger target audience.The release of the DJ Fresh track “Louder” in conjunction with the campaign was also anexcellent tactic to gain media coverage.Although the campaign was an overall success in terms of re-positioning Lucozade as abrand I am not sure that the TV campaign was as effective a ROI as the onlinecampaign, costing 17% more and reaching 27% less of the target audience. Finally, becauseof the multitude of different ads and events within the “YES” campaign it is difficult for theconsumer to differentiate between Lucozade Sport, Sport Lite and Energy drinks. A morestreamlined campaign approach with fewer different themes and faces would improve brandawareness of the three different drinks within the campaign.
  10. 10. ResourcesBuilding Brands Online Trilogy Media Awards 2011, T. and Goldsworthy, S. (2012) “PR Today”, Palgrave MacMillan, LondonPops popular--but sports drinks power growth. Buzz Awards Communications Talk Marketing