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OHR Social Media Kick-off Training


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OHR Social Media Kick-off Training

  1. 1. Social Media Kick-off Training
  2. 2. The role of a Social Media Ambassador • The “eyes and ears” of the hotel. You are always involved and know what is happening at your hotel • Responsible for monitoring activity on your hotel’s Facebook page and replying to any guest inquiry or comment ASAP (24hrs or less) • You are responsible to share photos of hotel and local events, special moments, information etc. • Your goal is to connect and assist former and future hotel guests through a high level of customer service with the goal converting them into our loyal followers and brand advocate • Use your role to create opportunities to “upsell” services in the hotel while interacting with guests on Facebook • You are the main point of contact and source of information to the Social Media Agency What does a Social Media Ambassadors do?
  3. 3. How and What to Post? • Post at least once (1x) per day. Experiment with different posting times and see what works best by checking engagement metrics in your Page Insights • Types of posts: - Photos and videos - Questions and Trivia - Local Event or Activity or Holiday in your destination - Share content from your local Tourist Board and local attraction pages - Facebook Exclusive Offers - Awards and Recognition • Remember ALWAYS: - Be honest, respectful of our guests and others and have fun! Creating Your Facebook Posts
  4. 4. What NOT to Post? • Avoid posting or engaging in conversations that are religious or political in nature • Poor quality / blurry photography and images • Do not delete negative comments. Instead address the concern of the guests and whenever possible move the conversation offline by providing a contact email address • Do not use your Facebook page to advertise or sell other pages or products (especially unrelated to OHR) Creating Your Facebook Posts
  5. 5. Example of a Successful Page Posts? • “Fill in the blank” posts inspire engagement and encourage people to be creative and interactive. For example, you can post a fill-in-the-blank question such as My New Year’s resolution is _____. People who like your Page can then share their own New Year's resolutions as a comment on the post. • Post a picture and ask people to come up with the best caption. Asking questions encourages people to respond and engage with your Page What do I post?
  6. 6. Use Hashtags # Trending #Hashtags Use #hashtags when appropriate. Hashtags are keywords followed by the # symbol. By using the right hashtag keywords you can make sure that your content shows up in a search. Hashtag keyword ideas: #Caribbean #Mexico #RivieraMaya #PuraVida #CarnivalAruba What do I post?
  7. 7. Sample Post Topics Ideally you should post to your Facebook page 5x per week. Here are some ideas of what to post: • MONDAY – Celebrate the beginning of the week with a fun post. Post a tease to entice our guests to think about their next vacation or maybe a possible weekend getaway • TUESDAY – Tuesday traditionally is dedicated to Travel across the Social Media channels. So post anything related to your destination, hotel etc. Use Hashtag: #TravelTuesday #TT • WEDNESDAY – Traditionally OHR has dedicated Wednesday to Weddings. So share photos of wedding on property, engagement photos of your guests or some of our beautiful wedding setups. Use Hashtag: #WeddingWednesdays • THURSDAY – Throwback Thursday, dedicate your posts to something that happened in the past, an event, celebration etc. It’s a chance to repost and remind your past guest of the fun you had. Use Hashtag: #ThrowbackThursday • FRIDAY – Use Friday’s to post a special cocktail or promote any fun events that are happening on property. What do I post?
  8. 8. Facebook Insights Facebook Insights provide useful data about your page and help you understand who are your fans and what they like about you. Understanding Facebook Insights
  9. 9. Understanding Facebook Insights
  10. 10. Understanding Facebook Insights
  11. 11. Understanding Facebook Insights
  12. 12. Understanding Facebook Insights
  13. 13. Understanding Facebook Insights
  14. 14. Thank You!