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Constellium at a glance 2011

  1. 1. Constelliumat a glance 1
  2. 2. Key figures Evolution 2009/2011 Sales (€M) Volumes (KT) 4 1200 3,555 1000 1.058 3 973 2,957 800 871 2 2,292 600 400 1 +29% +20% +12% +9% vs vs 200 vs vs 2009 2010 2009 2010 0 0 2009 2010 2011 2009 2010 2011 Key figures (Dec. 31st, 2011) 2011 sales breakdown by business unit 2011 FTE breakdown by geographic area 45% Specialty Sheet 48% France 30% Global ATI 22% Germany 25% Extrusions 10% Switzerland Automotive 2011 With over 9,000 employees, Constellium has 6% Czech Republic Structures 1% Slovakia three business units: Global Aerospace, 11% USA at a glance Transportation and Industry (Global ATI), Specialty Sheet and Extrusions Automotive Structures, 2% Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Singapore) which are supported by a world-class research In markets as diverse as aerospace, center in Voreppe, France, and a strong Research 2011 sales breakdown by end-market 2011 FTE breakdown by business segment automotive, construction, packaging, and Technology organization. Constellium is energy and transportation, recognized as the world leader in aerospace 34% Packaging 38% Global ATI Constellium is uniquely positioned plates, general engineering plates, closure sheets Aerospace 15% 24% Specialty Sheet and bright sheets and as the European leader in to deliver innovative, invaluable, 11% Automotive 34% Extrusions Automotive can body stock and large profiles. Constellium, 13% Other world-class aluminium products transportation Structures which has its operational headquarters in Paris, 4% C orporate and RD and solutions. France, generated sales of €3.6 billion in 2011. 12% Industry 9% Building 6% Other 2011 sales breakdown by geographic area (Country of invoice) 9,280 employees 15% France es m n iu 2007 28% Germany to l l 19% United Kingdom 22 11 es t e m Rio Tinto ste cts iu manufacturing countries il s ll acquires 3% Switzerland n du m on sites Alcan co ro 16% Other Europe es d P C n En divests bec neere 1999 2003 Shareholding 12% North America 1 om 11 structure ca n to EP gi 5% Asia Oceania 20 Al lca tin Alcan acquires Alcan acquires RD Center 51% APOLLO A o AluSuisse Pechiney 39% RIO TINTO 2% Rest of the world ri 10% FSI2 3
  3. 3. Our locations Strategy Neuf Brisach, France Sierre, Germany The power Together with a strong focus on sustainability and recycling, this strategy will help us achieveRavenswood, US Issoire, France Singen, Germany of change our four True North Goals. True North Goals, the roadmap to success Constellium’s True North Goals concern Environ- ment, Health and Safety, customer focus, organic 2015, promising prospects for Constellium growth and innovation. EHS FIRST, our compre- The prospects looking ahead to 2015 are prom- hensive approach to Environment, Health and ising, for some fundamental reasons. In almost Safety, is our absolute priority. We want everyone ever y field of the manufacturing industr y, to return home from work safe and sound, and aluminium is gaining ground over other metals and for Constellium to be the industry benchmark materials. What’s more, Constellium is focused for safety. We also need a step change in how we on the value-added segments of markets which serve customers, by supplying products that are enjoying real growth and our multi-year con- almost never lead to a claim and are delivered tracts with key customers like Airbus, Boeing and on time. As for growth, there are huge opportu- major can-makers do give the company visibility. nities in our strategic areas of aerospace, but The prospects in the aerospace industry reflect also in the automotive industry, where aluminium Issoire, France the present market conditions because airlines was once for niche markets but is increasingly A network One of the world’s two leading aerospace plate mills, need to modernize their fleets with lighter planes used in volume cars. In packaging, if we continue of manufacturing sites Issoire will soon house an upcoming AIRWARE™ cast that consume less fuel, and they also need to to improve our service to customers, we will con- house and currently boasts large-volume recycling expand those fleets in areas like Southeast Asia, tinue to gain market share. Overall, our target is with elite capabilities along the entire fabrication chain. where tourism is booming. In automotive, China to triple EBITDA by 2015 and to significantly Ravenswood, United States is now the world’s largest market and German improve our cash flow. Finally, to drive innovation, Worldwide unique assets for aerospace plates cars – which use more aluminium – are the pre- we will keep investing in RD to create the break- Among our 24 production sites serving both and recognized supplier to the highly demanding ferred choice. Can stock will also continue its through products of 2020 and 2030. We have had global and local customers, we have five main defense industry. Ravenswood is known for its manufacturing sites catering to the needs of our steady growth. great success in aerospace with AIRWARE TM; now wide-coil capabilities and stretchers that enable Global Aerospace, Transportation and Industry unique product creation. we need its automotive equivalent. (Global ATI); Specialty Sheet; Extrusions and A strategy based on three objectives Automotive Structures business units. Sierre, Switzerland Constellium’s strategy has three key objectives, Creating an entrepreneurial spirit The world’s only dedicated precision plate shop the first being to focus on chosen growth segments Being even more rigorous, we will decentralize Singen, Germany for general engineering products and #1 supplier High-grade cold mills, with an integrated hot/ – aerospace, automotive, packaging and industry. the decision-making – so that decisions are taken for high-speed train railway manufacturers. cold-rolling line and one of the largest extrusion Equipped with a plate furnace, Sierre possess Geographically, the company is looking for oppor- at the lowest possible level. Through a system presses in the world. the capacity to produce non-standard billets tunities to expand its global footprint, in Asia in of continuous improvement, everyone will take and a wide range of extrusions. particular. The second objective is to create part and influence their work environment. Neuf-Brisach, France The most integrated large-volume rolling mill in product leadership, based on innovative tech- People should take risks and put themselves and Additionally, our network of small extrusion Europe, mostly dedicated to can body stock and and automotive structure plants serve as local nologies that really are differentiating. The third their ideas forward – become entrepreneurs automotive, with a state-of-the-art automotive suppliers for many of our customers, meeting is excellence in operations, through Lean trans- to create one of the jewels of the European finishing line and world-class recycling centre. immediate demands through close proximity. formation and the Constellium Business System. manufacturing industry.4 5
  4. 4. Innovation and transportation sectors. This means that our own scientists, engineers and marketing teams, innovation talent is not only focusing on the scope but also in partnerships with the world outside. of aluminium technologies themselves, but also At the center of this ecosystem is our advanced how they interface with other materials in an RD facility at Voreppe in France, a world-leading increasingly hybrid world that requires engineer- resource for Constellium business units but also ing excellence. for carrying out joint research with our customers. A major emerging trend endorsed by Constellium Every year, our customer partner­ships yield research is to take a holistic approach to innovation, one and technologies that set new performance bench- that incorporates advanced material design, marks for sustainability and efficiency. Shapping Innovation is one of the True North Goals of Constellium’s corporate strategy. Though our busi- processing, and the customer’s enabling tech- Along with Constellium’s world-leading RD resources, our strategy for innovation also the future ness units enjoy a wide range of market-leading positions in Europe and around the world, we are A major emerging trend endorsed includes partnerships with about 40 universities and international research laboratories, further through innovation fully committed to developing new products and by Constellium is to take enhancing our ability to deliver advanced solutions. processes that will further strengthen those posi- a holistic approach to innovation. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) tions and satisfy our customers’ unmet needs. and France’s ViaMéca mechanical engineering Constellium has a longstanding A striking achievement is our proprietary AIRWARE™ research cluster are just two such partners. tradition for excellence in innovation. technology for the aerospace sector. Through nologies. A key feature throughout this approach Constellium is constantly improving its own With 200 patent families in critical innovation, aluminium can also challenge the is the extensive use of state-of-the-art numerical organization. Process innovation is supported technologies, the company is fully positions of other widely-used materials, such as modeling. While there is a focus on deliverable by RD and driven by a dedicated technology committed to innovation in its PET in certain types of packaging or steel in the solutions, our strategy for innov­ tion also a organization operating a series of technology products, processes and services. automotive sector. In all areas, Constellium actively includes our processes, particularly in manufac- networks that bring together experts and engi- Delivering on that commitment means seeks opportunities to deliver innovative solutions turing. Throughout our plants, we use innovation neers to industrialize new products and promote not just harnessing the talent of our through co-development with its customers. to make these processes safer, more efficient best practices at plant level. These Technology own people, but also working with and to lower energy consumption – and to also Networks cover areas including industrialization, customers, suppliers, research