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ELCCmooc panel


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The MOOC Panel: Survivors, Thrivers, and Skeptics
These slides provided the backdrop for our live panel. Links to MOOC sources have been saved in Delicious. The URL to the bookmarking site appears in the slides.

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ELCCmooc panel

  1. 1. ELCC 2013The MOOC Panel: Survivors, Thrivers and Skeptics
  2. 2. Today’s PanelistsNate KathySherry Peter Alice
  3. 3. Nate Wadman, Online Course Designer, Pikes PeakCommunity CollegeKathy Keairns, Director of Web-Based Learning,University of DenverSherry Jones, English Faculty and MOOC Facilitator,Arapahoe Community CollegePeter Jeschofnig, Founder of Institute for Excellence inDistance Science Education and Professor Emeritus forColorado Mountain CollegeAlice Bedard-Voorhees, Online Adjunct Faculty forUniversity of Denver, Learning Designs and Deliveriesfor The Constant Learning Organization
  4. 4. •Types of Massively Open Types Online Courses (MOOCS) •Range of ExperiencesExperiences •Developments andThe Elephant Concerns
  5. 5. TYPES
  7. 7. Developments and Concerns
  8. 8. :