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Vital communication skills for consultants

Consulting work is all about communication (with team mates, fellow consultants, clients and prospects). It requires critical skills and techniques that need to be acquired very soon in the consulting carreer. That is what this presentation is all about.

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Vital communication skills for consultants

  1. 1. Vital communication skills for consultants 26/05/2017 - all rights reserved 1 With prospects
  2. 2. Communication is the transmission of information and meaning from one individual - or group - to another Sender Receiver Step 1: message We live in a world of communication – consultants make no exception 26/05/2017 - all rights reserved 2 Step 2: feedback
  3. 3. Step 1 of the communication process: send the message 26/05/2017 - all rights reserved 3 Sender has an idea Sender encodes the message Channel carries message Receiver decodes message Receiver understands message ideaidea 1 2 3 4 5 verbally or non-verbally by speaking, writing, gesturing email, phone call, presentation, slide deck, report, memo, article, post, one pager, infographics, podcast, video … by hearing, reading, observing by distinguishing between message and ‘noise’
  4. 4. There are several ways of encoding messages when communicating 26/05/2017 - all rights reserved 4 Ways of talking (pauses, stress on words …) Sounds Tone & intonation Posture & appearance Head, hand & eye movements Facial expression Body contact & closeness Verbal Non VerbalVocal Only 7% of the message perceived by one’s interlocutor lies within the words that are pronounced You should pay attention to all of them 7% 55%38%
  5. 5. Step 2: exchange feedbacks 26/05/2017 - all rights reserved 5 Feedback travels to sender Additional feedback may travel to receiver ideaidea 6 7 Feedbacks can take several forms: question, answer, discussion, observation, assessment, judgment … They follow the same process as initial message (encoding – channel – decoding) Sender has an idea Receiver understands message
  6. 6. Consulting is about communicating, with a large number of different persons in a variety of contexts 26/05/2017 - all rights reserved 6 With your assignment team With your colleagues With clients With prospects
  7. 7. As a consultant you should develop 9 basic consulting skills, with a particular emphasis on listening 26/05/2017 - all rights reserved 7 Verbal Teamwork Selling Negotiation Networking Writing Active listening Interpersonal communication Presentation
  8. 8. Focus on consultant communication skills 5/26/2017 - all rights reserved 8 Written communication should be brief but informative, and help an audience focus on the key points.Writing Good verbal communication is concise and specific: researchers have found that today’s attention span amounts to only 8.25 seconds.Verbal Interpersonal communication allows people to find common ground, display empathy and build bonds with one another.Interpersonal communication Putting aside personal differences and working toward a common goal. For teamwork to be successful, all parties must recognize that combined efforts are worth more than individual contributions. Teamwork
  9. 9. Focus on consultant communication skills 5/26/2017 - all rights reserved 9 Presentations allow one individual, or a group, to share evidence to support an idea. A good presenter is a storyteller, using data, stories and examples to influence an audience to act toward an outcome. Presentation Selling skills extends beyond those who work for the sales department. They can be used to influence others to buy into a project or to engage into a new direction Selling Reaching a mutually beneficial solution by understanding and leveraging the other side’s motivations. To achieve this, you’ll need to discover what factors would be most influential for the other side. Negotiation In order to network, you’ll need to be interesting enough that others desire to partner with you. A large business network can also be a safety net, and means you have people to rely for help or information Networking
  10. 10. 26/05/2017 - all rights reserved 10 Consultorama