Exploiting the advantages of aluminium help create new products. In addition, we are at hot and cold rolling, casting, maintenance, molten scientists and academics At the heart of our strategy for innovation is the the forefront of recycling in areas including pack- metal and recycling. Outside learning can be search for products and technologies that exploit aging, and materials from the aerospace and rapidly assimilated into the knowledge manage- around the world. aluminium’s advantages in lightweighting, automotive sectors. ment processes through a technology watch. strength, formability and durability. The market Further resources are provided by Innovation opportunities for this are already enormous – and A world of potential with Open Innovation Cells, a unit that supports our business units will also continue to grow thanks to an increasing To deliver on our strategy, Constellium has created – from the idea and prototype stages to business trend for capital goods to be multi-material and an ecosystem for Open Innovation. It’s open, plans. At Constellium, innovation really is at the multifunctional; particularly in the automotive because we believenot just in the expertise of our beating heart of everything we do.6 7
  5. 5. Global Aerospace, Transportation and Industry throughs are being targeted in the years ahead, by the expertise at its three manu­facturing plants as Constellium develops new products to meet – at Issoire, France; Ravenswood, West Virginia its customers’ evolving needs. Meanwhile, in line in the United States; and Sierre/Steg in Switzer- Global ATI Constellium’s ability to create, manufacture and recycle new aluminium alloys has established with the company’s firm commitment to recycling, aluminium is recovered from aircraft that have land. Though the plants are key to both the devel- opment and production of plates, sheets, shaping the sky the company as the benchmark for the aerospace industry. Its products are found in passenger reached the end of their service lives and is melted down for re-use. extrusions and coils, they also have another important role to play in Constellium’s all-round planes from Boeing and Airbus, military aircraft solution for Global ATI customers. A wide range Constellium’s Global Aerospace, including Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Strength, where it’s needed of engineering services are also available, par- Transportation and Industry business Fighter and in various spacecraft and launchers Aside from aerospace, the other major Global ATI ticularly pre-machining and advanced welding unit provides a broad spectrum of stretching back three decades. Constellium is a markets are transportation, defense and indus- to optimize manufacturing by the customer, along aluminium solutions. Working closely worldwide leader in the aerospace market for try. In the transportation sector, Constellium is with recycling, which involves collecting and with customers to determine their aluminium, the #1 worldwide in general engineering Europe’s market leader in tank trailers and dump re-using the scrap from customers’ machining needs, we are able to design and plates and the European leader in aluminium bodies, and is #1 in North America for railcar and production processes. manufacture products that help precision sand castings. and roof coil. It has also built up a major business make travel safe and sustainable. in fast ferry and yacht construction thanks to A constant evolution its breakthrough alloy SEALIUM®, which has That success is due to two main factors : alu- outstanding strength and weather/fatigue resist- ID card minium’s intrinsic ability to reduce aircraft weight ance. Aluminium’s inherent combination of light and Constellium’s combination of technical inno- weight and strength is also increasingly being 2011 sales volumes vation and industrial experience. For aircraft used by the defense sector in armored vehicles, €1.024 billion 44% Aerospace designers, using the latest aluminium alloys where manufacturers require the highest levels 36% Transportation means that speed and payloads can be increased, of blast and ballistic protection. 19% Industry while fuel requirements can be reduced. Constellium then takes these characteristics to Services and industrial capability Key Customers another level with its proprietary portfolio of Rounding out Constellium’s offer in the Global Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, Embraer, Freight Car, America, SpaceX, Reliance, Bombardier, advanced alloys, including ground-breaking ATI area is its #1 position worldwide in general Ryerson, Thyssen Krupp, etc. technologies such as AIRWARE™. Further break- engineering platesfor industry; a position driven8 9
