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Hamburg Presentation

  1. 1. HAMBURG. APPLICATION FOR THE TITLE AS EUROPEAN GREEN CAPITAL. Christian Maaß State Secretary for Urban Development and the Environment Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
  2. 2. THE WORLD IS AT RISK. Europe s cities have a big responsibility. • Climate change, the loss of biodiversity and depletion of natural resources threaten our future • Cities are part of the problem and have to become part of the solution
  3. 3. HAMBURG – Europe in a nutshell. Hamburg is not the ideal city with all environmental problems already solved • Hamburg is working hard to find solutions • Hamburg is a laboratory for Europe – with true role model potential • Hamburg: all aspects of European environmental policy can be shown •
  4. 4. HAMBURG – One of the ten largest cities in Europe. 1.77 million inhabitants (2007) • 4.3 million people in the metropolitan region • A green waterside metropolis with the highest standard of living • 755 square kilometres • 1,700 hectares of NATURA 2000 nature reserve •
  5. 5. METROPOLITAN CHALLENGES: Increasing space requirements. • Space required for housing • Space required for logistics and industrial development
  6. 6. THE HAMBURG APPROACH: Hamburg promotes inward growth – HafenCity. Hafencity Hamburg – Europe s largest city development project • Total area of 1.57 square kilometres (extends the current inner city area by 40%) • 40,000 jobs, 5,500 homes • Brownfield recycling •
  7. 7. THE HAMBURG APPROACH: Hamburg promotes inward growth - Wilhelmsburg. Leap across the Elbe • Wilhelmsburg – 35 square kilometres • Internationale Bauausstellung 2013 • Internationale Gartenschau 2013: new Volkspark with 100 hectares •
  8. 8. THE HAMBURG APPROACH: Hamburg increases its green areas. • A 25 hectare green area to cover the motorway • Combination of green area and noise reduction
  9. 9. METROPOLITAN CHALLENGES: Industry in the inner city. • The world s third largest centre of the aviation industry (20,000 employees) • The largest cohesive industrial area with refineries, metal works and petrochemical works in Europe • Largest copper plant in Europe within 2 kilometres to inner city
  10. 10. THE HAMBURG APPROACH: Environmental partnerships with enterprises. • Environmental partnership Hamburg between the Senate and Hamburg s commercial leaders for more environmental protection • more than 1,000 active business partners • Hamburg SME business for resource efficiency (85,000 t/a CO2 avoided) • The twelve biggest companies reduce 500,000 t CO2 until 2012
  11. 11. METROPOLITAN CHALLENGES: The port at the heart of the city. • Second largest container port in Europe • 160,000 jobs • Container handling doubled between 2000 and 2008
  12. 12. THE HAMBURG APPROACH: Sustainable port operation. • The Hamburg dock railway – largest hub for freight transportation by rail • Container taxis in the port (one taxi replaces 60 trucks) • Green Shipping - reducing port fees for environmentally friendly ships; European alliance for climate-friendly cruise ships (“cold ironing”) • Restoring the original state of dykes
  13. 13. METROPOLITAN CHALLENGES: Increasing traffic. • Metropolis with traffic junctions for motorways, shipping and railway transport • Pollution and noise
  14. 14. THE HAMBURG APPROACH: Climate-friendly transport. New city railway network (40 kilometres) • New suburban and underground train lines to HafenCity and airport • New network of cycle paths • Introduction of environmental zone •
  15. 15. METROPOLITAN CHALLENGES: Vulnerability to climate change. • Hamburg exposed to storm tides and pluvial floods • The 1962 catastrophe (more than 300 dead)
  16. 16. THE HAMBURG APPROACH: Ambitious climate protection goals. • Comprehensive climate protection strategy for the city • Aims beyond EU requirements (reducing CO2 emissions by 40% until 2020) • An additional 25 million per year provided for new ideas and projects
  17. 17. THE HAMBURG APPROACH: Innovative climate protection measures. • Energy efficiency: leader in new construction standards; reducing consumption of existing old buildings • Renewable energy: increase wind energy production • Energy networks: put networks under city administration; massive district heating network: 490,000 households
  18. 18. HAMBURG – Europe in a nutshell. • Hamburg – a real metropolis with real challenges • Hamburg – a city full of contrasts: powerful economic area and ambitious environmental targets
  19. 19. EUROPE IN A NUTSHELL. Hamburg as European Green Capital. Hamburg is an attainable role model for Europe • Presentation of a communication platform between cities • A great programme for visitors • Spread of ideas across Europe and the world •
  20. 20. CITY CLIMATE CONVENTION: Hamburg as a role model metropolis. • Assembly of the cities of Europe and the world in November 2009 • Objective: a clear political statement to the leaders in Copenhagen • Kick-off for the European Green Capital year 2010
  21. 21. HAMBURG AS EUROPEAN GREEN CAPITAL: We involve the whole city. Info box in the heart of the city • Green walks: “walk of ideas” • Environmental film festival • Exhibitions, conferences, workshops • Online portal with individualised contents •
  22. 22. TRAIN OF IDEAS: We spread our ideas across Europe. Train: a sustainable modular system • Start of journey in Hamburg • Best practices tour of European cities • Use all city networks (EU Covenant of Mayors, ICLEI, Climate Alliance,) •
  23. 23. TRAIN OF IDEAS: We spread our ideas across Europe. • Exhibition in a modular system • Presentation of best practices made in Hamburg and other selected European cities • Growing exhibition
  24. 24. TRAIN OF IDEAS: We involve all Europeans. • Spread of ideas across Europe with the aim of finding new best practices • Involvement and participation of all Europeans
  25. 25. TRAIN OF IDEAS: European ideas return to Hamburg. Growing best practice exhibition • Hamburg Earth Summit with youth camp • Exhibitions for the European public • Closing event in Hamburg and passing the baton to the next host •
  26. 26. THE GATEWAY TO THE WORLD: The Hamburg green pavilion at the Expo 2010. • Hamburg House at the Expo 2010 Shanghai (energy efficient building) • Communicate the title European Green Capital worldwide • Logical connection of the European Green Capital with the Expo topic better cities, better life
  27. 27. THE WORLD IS AT RISK. Europe s cities have a big responsibility. • It s time to act – and Hamburg is willing to act
  28. 28. EUROPE IN A NUTSHELL. Vote for Hamburg as first European Green Capital.