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CGS-Constient Global Solution is a customer oriented organizations.That provides an integrated set of services and solutions such as consulting,IT managed services,Staffing and Out sourcing solutions.

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Constient global solution-HTML5

  1. 1. WHAT IS HTML5?HTML5 is a newest version of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). It is an ongoing process thattook place by combined efforts of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web HypertextApplication Technology Working Group (WHATWG). The initial phase for the development ofHTML5 started in 2004 by WHATWG that has been developed by edited by David Hyatt of Apple andIan Hickson of Google, Inc. There are several features in the latest version that have been implementedin various Web browsers.An open source workable platform has been intended to be produced by HTML5, which can be usedby multiple vendors throughout the internet. As a result, everyone can have access to the developmentof new applications. Some of the major browsers namely Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome andMozilla Firefox presently supports some of the features of HTML5.2
  2. 2. • This the latest version have been considered as the new platform for streaming video capabilitiesinto browser applications. JavaFX, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight obsolete are some of thepotential plug-ins that can be used with this language. It comes endowed with many interestingfeatures like:• Canvas technology: It has been invented by well known brand Apple with a 2-D browser baseddrawing feature. To draw graphics on web page, JavaScript has been used. Here are some of thedrawing methods like circles, paths, boxes, characters and images that have been used by canvaselement.• Web videos: These days, most video are shown by plug-ins like Flash. HTML5 includes standardway with the video element for quality videos.• Audio on web: mostly, all audios are played using plug-ins like Flash whereas, HTML5 indicatestandard audio element to play sound files.• Web Storage: There are two methods namely session storage and local storage used for storingdata without any effect the websites performance.Why HTML5?3
  3. 3. What does HTML5 Do?4
  4. 4. Features Of HTML5WHY HTML5? The HTML5 is equipped with many new features that give you power to design attractive web pagesyou might have never designed before with HTML alone. Here are some of the major features in HTML5: Video playback and drag-and-drop, which are dependent on third-party browser plug-ins likeMicrosoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash. Wide range of new attributes and elements that reveal effective usage on modern websites. Through a standardized interface, it provides new multimedia functionality of <audio> and <video>. Reduced usage of plugins like Flash. Detailed rules for lexing and parsing. Advanced language support.5
  5. 5.  New APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) has been specified in HTML5 that includesoffline storage database, the canvas element for immediate mode 2D drawing, timed mediaplayback, Cross-document messaging, document editing, browser history management, drag-and-drop, Micro data, MIME type and protocol handler registration etc. Compressed and user-friendly API. Versatility in handling incorrect syntax. Apart from these, there are several other features loaded in HTML5 such as ContentEditable,Stylable elements, Canvas element for drawing, geo-location, Web Forms 2.0, server-sentDOM Events, hyper-threading for Web browsers, application caches, client-side storage andfurther more. Local off-line storage for better support. Formats like date, time, calendar, email, url, search have been added. Local storage and session storage are two new methods that are used for storing data.Features Of HTML56
  6. 6. HTML5 : Past, Present & Future7
  7. 7. HTML 5 Portfolio8
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