ES/NC exploitation of urban dunes as
a way to extend dune ecosystems
beyond protected areas?
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Hybrid dunes Barcelona


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The poster to be presented at the OPERAs full project meeting

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Hybrid dunes Barcelona

  1. 1. HYBRID DUNES - BARCELONA ES/NC exploitation of urban dunes as a way to extend dune ecosystems beyond protected areas? Project Goals... Create a standardized database and method to analyze existing projects on dune creation and coastal defence. Improve urban dune management introducing beach morphodynamics, dune ecosystem processes and the urban factors (mechanical sand cleaning, high frequentation,....). Define the concept of urban dune. Explore new ways of governance from an ES/NC perspective concepts, and shared management and financing. Create a mediterranean urban dune management manual relying on ES/NC concepts as basement. ! ! ! ! ! Collaboration with other OPERAs WPs Exemplar Team On the process of defining methods and data to be collected in order to: Characterize the level of "naturalness" or urbanity of dunes (going beyond beach morphodynamics, and classical botanical classification). Assess the economic efficiency of the proposed measures on flood and erosion control. Assess the economic value of urban dunes. Assess the efficiency of control measures of the recreational use and its related social response. Assess the level of engagement of citizen and stakeholders. Assess the efficiency of existing and alternative governance models. Meriwther Wilson Point person. José Lascurain Exemplar lead SGM s.l. Anna Ferres geospatial data management SGM sl Glòria Feliu General Manager SGM sl WP3 – Knowledge Ecosystem Services in this Exemplar !Ecosystem function and quantification (Almut Arneth, Sandra lavorel) Social and cultural values of ES/NC (Marcus Collier, Craig Bullock). Institutional structure and governance systems (Lennart Olsson). Trade-offs and synergies in ES/NC and alternative valuation perspectives (Astrid van Teeffelen). ! ! ! Urban dunes along the coast of Catalonia, focusing on the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. PROVISIONING: Sand Water infiltration MAINTENANCE AND REGULATION Protection against storms. Flood protection. CULTURAL: Beach tourism. High aestetic value. High recreational and economic potential index. Stakeholders Lola Ortiz Sánchez - Subdirectora General Adjunta Subdirección General para la Protección de la Costa Dirección General de Sostenibilidad de la Costa y el Mar Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente (1) WP4 – Instruments Beyond the Study ! mDSS ! TESSA ! Volante Canvas Tool ! ES indicators ! ALUAM /MCDA WP5 – Resource Hub !Rate of recolonization of fauna & flora from dune ecosystems. ! Persistence of hybrid dunes in front of storm different types of storm events. ! CBA of hybrid dune construction. ! Functional stakeholder involvement. ! Level of social engagement. ! Evolution of the global system of mediterranean dunes *urban and non urban, trends and scenarios. !Stakeholders from administrations to help to analyze governance structures and also to construct a blue print protocol for evaluating existing projects on coastal defence and dune management. ! There is an urgent need to engage economic stakeholders during next 12 months (camping and hotel owners, etc.). WP6 – Outreach and Dissemination Social Media instruments! Looking and creating opportunities to generate conversations with citizens by the use of QR codes and the most well known socialmedia platforms. Crowdsourcing will be also a core instrument to engage citizens *citizen science). Ramon Torra Xicoy General Manager at Area Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) (2) (1) Identified during the first round of presentations of the project. She has joined the OPERAs userboard. (2) Has previously held an international workshop on dune management organized by SGM sl. Roger de Llúria, 118 - 6º ’ 08037 - BARCELONA lascurain@sgm.es www.sgm.es