  6. 6. Specialty Sheet Specialty Sheet Constellium’s Specialty Sheet business unit has two major markets: packaging and automotive. weight is proving a game-changer in car design, economy and CO 2 emissions. Constellium’s leading the way Each market exploits the unique strengths of aluminium to its own advantage. Specialty Sheet offer focuses on Body In White, where aluminium can replace large steel parts, in key markets for example, in hoods and door panels, and heat Light, strong, versatile and infinitely recyclable exchangers. Automakers are under growing ships, state-of-the-art production facilities at For packaging, aluminium provides an excellent regulatory pressure to produce ‘greener’, more Neuf-Brisach (France) and Singen (Germany), From aluminium beverage cans to car barrier to oxygen, light and moisture. Its inherent economical cars. By using aluminium they can advanced RD center at Voreppe (France), com- panels and self-cleaning solar strength means that less than 100 microns – the achieve significant direct weight reductions, petent people and partnerships. Constellium reflectors, Constellium’s Specialty thickness of a human hair – is sufficient for the wall which in turn allows them to reduce fuel con- works closely with its customers, supporting Sheet business unit serves a wide of a beverage can that can be endlessly recycled. sumption and improve performance. This major them all the way from early innovation to technical range of applications. Its leadership Constellium is Europe’s #1 supplier of can body trend toward greater economy, lower emissions support at their own plants. positions in different markets are stock, and is also a major supplier of end and tab and recycling provides a significant opportunity backed by advanced production stock, food stock and foilstock. The company is the for Constellium. and RD facilities, along with a firm #1 producer worldwide of sheet for closures, such Though these are key growth areas for Specialty commitment to sustainability. as those increasingly favored by wine producers. Sheet, Constellium is also able to exploit a num- ID card Constellium is meanwhile playing a leading role ber of niche markets where aluminium’s ability 2011 sales volumes in recycling, a key business and environmental to reflect light, resist weathering and provide €1.633 billion commitment. Its plant at Neuf-Brisach in France aesthetic appeal are highly valued. Applications 77% Packaging is the largest fully integrated facility in Europe that range from the construction industry, solar 23% Automotive and customized solutions combines state-of-the-art casting, rolling, finishing panels, lighting and cosmetics to industrial parts. and end-of-life recycling. Key Customers A wealth of partnerships 3A Composites, Amcor, Ardagh, Canpack, Comital, Crown, Daimler, PSA, Rexam, Cutting CO2 emissions in cars Constellium’s expertise in Specialty Sheet draws ThyssenKrupp, Valeo, etc. For the automotive industry, aluminium’s light on a number of key assets: customer relation-10 11
  7. 7. Extrusions Automotive Structures parts in aluminium, they enable automakers to Strength in depth simultaneously improve safety and reduce a car’s Though Constellium’s focus is on extruded prod- Extrusions Constellium’s EAS business unit is based around four main product areas: automotive structures, weight, fuel consumption and carbon emissions. ucts, its expert­ se also enables the company to i provide a range of finishing operations including Automotive which are primarily Crash Management Systems Supporting transportation, renewable energy and building design welding, machining, and surface treatments Structures (CMS); large extruded profiles, including those to optimize products and reduce customers’ used for the bodies of railcars and buses; hard Constellium’s pioneering expertise in manufac- internal cycle times. EAS has industrial strength promising trends alloy extrusions for industry and soft alloy extru- sions for a variety of applications. turing large profiles for rail and bus customers has established it as the #1 supplier in Europe, in real depth, with 10 plants in Europe – in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Slovakia and where half of the railcars built today are made Switz­erland – plus further Automotive Structures Constellium is a market leader in Improving car safety performance of Constellium’s profiles. This market is set to facilities in the United States and China. RD several areas of aluminium extrusion, Aluminium CMS solutions are playing a major role grow as governments appear increasingly willing support is provided by Constellium’s advanced in making cars safer for drivers, passengers and to devote resources to improving their rail net- center at Voreppe, France. drawing on its in-depth experience pedestrians alike in the event of an accident. works rather than to encourage more car use by and reputation for quality. It is also As a leading innovator in the sector, Constellium’s building new highways. In the energy market, a major player in the lightweighting contribution to this key area of road safety is not Constellium provides critical solutions including technology behind making cars safer ID card confined to manufacturing end products, in the heat sink systems for renewable energy sources and ‘greener’. form of lightweight car bumper beams and crash and the storage of nuclear material during the 2011 sales volumes boxes. Its involvement starts further downstream dismantling of power stations. €0.96 billion at the design and development