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Guide to e-notifications


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A quick and simple guide to e-notifications for companies.

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Guide to e-notifications

  1. 1. Quick and Simple Guide for e-Notifications
  2. 2. Are e-notifications for you?  Do you need to send important safety information to multiple locations or sites?  Does your company spend more than $100k a year on notices  Are there regulatory needs or high risks around the information shared?  Do you currently have an emailing system in place for email contacts? If you answer yes to any of these your are a candidate for e-notifications.Making Product Recalls, Easy
  3. 3. Timelines and Planning Most e-notifications programs can be up and running within 3 weeks 1 week for scoping:  Understanding specific goals and content 2 days migration  Importing email addresses into system  Initial setup 2-4 days for testing System ready for deployments with 24 hours once setupMaking Product Recalls, Easy
  4. 4. Measuring Success The goals behind e-notifications should be 1) Inform clients or users 2) Gain an action Ways to measure if the campaign or program will be successful industry high / industry low Trackable and accessible data on “Proof of delivery” 99% 95% Read or Click reporting (ex: “messaged opened”) 75% 50% Action item completed 80% 60% Frequent or real-time accessible reports 100% 90%Making Product Recalls, Easy
  5. 5. Tips for Success Understanding your end user is crucial to success. 1) Offer discounts to current services 2) Have easy to read and use emails 3) Use trusted templates with proven conversion history 4) Be familiar with the information category: medical device, food, consumer,Making Product Recalls, Easy
  6. 6. Warning Signs Reports of passed projects should be easily accessible and even displayed in real time. Signs you may not have the right carrier: 1) Delivery rates cannot be guaranteed 2) No levels of escalation in place for contact methods 3) No support for parallel methods (phone, letters, or additional methods) 4) Lack of previous client referencesMaking Product Recalls, Easy
  7. 7. Need more info? Contact Us  Experts in e-notifications  Over 3 years experience  Quick setup of supporting marketing See also: FDA Advisory Strategiesellie@consumerbell.com917.692.4014 Quick e-notifications Guide for