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Presentationof IALE UK seascape

Published in: Environment
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  1. 1. ES/NC based management as a way to boost mediterranean urban dune ecosystems
  2. 2. 1908
  3. 3. Circa 1950
  4. 4. Last mobile dunes 1980
  5. 5. 1992 the first maritime promenade in Spain with dunes as central aspect of the landscape treatment
  6. 6. Transformations due to urbanization & modification of coastal dynamics 1950 2014
  7. 7. Coastal regression due to the new harbour
  8. 8. Mechanical sieving impedes the natural sand aeolian transport
  9. 9. Impact of dog excreta over marram grass & cat colonies over fauna
  10. 10. Dune relief disappearance, afforestation and no more semi-mobile dunes!
  11. 11. Ecosystem services as opportunities for a new way of management
  12. 12. Altered ecosystem but biodiversity still remaining. Still on time to react!
  13. 13. Nicer landscapes lead to higher price of properties!! The brandscape of the metropolitan area? $ $
  14. 14. A wider window to cope with a complex environment
  15. 15. With municipalities
  16. 16. The Barcelona Metropolitan Administration
  17. 17. And the central government, with a new shore act that enables other stakeholders to make actions on coastal defence for first time
  18. 18. A wider window to cope with a complex environment
  19. 19. The promenades are intensively used throughout the year and new projects pose risks to protected areas. The Kentish plover on the verge of extinction.
  20. 20. Anthropocene environment
  21. 21. Although not constructing dunes, the same winds prevails
  22. 22. Historic images analysis
  23. 23. Explain how new dunes can be
  24. 24. Same azimuth makes different fetch lengths
  25. 25. Same azimuth makes different fetch lengths as the shore position varies
  26. 26. Global trends of accretion and erosion
  27. 27. Varied along time, specially with the construction of the new harbour
  28. 28. The environmental impact assessment act made obliged to move 100.000m3 of sand each year (with an unknown impact on nearshore ecosystems).
  29. 29. OPERAs project + Barcelona Metropolitan Administration The perfect combination!
  30. 30. Construction of dunes and blowouts
  31. 31. Construction of dunes and blowouts that can be seen on satellite imaginery
  32. 32. Construction of dunes and blowouts along 15km of metropolitan coastline
  33. 33. With different communication projects
  34. 34. Communication opportunities
  35. 35. Wind no more construct dunes, but still able to erode the constructed ones!
  36. 36. And as happens in other places along European coast, marram grass is displaced easily by other plants: so, there is a need to improve methods.
  37. 37. Most planted marram grass on maritime promenades decay and die in 6 or 7 years
  38. 38. So we are studying the most influential ecological factors and creating, along with the staff of the metropolitan administration, a “management manual of urban dunes”. The first in Europe oriented to introduce semi- mobile dunes on urban environments.
  39. 39. Mapping of the cultural use of metropolitan beaches
  40. 40. The social use varies between summer and the rest of the year
  41. 41. Between neighbours and people who has to arrive by public transport of private means
  42. 42. Different groups with potential different narratives and attitudes
  43. 43. Attitudes we need to know in order to manage trade-offs as the dog- walkers impact.
  44. 44. Another outcome is that the beach nourishment (100.000m3 each year) does not affect the emerged profile. The vulnerability to flood has not varied.
  45. 45. Even on the areas with most accretion, the risk of flooding persists.
  46. 46. The modification of the profile of the emerged beach could be an effective way to protect the coast and at a cost much cheaper than the prevailing beach nourishment.
  47. 47. So, an experience that can be applied to other urban dunes, with an improved toolbox: the Ecosystem services perspective.