stages, where its A similarly broad range of markets is served 53% Soft alloy extrusions 22% Hard alloys engineers work closely with premium global OEMs by the production of hard and soft alloys, where 13% Large profiles to find the right solution at a competitive price. Constellium is the #1 and #3 in Europe respec- 12% Automotive structures This market is particularly service-oriented, and tively. Hard alloy bars are produced for machining requires a rapid, cost-effective response to cus- into silencer systems or anti-vibration devices for Key Customers tomer needs. Constellium also provides additional the automotive sector and other industrial uses. Audi, Daimler, General Motors, BMW, Porsche, CAF, Jaguar, Raynaers, Stadler, Schuco, safety components including side-impact safety Soft alloys are widely used by the building indus- Strojmetal, etc. beams and front-end structures. As with other try in windows, doors and curtain wall systems.12 13
  8. 8. Recycling increasingly looking to see which packaging – out of glass, plastic and aluminium – has the smallest Recycling carbon footprint. And over the lifetime of a prod- preserving Earth’s uct, the case for aluminium is getting stronger by natural ressources Recycling Recycling is a vital component of Constellium’s business and a key priority for our strategy the day. With 64% of all beverage cans recycled in Europe in 2010 – a figure which the industry aluminium’s moving forward. As a company, and a member of the European Aluminium Association, we are aims to lift to 75% by 2015 – there is a clear case for sustainability. A can is typically produced, ace card determined to keep improving our own recycling filled, sold, recovered, recycled and returned efforts and to drive up the rates in industry and to the shelves in 60 days. In industries such as among consumers. construction, automotive and transportation, Primary Aluminium Secondary Aluminium Aluminium technology wears its green (Outside scrap) recycling rates in Europe have already reached credentials with pride. Recycling, Aluminium scrap, 95% to 100%, helping major corporations to which is close to 100% in some an environmentally-friendly resource achieve their sustainability objectives. customer applications, gives not only Recycling aluminium scrap requires only 5% Recirculating internal scrap an access to an increasing source of the energy needed for producing primary Leading role for Constellium Constellium semi Products of raw material, but is also a way to aluminium from bauxite (aluminium ore) and Constellium’s own plants make a huge contribu- (Manufacturing process) reduce carbon emissions and improve reduces CO2 emissions by 95%. tion to the company’s recycling efforts – process- Customer the sustainability of many industries While buying primary aluminium will still be nec- ing about 300 KT of external scraps. Meanwhile, scrap and products. essary to meet growing demand for aluminium the company is also pursuing specific industry End-of-life products, Constellium is increasingly purchasing initiatives, such as in aerospace, where a closed products aluminium scrap and recycling it. In fact, more loop is secured with our customers to collect Customer products than 25% of Constellium’s metal needs are now scraps from their production processes. The (Manufacturing process) covered by scrap collected from our customers’ recycling rate is close to 80%, a significant figure production units or from end-of-life products. given that about 12,000 aircraft will reach their Finally, and perhaps most significantly, recycling end-of-life over the next 20 years. Recycling, as is the solution for customers who face ever more in all industrial and consumer areas of aluminium, demanding regulation. Major operators in the food is both a resource for the company and a means End and beverage packing industry, for example, are of supporting the environment. products14 15
  9. 9. Environment, Health and Safety EHS For Constellium, the safety of our people is of paramount importance, especially when it comes Putting safety to operating furnaces at 800° Celsius, molten metal casting, hot rolling and powerful extrusion at the top presses. Environment, Health and Safety has everyone, while further training modules are avail- Safety Breakthrough of the agenda long been a priority, notably with a key turning point coming in 2003 with the release of EHS able in areas such as risk management, leadership safety tours, compliance with rules management, EHS FIRST has clearly proved to be effective. However, this is not where the story ends. FIRST, our company-wide EHS system at all sites, man-machine interface safety and machine safe- Constellium has launched an ambitious new pro- Constellium recognizes the overriding both manufacturing and RD. It’s a continual guarding. This systematic approach applies not gram for site safety, entitled Safety Breakthrough, importance of Environment, Health improvement process that embraces everyone, only to our own staff, but also to all our contractors. which aims to deliver the same kind of step change from board level to teams on the shop floor. in safety