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Free and Lifelong Handout


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This handout accompanies the presentation of the same title.

Published in: Education
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Free and Lifelong Handout

  1. 1. Free and Life-Long For fun or out of personal interest, which of these would you want to learn about or learn to do? Take better pics with your phone Review CO traffic laws Learn to pick a lock Create a painting with acrylics Civics/citizenship Art history Great paintings Literature Math Neuroscience Adopt a plant-based diet (vegan) Change a bike tire Understand football Learn a language Learn to use Skype or Google Hangout Make a YouTube video Scotch Other: Prime Places to Find Learning Resources YouTube Open Culture Khan Academy Future Learn Life Hack WikiHow Gizmodo Ted AARP Google iTunes U Dummies Google Search Terms How to + the topic (How to knit socks) Free online courses Free online MOOCS Tutorial: Topic (Tutorial: How to take better pictures with your phone) Questions? Sources you’d like to share? Email: