Elect p. anna paddon aug 08 2012 dubai towers peace sign


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Elect P. Anna Paddon Aug 08 2012 Dubai Towers Peace Sign

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Elect p. anna paddon aug 08 2012 dubai towers peace sign

  1. 1. Constitution Island &Tribal IslandMidway StationTowersDubai,WindTurbines SellingPetronasTower ConstitutionWalkWays TunnelConstitutionTunnel IslandHighSpeed Base TowerTrainMidway StationStation Products Services
  2. 2. Constitution Island &Tribal IslandMidway StationTowers Korea⇔ Japan Undersea Tunnel http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=NmPgVeuEhfY Selling Constitution 09.07.2010 The Channel Tunnel http ://www.youtube.com/watch?feature= endscreen&NR=1&v=QhqHHIExdTU Tunnel IslandBering Strait Tunnel Base Towerapprovedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjkKTB3XlCU&feature=related Station Products Services
  3. 3. World Landbridge (5) - Bering Strait & Siberia SA CHER DEVELOPED INFRASTRUCTURE TO PROCESS AND MANUFACTOR AND DISTRIBUTE RESOURCES FAST EFFICIENT LOW COST TO HUMANS ECONOMY HAB http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=XbbqYfgplHE&feature=related• Kirkland cooper 1972-79/80 RCMP Cam RCMP Somerville russia alaska• Vancouver to vancouver island• Cherkasov• ?Chernokov• Polar euro industrial rail transportation• Dist resources• 5th slag of the dog• Human resources• Mineral <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/qHGMbdUjPHQ?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>• Moon base internatonal yes NUMA YES Richmond City and Canada Line Working Together Canada_Line_Proposed_Bridge_- _Artistic_Rendering
  4. 4. Introduction • I’m offering Constitution Tunnel and Constitution Island Development, a high speed train and tunnel with 3 levels. A Midway train station with businesss, condos, as well as Constitution Island, a man made island undersea village community development. • Describing the products and services that your companies provide requires a separate presentation. These are listed and updated each day to advertise your business’ and the goods and services they offer. • PAZ Paddon Development offers a strategic development and market planning for high level global business. Daily intelligence reports provides Constitution tunnel and Constitution Island business’s with information for an exact market analysis to target trends in tourism, business. The market analysis is used to create industry, housing. and educational programs at Constitution University, secondary schools, and community colleges, for the skilled labour and professional to fill the 700 plus jobs the development will add to BC.
  5. 5. Business Opportunities• British Columbia is working towards a zero carbon emission State. Customer’s need a green highway that serves them. Some requirements are met for those that travel exclusively on public transit. Condos, housing, and business is built around Constitution Tunnel High Speed Train and Hwy Development Transportation System.• Example: • new products • research and development that are scheduled to go to market in FY ’15. • Now is the time: • Identify the target markets for these products. • Understand how to best brand and position them. • Identify competitors and benchmark their success. • Consider Your Company As Ongoing Support To Help Bc Respond To Changes In Your Market.
  6. 6. Our products and services• List the products or services your company provides that will help the customer achieve their objectives.• Example: Using a variety of research methodologies, Trey Research can provide support in the following areas:
  7. 7. Cost Comparison• Point Out Our Financial Benefits To The Customer.• Compare Costs Of Our Product & Service With One Or More Competitors.Custom Research Service Trey Research Cost* Company A Cost*Market Entry Analysis X XIndustry Benchmarking X X Siemens High-Speed RailPricing And Brand Analysis X XForecasting And Planning X ICE 3 Train Dutch 2007 XSubscription Research Service X XConsumer Industry Market Reports X XOnline Global *Business Intelligence depends on project scope Cost of custom research service Database X X
  8. 8. Crofton Ferry Terminal bc.gc.ca Wind Energy Highway Overpass Our Strength Renewable Sustainable Energy Wind Turbine Ferry & Tunnel LightingOur Signsstrengths Du Gl o Financ rab bal e le g da ta ood s ce s ing r vi cs ar k oni Se chm ctr B Media Industry and B2 Ele Ben Research Consumer Goods Technology Network and Services Markets s nd ods Tr Tre ad Fo Bran e He d y alt inte llige iner hc nc Ma ch are e
  9. 9. Key benefits of product or service• Summarize the key benefits provided by the product or service you are promoting.• Example: • Investment in market research is an investment in your product’s success! • Know your customer • Know your competition • Timing is everything • Track and adjust
  10. 10. Next Steps• Outline BCs Next Steps For Industry & Business Implementation Ordering Manufacturing Or Purchasing Products Or Services.• Example: • Siemens High-Speed Rail Manufactured In Crofton BC To commission research from Trey Research: • Define the project First, we’ll meet with you to define your project. • Submit a research proposal Then, we’ll submit a proposal for your evaluation. • Begin the research When the proposal is approved, we will assemble an experienced team to conduct your research and analyze the findings. • Provide ongoing support We will continue to work with you after we deliver your report so you get the most value out of the research findings.
  11. 11. Contact information• Contact Information• Plan BCs Future• BCs Key Transportation Projects• BCs Key Education Revisions• E-mail: paz4tunnel@hotmail.ca• P. Anna Paddon•
  12. 12. Contact Information• Contact Information• Plan BCs Future• BCs Key Transportation Projects• BCs Key Education Revisions• E-mail: paz4tunnel@hotmail.ca• P. Anna Paddon• Lets Plan The Next BC Election Together• Lets Plan The Direction You Want BC To Take For Business Industry Education Transportation Economic City Development