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  1. 1. Real Time Vehicle Tracking You can see your fleet or vehicle real time through this GPS software, with different features such as nearest vehicle search, live speed alerts, as well as an advanced maintaining suite.Key features 2 More jobs completed daily Efficient customer service Drivers location made easy Enhanced vehicle allocation Savings on fuel costs Happy customers retained long term Multilingual Interface
  2. 2. Exportable format Report - Excel, Pdf With a click you can have on demand reports in different formats whenever required in a very user friendly software environment. Vehicle Schedule You can complete more jobs, through the instant online verification of the sheet information, like start times, finish times and scheduled journeys.SpeedingReducing speed allows for increased safety for employees and savings through proper maintenance of tiers, reduced fuel usage, andtimely cost effective servicing etc.Idle State Management 3For a fleet this very important feature highlighting whenever a driver is stationary and the vehicle is idling. A simple live alertalong with a report resolves this issue, allowing for further fuel savings.Vehicle analyticsA total maintenance solution gives a comprehensive analysis of cost structures related to each vehicle enabling budgetary efficiency.MileageYou can see concise mileage reports for daily, weekly and monthly usage on per vehicle basis as well as consolidation of the entire fleet,saving both fuel as well as tax.Fuel monitoringUsing a Fuel sensor we can report fuel levels at any given point in time. This information can be used to help detect fuel theft, drivingstyles, or even possible mechanical issues.
  3. 3. Operator identification Using a unique identification card we are able to record the driver of the vehicle. We can reference this information with just a few mouse clicks to see who was in the vehicle for any given day and where they travelled. Additionally we can control access to the vehicle by only allowing authorized personnel to start the engine.Geo fences and customer locationsUser defined reports and live alerts by email and SMS whenever your vehicles enter a defined area. Automatic live alerts to the customersto inform them of the impending arrival of a delivery or pick up, or reaching home or site as the case may be. Geo fences give you justthat and more. Alerts can be tailored for specific environments and delivered only to those who need them.TrackingLive Tracking - Shows the vehicle running live, Also shows the vehicles speed, fuel and odometer gauge 4Back Tracking - Shows the previous day’s records and Historical records of the vehicleMulti Tracking - Multiple Vehicles can be tracked in a single screen along with status reportSearch Point: Radius and 2 Point SearchRadius Plot: Vehicles can be plotted inside the circles for the selected radius2 Point: By clicking two points on the map, it draws a circle and shows the vehicles within that.LandmarkUsers can plot Landmarks on map and can be view in the tracking screensReportingSystem gives solution for each and every customer, be it for today or future. Our in-house development team can tailor solutions accordingto your needs. The flexibility of our software allows for specific report scheduling.
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  5. 5. Thank you 6Contact Us: Tel+91 9962045899 | Email – consult@constient.comHoly Cross Church Premises | 76, 1st Floor | South Boag road | T.Nagar | Chennai | TN | IND 600 017