improvement as we have already and Safety in a dynamic industrial And it works. Accidents have been reduced by a Achieving ISO standards achieved. Building on the foundation of EHS FIRST, environment such as ours. factor of four between 2004 and 2011. Along with training, EHS FIRST, is supported by Safety Breakthrough will target specific areas A systematic approach across rigorous internal audits, which are carried out each where we can improve. Rules and Standard the company has delivered real Internal efficiency, external recognition year to assess its effectiveness. However, we do Operating Procedures, for example, will be benefits in recent years, but there While EHS FIRST aims for the internal implemen- not rely solely on the inspections of our own plant reviewed with the involvement of the people is still work to be done. tation of best practices, it also includes external and function managers. All our plant ISO certifi- affected by them to ensure they are sufficiently recognition by certification to ISO standards such cates are regularly renewed, following inspections clear and can be easily applied. Meanwhile, front as 14000 and 18000. Internally, the delivery by external audit­ors, while any new plants acquired line managers will be encouraged to drive ever- emphasis is on line management, and plant man- by Constellium have two years to implement EHS greater safety compliance on the shop floor. EHS agers in particular. Training is clearly an important FIRST, including these certifications. ISO recogni- is of fundamental importance because it’s about part of delivering those best practices, with all tion is important as it shows the world outside personal safety and the operational excellence our managers completing a mandatory EHS FIRST that Constellium operates to international stand- of the business; and Constellium is committed Leadership training course that lasts two days. ards and provides us with a means of checking to both. In addition, site-specific training is provided for that our systems are working properly.16 17
  10. 10. Environment Energy conservation 2010 2011 Variance Energy (TJ) 11,085 11,155 +0.6% Specific energy consumption (1) (Ref: 100 in 2006) 100.3 97.3 -3.0% (1)  Energy consumption per processed unit, consolidated with a normative approach through the different Constellium processes. 2010 performance was penalized by a lower activity level compared to 2006. Main energy sources: Natural Gas (57%) and Electricity (36%) GHG direct emissions 2010 2011 Variance Total (KT eq. CO2) 555 536 -3.4% Waste Protecting At Constellium, we care about people and the environment. Our commitment to the environment Total Waste (T) 2010 76,284 2011 73,453 Variance -3.8% the environment means a great deal more than just having policies on paper: it’s also about promoting a culture of out of which – hazardous waste 73% 78% – non hazardous waste 27% 22% respect, developing sustainable strategies and Constellium actively supports investing in equipment and training to reduce the Total Waste per KT processed 63.73 59.32 -6.9% sustainable development, both footprints of our facilities. Through technically Among the Hazardous Waste, salt slags, drosses and skimmings (casting and recycling through its own initiatives and within advanced solutions and innovative processes, activities) represent 84% and are subject to recovery of reusable materials. the industry organizations such as we work tirelessly to reduce our energy consump- the European Aluminium Association. tion and greenhouse gas emissions. In 2013, the Water consumption Improving the energy efficiency of aluminium industry will be integrated into the 2010 2011 Variance our plants, through new equipment, European Union (EU) Emission Allowance Trading System. These regulations present an opportu- Total Water (cu. m) 25,654,778 26,634,972 +3.9% optimization of existing systems out of which or sharing of good practices, is a nity for Constellium to be innovative in prevent- – ground water 22,503,381 23,445,728 +4.3% ing and minimizing adverse environmental continuous process. – surface water 2,810,997 2,863,480 +1.8% outputs, including waste, emissions and – water from the public net 340,400 325,764 -4.5% discharges. Operating within the EU’s regulation Water used per KT processed (cu. km/KT) 21.43 21.51 +0.4% for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical (REACH) framework, Constellium has implemented REACH in a coor- Air emissions dinated manner with customers and suppliers. 2010 2011 Variance In addition, our sites are ISO 14001 and OHSAS NOx (metric t) 461.86 476.71 +3.2% 18001 certified, underlining the fact that the Particulate materials (metric t) 148.84 123.43 -16.5% -3.4% -6.9% GHG direct Total Waste per SO2 (metric t) 320.33 319.27 -0.3% environment is at the forefront of our concerns emissions kT processed VOC (metric t) 355.33 319.75 -11.1% for our employees and the wider community.18 19
  11. 11. Constellium Headquarters Tupolevlaan 41-61 1119 NW, Schiphol-Rijk The Netherlands Phone: +31 20 654 9780 Washington Plaza 40-44, rue Washington 75008 Paris France Phone: +33 1 73 01 46 00 www.constellium.com20